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There used to be a joke circulating in the later 90’s that suggested that if you wanted to confound your wife or husband then smile while you slept and deny anything upon waking. “Why were you smiling when you were sleeping, what were you dreaming about?” The partner would ask of the recently awakened other half to be answered with … “How would l know, l was asleep, and l can’t remember my dream exactly, but boy was it a good one!”

It’s been a funny week, filled with laughs, smiles and good humour …

Suze is now here officially, she has been here unofficially since the first week of September, but we are now in the process of settling into different routines. I was very used to living by myself and thoroughly enjoyed it, the undisturbed quiet of being your own companion after a relationship of some years is very nice but Suze needed my help to get back on her feet. Whether she stays in this country full time and only holidays in Australia to visit her daughter and grandkids or emigrates to Australia full time or splits her time between down under and here l have no idea about. But what’s more important is that she can get her head straight regarding her decisions.

Willow has had to undergo changes, that’s the compromise you alter when someone else moves into your domain. The spare bedroom no longer looks like a museum but looks lived in because it is now being lived in. The additional bedroom that was a nothing room anyway is now Suze’s office and chill down room … but the fact is, there have been changes … l was not so attached to everything the way it was that l collapsed at the prospect of change, so it wasn’t an issue and change is good for us!

Suze has mild OCD, and one of her therapies is cleaning, l am not an untidy person to begin with, l like a clean house and this week [Friday] we were to have another inspection by the letting agents. My first was way back in June and the lady was very impressed. The inspections are every 3/4 months. Friday was my second, this time performed by a different lady who was dumbfounded by how ‘squeaky clean’ everything looked. She opened the cooker and took a step back … “Do you cook?” She asked me. “Yes of course, admittedly l don’t use the top grill as often, but l use the bottom oven 6 out of 7 days a week for one thing or the other, why?”

“This oven is spotless or near as, l am just curious do you award it a full deep clean every day or something?” She asked.

“No, but l don’t cook a lot of fatty things so there is no hot splash backs from oils and so on. But also, l had it organically deep cleaned back in July, and that is a very thorough environmental clean.” I said.

She was bowled over by just how clean the oven was three months on. She was impressed also with the rest of the house that Suze and l had cleaned, although Suze’s OCD was ever present in the bathrooms, to the point of squeaky clean and another question asking if either of us showered and bathed on a regular basis? Daily was the response, we are just houseproud is all.

I got a letter yesterday morning from the agents singing the high praises about Willow and thanking us for keeping the house clean and tidy and restoring their faith in renters. That is quite impressive l thought, never received one of those.

Suze asked me on Wednesday morning in a baffled way before l left for the reserve, “What were you laughing about this morning before you got up?” “Laughing??! When was this?” I asked her back. “Around 6.30 this morning?” “I wasn’t even awake till 7.30 this morning, so l didn’t know l was laughing, but now that you mention it. I was having a strange dream….” “Well, it must’ve have been a good one, because you were giggling in that kind of nervous way when something isn’t right.” Suze said.

“Oh, that laughing … okay, then that was the dream l am thinking of, l was in a predicament and found myself staring in to the corner of a wall like that last scene in The Blair Witch film, do you remember it?” I said.

“Well l don’t watch horrors, but l know of the scene, but that wasn’t funny?”

“No, but the thing outside the window was so horrible, it was squashed up against the glass that l was laughing because l knew l was going to die! Just as l was about to be killed, l woke up!!”

“Sheesh you have some weird dreams, what’s funny about being killed? What on earth made you think of that anyway??” Suze asked.

“There’s nothing funny about dying and l don’t know why l was laughing, but l think l know what caused it and that was something l had read that Melanie [Sparks] wrote about one of her phobias that stemmed from her childhood about a squashed face up against a window and it freaked her out and l remember that we ourselves had been talking about faces suddenly appearing outside windows and l think l also saw the advertising for the new Halloween movie, but why l was laughing who knows … creepy and in a spooky way, kind of funny maybe, no?” I asked.

“Well, it was making me wonder what or who you were thinking of …?” Suze answered.

Which then made me think back to that old joke that was circulating in the 90’s ….

Later that morning whilst at the reserve and when not having discussions about books not being books and doors not being doors, l was in another discussion with a lady who maintained she was NOT, most assuredly NOT a conspiracy theorist and l have to say, l haven’t laughed as much as l did whilst speaking to her!

She herself is a retired art teacher who used to work in Qatar full time between 2010 to 2016 and came back to the UK in 2018 after two years in Spain also. She was telling me all sorts of things from the reason WHY she hasn’t got the jabs due to her cynical thoughts about the scamdemic, to her belief in the military controlling the air and the weather with the use of chemical trails and about her spiritual awakening and soon there would be a solar flush due to the Americans engineering the future and that the MIB [Men In Black] were NOT make believe, but no one wanted to hear the truth because no one could handle the real truth!!

That she no longer watched television because of the brainwashing and manipulation and that also there was no good quality comedy programmes on anymore, and the BBC had a lot to answer for in so far as shoddily crafted shows and she for starters was never going to own another TV licence again. That she no longer listened to the news as it was all fake and that television if anything should be called not Television but “Tell A Lie Vision!”

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her and l am most assuredly NOT a conspiracy theorist BUT, l am not a human clone that walks around society today accepting everything as the truth – l have always questioned everything and there are times when l too have looked at so called ‘bullshite theories’ and questioned whether they are indeed rubbish or just that the governmental authority wants us to believe that some things simply aren’t true.

I feel there are things going on all the time that are being hush hushed and quoted as nonsense and only done so because it serves for those in charge to say that the theorists are scammers and need to be locked up. The facts are in some cases horribly comical and especially when you listen and read what some people do think is true. But let’s be honest, we live in a world now with more fake news than ever before … wannabee and newbee journalists can knock up a story for a feed and treat it as news and suddenly the public are panic buying.

Sadly, some people today treat everything at face value and often believe anything they read or see and will appear as if they do not have any scepticism to the world, others like the lady l was talking to on Wednesday despite saying they were not conspiracy theorist do perhaps need to help themselves at times to a healthy dose of reality coffee. But despite everything, she was a very good natured woman who had a keen sense of humour also.

But as they say, usually there isn’t smoke without a fire somewhere … and as much as l took some of her thoughts with a liberal pinch of salt and laughed with her and teased her about being a tin foil hat wearer …. you can’t help but learn about society a little bit more and how our world is shaping up and what is broken and what needs to be fixed but also, and more importantly perhaps .. sadly, l don’t think we should always be mocking them either – because weirder things have happened.

You know?

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21 thoughts on “A Slice of Life

  1. This might very well be true but why get into things we can neither prove or disapprove? And see no evidence of them in our lives. The most interesting thing that I find is that all these conspiracies concern the developed countries. We in third worlds never had 🛸 UFOs, aliens, brainwashing tv programs or MIB!!!! I wonder why is that?

    1. Hey Sadje, very true – and yet another topic is that so many believe in God and yet there is no evidence of such an existence and yet many buy into that everyday.

      Recent events suggest there is more to the belief of there is something out there as in unidentified flying objects.

      However, like those with faith and belief the best thing to try and do is maybe keep an open mind 🙂

      That is the best we can all do.

        1. But that is your belief. It is not a belief shared by everyone and those who do not believe in God cannot believe in that whole creation theory. Remember – we are dealing with Belief. People have the rights to believe in what they choose to believe in. Those who believe in God will maintain that the existence is real and yet many others will defy that belief and say that is false.

          The same is applicable to conspiracy theorists … mostly conspiracy theories exist because people are worried about events in society and let us be honest governments are not always 100% truthful to the voters. Governments can control populations with fear and many pro conspiracists will develop theories as to why they believe this is wrong. Also, religion has been quoted for centuries as being guilty of the same trickery.

          However, because people have the right to exercise their beliefs – this is how things are. There are always two sides to one belief coin. People could challenge your statement here with ‘evolution’. Therefore, explaining that life was created by the presence of the very first molecules which then replicated and began the whole process off.

          Everything always boils down to what a single person believes to be true.

        2. I agree with you Rory that everyone has a right to believe what they want or think right. Some religions have made life complicated for their followers, that true too.
          I guess no one can stop any one from holding any sort of notion or believe. You do you as I’ll do me!

        3. Hey Sadje, totally.

          I think what we all should do and l always try to with everyone is respect another person’s opinion, view and belief because it is their belief.

          If their views are not harming or causing injury to another, but it is their passion, their love, their faith and so on l think we should all respect that.

          Life is simply too short to create divides all the time.

          I didn’t agree with everything this woman said and some theories of hers l really struggled with – but she did have a sense of humour and she was easy to talk to. But l have a very open mind and l am willing and thoroughly enjoy learning and talking about things l don’t know and or understand – as they say ‘knowledge is power’. We should never stop learning.

          I am not a believer, BUT l can understand why so many people would want to believe in so many things – especially given the shape of our world today 🙂

        4. Yes Rory, we should honor each other by respecting their beliefs. I think I’m a bit cynical as I find it hard to listen to some of the things believe in. But I keep my opinions to myself. Perhaps having strong beliefs, I struggle when I see people who don’t have any. But still it’s their life and their choice.

        5. I think the cynicism is a normal reaction Sadje . Most people who do have strong beliefs, a strong faith and conviction will always look upon ‘non-believers’ with as much curiousness as to those who look upon believers in the same way.

          The very nature of people.

  2. I agree that “news” is hardly worth following. It all seems to be opions. And yes, the government absolutely uses fear to control people. I remember “terrorist threat level” colors after 9/11 on nightly news. Puh-leez🤦🏼‍♀️
    One of the vaccine theories that really makes me laugh and shake my head is the tracking chips. Why in the world would the government need to do that when 99% of people carry phones that have location pinpointed?!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed in my sleep, but I’ve cried. I’ve developed an unfortunate habit of waking myself from dreams I don’t want to be in. Another ding in my already horrible sleep☹

    1. Hey Gramma, good to see you :0

      The track and Trace over here is causing untold nightmares with people and many now, don’t bother to respond and many don’t even take their phones with them when they go out!

      Something l sometimes do is snore when l am still awake, or as l am dozing l am snoring which wakes me!

      Over here, the news crews who l think were given too much free reign during the pandemic [let’s be honest news people love disasters] are now creating more havoc with all their propaganda and false reporting!

      The government need the population to live in fear at times and if they had their way ….. always 🙂

  3. I don’t think I have ever laughed in my sleep, however, I have woke up screaming – must be the boogie man! LOL I don’t believe anything that is on the news anymore. And the scamdemic and vaccine news gets more ridiculous every day. Who knows what and what not to believe.

    1. Hey Eugenia 🙂

      I have also woken up screaming, l suffered with nightmares for many years until l was around 50. Then they stopped.

      Fake news ,,, it’ll be the death of society as we know it.

  4. Theories or not, the art teacher sounds like fun to talk with! 😄
    Warmest congratulations on the Cleanest Tenant award! Well done 👍. I imagine that letter was delightful to receive. ☺️

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