What Personal Topics Truly Matter To Society Today?

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What Personal Topics Truly Matter To Society Today?

Last Wednesday in the reserve or is it whilst at the reserve? Not really sure, matters not, that is something that doesn’t REALLY matter – not really, although l am sure judging by some of the postal topics over the last couple of weeks – the way this reads is of some concern to someone somewhere – that it doesn’t read right. But for now, but for today it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, there were several discussions being talked about by the volunteers – one of the main topics was the state of our world today and something l shall discuss a little in tomorrow’s ‘Stepping Out’ – how long does humanity really have left alongside what world are we truly leaving our next generations, and does it matter or not what the state is?

But the one main topical question of the day was ….. what non-political – topics overall are really of great importance to the world today? What means more to us than anything else?

What were my prime concerns, l asked myself?

Inner PeaceAchievement

One of my main concerns was for my health – in general overview l am not actually that bad if you take away the aches and pains of ageing which affects everyone at some point or another, if you take away the whole digestion problem which can rule and dominate some of the days in every week for me. I am better than l used to be, but it has come at the complete and utter cost of enjoying food and now l eat to only survive and refuel the body.

I can easily and sadly recall all too well the days of 2016 of lying on my bed and screaming in agony with digestion issues – that was the result of being on the wrong food types – those days have gone and yet l still have days where upon l seemingly spend more time sitting in the chamber of the throne than l do on my two legs and cursing the fact that perhaps l should have started to invest finances into the Toilet Paper industry in 1994 when these problems began in earnest! 2016 was the year l started to make drastic dietary changes to my life and five years on, l still tweak my meagre diet existence… such is life.

I am not feeling old old, but l feel a kind of young old, as in if one old is for my mind then the other old is for my body therefore l have a young mind and an old body, or maybe the other way around therefore instead of being young old, l am actually old young. I was saying to someone the other day that my Mr Willy is still spritely, so perhaps l should say l am young old young.

I felt my age this morning, when l saw a lovely woman probably in her mid-twenties and she smiled at me – a rare occurrence these days and l smiled back and caught her eyes for a mere moment and then felt guilty! Was l a Male Gazer, was l gazing, or was l just lost in thought thinking, dang l miss the days of being younger than l am today! I decided l wasn’t guilty of gazing, it’s not like l suddenly stalked her around town – it was a acknowledgement of her age and my age and smiling at yesterday.

So one of my main concerns is my health – l keep active physically, l try to keep myself young by laughing and smiling and looking at younger pretty women [looking not gazing], but equally l look at all women and l smile a lot. But l do what l can to keep my health in good shape .. l don’t smoke, or drink, or eat processed foods, or eat bad food types, l don’t eat red meat and the list goes on, it’s a shame with all this so called healthy eating, my digestion doesn’t appreciate it more though!

I look after my body as best as l can, l now use organic lotions and potions and creams .. l remember to be kind to myself, and whilst l don’t buy into the nonsense of loving yourself, l do like myself a great deal … l practice being kind to myself and l am always conscious of others and where l can help.

I don’t worry about purpose any more … l think that is overrated – l think that having a direction is more important than purpose, because l think once you know your direction, then you can journey down that path and perhaps and maybe, your purpose will become visible towards the end … have l lived a good life? Does it matter if l have or l haven’t, but what have l achieved and have l exercised being kind to others on my trek? What legacy am l to leave behind?

I did think about peace, l wondered if world peace would ever be attained and sadly the answer was , that with the world as it is today … no. The world would have to end for there to be a kind of sustained peace … but that would mean the end of life as we know it. But l thought, well l can work on achieving my own state of mind, my own inner peace. In recent weeks, that path has had a few obstacles … so l am once more working towards achieving something akin to calm.

I then gave thoughts to the whole process of achievement – back to my legacy of sorts or more directly maybe acquiring inner peace, and worked into that elements of both time and the ability to improve my knowledge base – the whole theory of what am l actually doing with my life that is noteworthy?

As l have hinted at , l am ageing, l am closer to older now than merely old, yes, yes, age is just a number and as my father used to say, you are only as old as the person you are feeling …. kind of comical l think these days … l am feeling no one, does it count if you are feeling yourself [interpret as you wish] – but time whilst not unavailable is getting shorter, not in that sense, but in the sense of what you achieve physically with the time available to you as you age, and discover what you could do yesterday you can’t do as well today, and yet your mind can go for miles and miles as that song by The Who suggested. Our bodies can’t, our minds can, but our bodies are like – Dude!! Seriously!!

Therefore, l try and use my time wisely these days … l have time, l can make time and more importantly l can make time work for me as opposed to allowing time to control me! I am taking the TIME to learn more, to reflect more, to appreciate more.

Appreciating my life more was of great concern for me – having watched Suze this last year – who saw the cancer arriving and with such aggression? Neither of us … yet – ‘LIFE is Short’ – despite being healthy – Suze got cancer – displaying clearly there is no guarantee to anything, that Time is shorter than we think. You ask yourself after a blip like that – what have l done with my life … really? More importantly what CAN l do to make a difference?

Time isn’t short, but life is – time to achieve more is still here whilst l have life – start to live more in the time left however long that is ………

When l was asked for my two penneth on the topics which l thought concerned society today, l answered with as l have written above … health, inner peace, direction, and achievement – l think these are topics that society is as concerned with today as it will be tomorrow. Of course, had the question been about something other than myself l think l probably would have said the ghastly shape of our world today – but that’s for tomorrow.

However,, these are just my opinions …. what about you? Let me know below. Thanks

What Personal Topics Truly Matter To Society Today?

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35 thoughts on “What Personal Topics Truly Matter To Society Today?

  1. I too think about health a lot. I try to run my life to minimize migraines and back pain. This means regular sleep, avoidance of alcohol, staying away from extremes (temperature, noise, etc.), and generally being mindful of how I’m sitting and what I’m eating. I still haven’t found the perfect diet for myself because along with the above I too have tummy troubles.

    I also ponder finances and retirement and live a pretty prudent life in that regard. I’m a dependable worker and make sure to fulfill my obligations and responsibilities even when I’m not feeling well. I still have a supplemental job.

    Family and friends are hugely important to me and I make sure to nurture those relationships.

    Finally, it’s important to me to write and I make time for it, whether via blogging or tweeting a bit of poetry or working on various projects in process.

    Good question!

    1. Excellent comment Paula, and good orders too – sadly it seems that most of us suffer with a degree of stomach problems and more so as we are getting on with our years.

      I think the writing be it for whichever leisure or project is key to empowering your mindfulness as well and of course your daughters and board game friends also are very important to keep intact in your life.

  2. I think most people are primarily concerned with their lives. Health, financial status, family, children etc are of main importance to everyone first and as for things other than personal issues, perhaps political situation of their country, economic policies and lastly, the state of our home planet.

        1. Good to read/hear you are doing well Sadje, it’s the best we can hope for.

          My so so, is just life in a bottle at present, you know how it can be at times, not a no no or a yes yes, just a so so 🙂

  3. As you so wonderfully stated personal problem seem to be fairly consistent. For me, as for many I know, health is a huge concern. I have more medical issues than I ever thought I would. I must deal with them on a daily basis. These issues often make me feel older than I am.

    The health and well being of family is a huge personal topic that matters. I have been working on caring and loving my family without taking on their drama.

    Financial issues are important because we never know when a crisis may arise and we need to to be prepared. Being careful with finances when retired is a personal as well as global issue.

    Personal fulfillment is a topic that seems to matter to most I know also. Having raised my children, retired from my career, and moved into a new lifestyle, I need to look at what brings me joy and a reason to get up in the morning.

    Great question Rory.

    1. Hey Lauren, health as has been suggested and discussed by myself and others also is a big issue and more so as we age and become older.

      I am lucky l don’t have to worry myself with family issues, but finance is a topic that is never far from my mind.

        1. Indeed people are – in fact l was recently reading an article in the local gazette here that said many people formerly IT were now looking more closely at SI and empowerment studies. They are like trends in some respects. Ten years ago it was motivation and DIY 🙂

          Last year it was mindfulness, wellbeing and exercise 🙂

  4. I read something recently about the ‘intense world’ syndrome, about autism, which related closely to my life with my nephew. I don’t know where there are internet links to the discussion, but maybe a search for Henry Markram and intense world syndrome would land you in a place where the pattern-seeking makes sense. When I first searched, I found the older studies, but there are recent ones, too (maybe still in the write-up phase).
    I thought of you when I finished reading it.

  5. “Time isn’t short but life is.” I like how you state that. Without health, I imagine it would be hard to concentrate on anything else. I am primarily interested in the well being of my family. When that part of my life is in turmoil, nothing else is urgent. My biggest mistake has been focusing on achievement instead of living. The time people crave for achievement seems silly to me now at age 74. Not much of what we consider “achievement” is worth all the stress and fuss surrounding its attainment. I try to stay in the moment these days. I cannot always do that because old habits are hard to break.

    1. Hey Geoff, but is not the very essence of achievement a conditioning word?

      As in, we are all achievers, over achievers and uber achievers, there are very few underachievers in the new thinking. Old conditioning and tradition would state there are more underachievers than achievers alone.

      Yet, what is the expectation of achievement in the first place? What is the guiding definition of the accomplishment itself?

      We focus all on living and achievement at once, in one breath, one moment one instance, living and achievement walk hand in hand they are like a married couple, you can’t do one without inviting the other along.

      What is achievement in the first place – who sets the goals for it? Us. only us, we set up expectations of what an achievement is ….. but an achievement doesn’t have to be scaling the sides of the tallest cliff or mountain in the world … it can be about swinging your legs out of bed each and every day when you don’t want to, or raising kids and having grandkids and greater grandkids, buying a house and keeping the payments going to eventually owning that property, to paying your bills on time, to keeping a job, or winning that job interview, to marrying and the list of every day life achievements goes on and on, BUT society has grander visions of achievements and this is why much of the time they see achievement as a bad thing without realising that by merely thinking on the subject matter longer than twenty seconds and therefore eliminating brain fog, they too have established an achievement 🙂

  6. What truly matters to me is to live in the moment. I like to achieve and remain relevant. I am a very healthy person for my years and most grateful for that. Currently, my inner peace is most important to me and I literally have to avoid listening to and reading the news. I feel inner peace is an important part of one’s mental and physical health. Keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Hey Eugenia, totally agree with your sentiments – as they say ‘keep on trucking!’ 🙂

      As to the news – it’s becoming harder to actually tell fake from genuine anymore.

  7. I like the points you made in answer to Geoff, and I absolutely agree! It goes along with what Eugi wrote about inner peace… what I call “My Zen”. Ever since the epiphany that I already had what I thought I needed to search for, I’ve been content. I have moments of pure joy on most days, right alongside frustrations.

    I don’t worry about many things. I don’t waste time with worry. I *do* think about health, finances, etc… occasionally. When I have to. I have a general outline of the future, but I generally just live each day as it comes. A lot of times I don’t know what I’m going to do until I’m doing it😂

    Lots of great answers here. A nice discussion.💌💌

    1. I am very similar these days – one day at a time – sure l have an idea …ish of tomorrow, but l have learned this year alone how much can change at the drop of a hat, so it is now best to be ready for whatever springs my way as best as l can be and to have an idea of what l would like to achieve 🙂

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