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If you ever wondered who it is that wears the trousers in this household, then the answer is most assuredly me. It’s not that Suze doesn’t – although admittedly she tends to wear jeans more, as do l also or occasionally, but l seemingly ever since moving here can’t get to go through one day without wearing several pairs of trousers?

I know l have briefly mentioned this before, l recall writing about this last year and back then, l was somehow managing to get through 3 – 4 pairs of trouser changes a day also. It hasn’t changed – l am still somehow managing to get through several trouser changes daily!

It’s all getting somewhat irksome and no matter how hard l try, l still can’t go through one day in one pair of trousers! It’s like how some people with extreme OCD find themselves repeatedly washing their hands, or switching on and off lights and so on …. well thankfully it’s not that bad .. but how many pairs of trousers are we supposed to wear in one day?

I mean where l lived before here l managed to mostly get through perhaps 2 pairs of trousers and so on per day, but in the main l wore one pair of trousers or jeans and l was done, then the next day if l was out with the compost, it was either one pair of trackies all day unless l wasn’t out there all day, then it was a case of jeans and trackies – not together mind, but worn on different occasions, usually afternoon or morning shift.

But this strange Trooser Phenomena as l now tend to jokingly refer to it all as started last August maybe July of 2020. I started the day with my walking trousers and they may have been walking trousers to begin with, but soon l opted for walking trackies, then l would come home and slip into a pair of comfy Bamboo joggers, then into a pair of gardening trousers, then back into a pair of Bamboo joggers then if another walk was to be taken, back into the trackies or walking trousers. This continued into winter and not once did l actually wear any of my jeans, l wasn’t then like now in working mode, but philosophy grunge mode or composting worm farming garden mode. But come the thicker weather l started to wear my fleece lined walking trousers and my internal skin tight jogging trousers.

When l got home pending where l was l would be going through some nervous disposition of trouser changing all the way through the day … l am surprised l didn’t go quite insane – because constantly getting your legs in and out and shake them all about is damned maddening behaviour!!

It has changed slightly in the last couple of weeks … now l am wearing jeans, walking trackies, walking trousers, gardening trousers or joggers, volunteering joggers and casual Bamboos too! I am wondering if l should start my day wearing several pairs all at once and then as and when strip off as the requirement demands?!

That might be the answer … l doubt it BUT still frustrating all the same!

Life isn’t always that easy, but surely one isn’t supposed to be changing trousers several times a day just to get from morning to afternoon to evening in one piece?

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25 thoughts on “Musings of a Boring Ol’ F!

    1. Yes, but l am trying to award it more definition Sadje as in having trousers that have dual identities.

      I can’t stand wearing jeans for too long, and l tend to not wear them outside the house for instance l can’t work or even walk in the damn things, but l tend to use them for smart wear inside the house.

      It’s rare that l wear jeans outside unless l am going somewhere special.

      I try and wear a practical and versatile trouser for the activity.

      So walking trousers are a must and more so if like me you can’t wear jeans to go for a walk in, if gardening, you will not wear a smart trouser, working in the reserve again, the same, casual trousers for loungewear.

  1. After reading this, I am very happy I live a Hermit, sloth-like life. I only change my bottom wear by temperature… shorts when it’s hot, yoga pants or leggings or PJ pants if it’s cooler. Tops are layered… tank top, short sleeve tee, maybe a long-sleeved tee or hoodie.

    You must do an extraordinary amount of laundry with all that changing!

    I don’t even own jeans anymore. Too uncomfortable and too difficult to find a good fit. Back in the 80s Levi’s made a “womens cut” 501 that fit me well. 30/38 was the perfect size. I doubt they still make them, and trying to find a vintage pair would probably cost a small fortune🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Yes your height goes against you and cut styles are no longer holding lots of variety.

      No, not a lot of washing, because thankfully l am not wearing the trousers once only and then washing.

  2. 🙂 Those are a lot of trousers to wash at the end of the week, Rory. The laundry detergent manufacturers probably love you. Whenever your name comes up, they probably think, “We are going to have a great financial year!”

    1. Yes, detergent companies would love me l guess – luckily l am ‘not’washing lots of trousers every week – otherwise it could be problematic 🙂

      This house has enough washing as it is now without adding trousers daily 🙂

  3. I can understand changing from ‘gardening’ trousers – I’m betting they get pretty dirty and messy (and personally there is no way I would stay in dirty clothes) but all the other changing on and out of…but then you spend a lot of time in the ‘wilds’ so it just might be necessary…

    1. Hey Grace, exactly if l am working on the composts or the wormery and even volunteering, l don’t want to then be in the house in dirty clobber, so l will change.

      Recently there is a lot of wood fires going on in the reserve so l need to change otherwise l smell all woody.

      The walking trousers are a special trouser in comparison to an everyday trouser as they are lined, and when in the house they are just too warm to wear all day.

      I don’t like wearing jeans non stop as l find them irksome, but l wear them so l don’t just get used to wearing trackbottoms all day and it keeps a certain styled discipline going on 🙂

      1. I absolutely hate denim and by extension, jeans. I think I have owned perhaps 3 pairs of jeans in my whole life. I think I last wore them over 40 years ago.

        1. Hey Grace, yes l can relate to the dislike of denim. I went through years of disliking jeans because they scratched the hell out of me, in more recent years and by buying a better quality jean, l can toletate denim, but saying that, l wear them rarely and then only for a few hours. I couldn’t spend all day in a pair and remain sane,

    1. Well no, not constantly. Trousers go into the wash when they are dirty for sure, so gardening trousers are usually only worn a couple of times and then washed, walking trousers are worn for small periods of time, and are washed once every ten days or so.

      Jeans which are only worn inside the house, can go between washes much longer.

      The more used and worn a trouser is, the more it gets washed.

  4. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to change clothes to suit the job at hand. I don’t garden in my best jeans (or my worst ones; I put on overalls – working pants) and I don’t go out (even to the shops) in my comfortable, way-too-loose trackies. We, as social beings, tend to care how others see us, how we see ourselves, and we make choices to suit.

  5. Hey, whatever makes you comfortable then it should be. I wear pants or sweats when I’m at home. I wear jeans and leggings when we go out. I like material that is soft because I have very sensitive skin. I buy most of my clothes online from Land’s End. I love their jeans (which they have many different styles). Also, I love the one’s that have a little stretch to them because they’re not stiff or binding. I don’t change during the day unless we’re going out.

    You know, when I go through my notifications at the end of the day, my responses to you don’t seem to go though. So, I am not ignoring you.

    1. I know you are not ignoring me Eugenia. The fact is simpler, WordPress has more glitches than a few and they affect us all differently. I was reading from a few others recently who seemingly are missing notifications of new posts from those they follow.

      Yes, sensitive skin can be a real problem, l used to be a real sufferer from clothing types and material issues. Now thankfully it is not as bad, but l have also learned which fabrics to buy that cause me less stress 🙂

  6. I am the opposite of you, Rory. I do not change my pants often enough. My preference is to jog in shorts even in winter. But if I am wearing long pants, even in summer, I will wear them to jog rather than change!

      1. Seattle has relatively mild winters. Too much rain though. But I like my legs uncovered when running. The motion keeps them from freezing. And I wear three layers on top with gloves and a hat to stay warm.

        1. Oh well, yes if you are layered it makes for the world of difference. My legs hardly ever get truly cold, but my top half can freeze if l wasn’t layered.

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