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I see that WordPress is buggering about again with the blogging experience – l thought we had this finalised some time ago, but apparently not. Has the colour feature disappeared from editing then? Also, l know that last night, both Suze and l were almost suicidal trying to configure the themes on the business blog.

Despite setting the colours in the editing blocks, none of the colours married up in the actual blog to what was being selected. I wanted to visit the HQ of WP last night with a giant baseball bat and demand answers … it is becoming very frustrating and it does at times feel like a first date and trying to understand why my fingers are all thumbs – it was bad enough back in the 80’s, l am done with this foolishness forty years later!!

Come on WP get your act together we have had the new system in place for well over a year, we still shouldn’t be experiencing teething problems like this!! If editor issues aren’t a problem, l am finding straggler comments turn up in the Pending folder days after they were first left?? Now my text in editor is as big as an ant’s left testicle and it makes it very hard to actually see what l am typing!! BUT, there is simply too much going wrong again …. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

Enough is enough!

I had plans on writing a gardening episode, but l don’t have the patience for it with the way that WP is buggering about with the editors again!!

It’s no problem, l have a busy day anyway today and on top of that my mouth is in a lot of discomfort. My dentist appointment was cancelled by the dentist three weeks ago because the dentist forgot he was on holiday, and although l was terrified of having my teeth extracted l had pondered cancelling myself, but now the teeth in question have turned into tiny razor blades and are now proceeding to rip my upper inside lip to pieces every time l talk – my next appointment to have them removed is now next Tuesday, so l am eager to have the work done, just so l can stop the pain and awkwardness! I remember asking them for a dental guard back then, and told it wouldn’t be needed .. yeah, right!

Have a roofer over today to look inside the loft, that meant clearing the master bedroom out to make space available for him to get up there to check the inside of the tiled roof. Last year, a storm caused a lot of damage to roofs in Sandwich and my house also took some tiling damage, it looks like the landlord will have to cough up for a new roof. This building whilst not a full conservation building, is still a very old building and the roofing needs to be repaired accordingly, so this could be interesting.

The roofer took a sneaksy visit yesterday and said quite calmly “One of those things mate, but you know the worst bit? Well, that sometimes these old roofs just collapse and the whole building swallows itself! That’s right nasty … where did you say you slept again? Gotcha – so right under the actual problem .. yeah, tricky, don’t want to startle you an’ all, but if something goes bump in the night, it might be you falling through into the room below.”

Oh yes, the roofer has the same humour as my dentist, the same humour as WordPress. Yes, terrific – well for the record, some things aren’t bloody funny.

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  1. A giant baseball bat May solve the problem or then maybe not. A large dose of patience is needed my friend. The roofer is a comedian? What a thing to say! Not putting you at ease, is he!!!

      1. If you look at what the WP developers are talking about over on Github, it sounds like they keep trying to do new things, but it seems like they’re breaking existing things in the process. I really wish they would just put new stuff on pause and focusing on improving what’s already there.

        1. Yes so do l. I hadn’t heard of Github till you mentioned it – however that aside, we are now back to the buggers nerfing everything once more – fixing shit that didn’t need fixing till it was properly fixed to begin with!

  2. I don’t understand why WP is so effed up, but I suspect it’s their obsession with becoming a “business” blog host and focusing on payment methods instead of writing 😡

  3. Lawsy law but I’m glad I am a ‘simple’ blogger and still use the classic editor…Blogger is easy and more fun to ‘play’ with but there is not much of interest to me over there anymore (plus I avoid the creepy people I was accumulating over there.)

    1. Hey Grace, l am happy enough with WP. There have been a few glitches l have noticed in the last three weeks and l have successfully ignored them – but it’s almost overnight that we have gone from bad to worse.

      1. I don’t have any problems with WP but again I don’t do anything ‘fancy’ – simple text. Just being my minimalist self LOL

  4. Oh Noooo😱 It appears Mr Murphy has left me and traveled across the pond ☹
    I’ve had a tumultuous week and I’m very happy to see it ending, but not happy at all to see all the trouble you’re having.

    When I had teeth like that, I used an emery board to file down the sharp bits. I don’t know if you can handle that, sensory wise, but I bet Suze has one. Might give you a bit of relief from the constant cutting.


    1. Hey Gramma, l tried an emery board, but all that is happening is that the teeth are slicing that as well. I even pondered upon using an actual file, but l am probably likely to do more damage that way.

    1. Hey Juju, l could, however l still think that despite the glitches, the block editor is the way to go. One day WP will properly remove all access to the Classic editor and l don’t want to be in a position where upon l have gotten used to the old style again for it to no longer be available.

  5. To answer your question, Buzz Lightyear, (yes, that is what I see you as in my mind because your change has been simply astounding), when someone challenges my beliefs I welcome it! First it causes me to think. Second, if I feel the need to defend or explain it just strengthens my resolve to believe the way I do.

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