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Season 10 – Autumn 2021
Sunday 10th October 2021
Mete,Meat and Meet and Greet Markets!
Headline image – St Clement’s churchyard.
Autumn is fast approaching Sandwich now, the leaves are dropping and the colours of the new season are aplenty.

Yesterday early evening, Suze and l had a dusk walk around the reserve and the ramparts, which was very pleasant indeed although the mosquitos were out in full force and for some reason, they always seem rather keen to meet and greet me and mete and greet me too! They got me a few times and l have found myself scratching [yes, yes, l am TRYING not to!] since last night. It doesn’t matter what l do to try and avoid it, repellents , creams whatever means nothing to these flying devils!

They see me and they attempt to suck me dry in one sitting!

The reserve is very nice indeed towards the end of the day [mozzies aside] and the wildlife is usually quite sleepy and calm. It wasn’t ‘yet’ dusk, but it was on the edge of that time, you probably know what l mean. It was quieter, the day had been not that bad weather wise, cloudier than Saturday, but still had some serious warmth to it.

Dusk on the ramparts.

Suze turned 60 on Thursday and she had been busy with friends since, so whilst Saturday night we had some fish and chips, last night we had a home cooked meal.

During the walk, we were discussing plans for Suze to get back into the swing of things. Her mental health is much better now, and she will be returning to work [provided the Doctors give her the all clear on the 15th] on the 18th.

Suze had been taking a course, you may recall l briefly discussed her Thrive course a few months back, and she had to take a break from that during the month of September and late August due to health suddenly deteriorating due to lack of sleep. But we have both talked about it, and this week, we will ‘both’ take the course together. Thrive is not really a course you should take by yourself, as you need to be able to discuss the topics with someone in order to balance your wellbeing and positivity levels.

Evening shot through the trees of the sun getting ready to say goodbye to the day and the reserve!

It’ll be good for me also l think – as it makes you look very closely at your belief system – so prepare for some questions concerning beliefs over the next few weeks.

It’ll do Suze good also to start taking the course again as when she was busy with it before the break, she was finding it of a huge benefit to her overall motivation and confidence, but – well those who suffer with sleep deprivation know all too well, that the lack of quality relaxation can over time do a lot of damage to the body and the mind to boot. Suze simply couldn’t survive on 2 hours sleep a night and working 9-5pm during the weekdays also and trying to cope with all the permanent side effects following her treatments. That is in fact what crippled her overall recovery – and being as stubborn as she can be at times also, she refused to acknowledge that her health was suffering.

Ducks on the pond in Gazen Salts Reserve.

My confidence is pretty good considering all the changes l have undergone also, but l think Thrive will also benefit me in another area of my life that l am starting to look at, and Suze and l have been discussing recently and l will talk of in time over the next few weeks too and that is the meat and greet market as l call it and what others refer to as ‘meeting new friends’.

Suze has asked me a couple of funny questions of late that haven’t been lost on me but have made me smile. They sort of tell me that she is missing being a grandmother and really needs to see her grandkids, but wants to know that l will be okay …. anyway, as said, more on that soon.

A collection of the ducks on the reserve last night getting ready to slumber down for the night and some in the funniest of places too

Thanks for reading, catch you next time.

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24 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. These are beautiful photos Rory. I’m glad Suze is better now and you’ve survived the great mosquito 🦟 attack. Take care. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have scars from mosquito bites. We don’t have many around here, but every time we visited the out-laws (or was it in-laws??πŸ€”) I was attacked voraciously.

    You got some great pictures! I love the ducks! They quack me upπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Part of Suze probably *wants* you to need her there, even if she’d rather be with her family. She needs to be needed. Your mission will be to assure her that while you will miss her very much, you won’t crumble away if/when she goesπŸ˜‰ A delicate balancing act… I have faith that you’ll get it just right!


    1. Actually, Suze ‘s ideal location is for everyone to live in one location. What Suze wants to know is if l am likely to move on.

      She knows she is welcome here for as long as she needs. Family is a big demand because the daughter living in Oz has the youngest over there and Suze’s relationship with her daughter is stronger than with her son.

      Her daughter had a fourth child last year, and Suze hasn’t seen the grandkids since 2019 so she is missing them desperately.

      She knows l will not crumble, but it’s a tough choice for her, she needs to be more motivated however before she can do anything else.

      1. Of course your life will move forward if she goes, but that doesn’t mean you’d forget about herπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. Wow! She really IS lost. She’s very lucky to have you helping her find herself again.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos, Rory! Be sure to use some sort of deterrent for mosquitos the next time you take a walk. It seems Suze is coming around more since she moved in. That’s a good sign.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hey Eugenia, when l smoked, l never was bothered by mozzies, it’s been four years since l gave the habit up and l have no intention of returning, buteverything l try, mozzies love me either way sadly…

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