Is a problem shared, really ….?

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Is a problem shared, really a problem halved?

What do you think – Do you buy into the whole concept that if you have a problem that you are stressing over, that if you discuss it with others – be this family, friends or even your social community – then the problem isn’t so bad afterall?

If you were to talk to others about your problem, would you prefer to talk direct as in face to face with someone – or is perhaps simply discussing it via electronic means more in line? Also, who do you find are your more efficient – listeners or stress relievers or even problem solvers – family, friends or complete strangers – who can you talk to that you trust with your thoughts?

Let me know below. Thanks.

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25 thoughts on “Is a problem shared, really ….?

  1. Yes, I do believe that when we share a problem with someone it helps even if they cannot do anything about it directly. But it helps only if you talk to the right person. Any medium is fine and nowadays face to face isn’t that easy so via a call if I can explain my issues and get some advice about it, it helps tremendously. I am both, a good listener and in taking the advice. But it is very important that the person you are talking to is the right one. Otherwise it could be problem doubled!

    1. Good answer Sadje, and one l also wholeheartedly believe in as well.

      I also agree about talking with the right person/people – because it can go horribly wrong with the wrong ones.

      1. Absolutely! The funny thing was that I was in conversation with a good friend just before I read your post. And she was giving me good advice and support. So it was a fantastic coincidence.

  2. I believe in sharing the problem with the one whom you trust and believe to give true advice and also talk to the person with who have issues in order sort things. At times direct issues occur when you clear your issue with whom you have problem, so it’s better to find other way to solve it.

    1. Hey Tanvir, that’s very true – when the problem is directive with regards a problem, sometimes when the problem isn’t people oriented, it can be harder.

      Hope you are keeping well 🙂

  3. It depends. Certainly I don’t talk about most problems in public because then I’d get a pile of ridiculous, unwanted advice. Sometimes it helps to discuss issues with my children, but I don’t want to upset them, so I’m careful. Friends? Well, it depends on the problem…

    1. Hey Paula,

      Totally, ridiculous shite returns can be a real pain in the ass and to the point you wished you hadn’t bothered, but of course, it’s always down to the matter to be discussed and l think the severity of it also.

  4. I think it depends on the problem. Sometimes getting a different perspective can make it easier to figure out solutions. Sometimes venting helps. Other times, talking about the problem doesn’t change anything, or, as others mentioned, it can make things worse.

    1. Hey Ashley, l think you are right, l also think it is pretty reflective upon the problem at times.

      There are times, like even now, when l am keen to talk to someone and can’t haha because it is just too long winded to try to even start it.

      Other times and and the issue is probably smaller and it’s easier to discuss.

  5. I’m independent (read- “stubborn”) and don’t often share my problems. I vent a little about the usual day to day stuff, and venting is VERY helpful! Even if nothing can be done, it helps to get it out. And writing it out can help me see it in a different light.

    If there was a problem that I truly needed help with, I would definitely confide in one of my trusted friends. We all hate to feel like we’re burdening others with our woes, but I’ve found that helping with someone else’s woes makes me feel better, and rather than a burden, it actually lifts me from my own, if that makes sense.

    The actual means of communication is whatever works best for the people involved. Some prefer face to face, some prefer phone conversations, some prefer texting or even emails🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Hey Gramma, all valid points indeed and many l agree with.

      I find that at times, people are just too much for discussing even the smallest things. Strangely enough l was asking this question thinking about someone else where upon l was trying to suggest that maybe talking to strangers might assist her more.

      1. Social Media can be helpful for that. Different platforms, discussion groups… that keeps it as anonymous as a person is comfortable with. They can be completely themselves or completely anonymous.
        Twitter has (or had… haven’t been there in a while) the ability to create polls even. Like “should I or shouldn’t i” or “a) b) c) d)”🤷🏼‍♀️

        Strangers can give a more objective view. They won’t know all the history and backstop. That can be dangerous too though. 😂😂😂 I’m gonna stop there, I always see too many sides of an issue🤪

  6. Problems shared can help, hurt, or anything in between. I wish I could better help people who share problems. I wish people I share with could better help me. I find the bigger the problem, the less people can help the actual sufferer. Cheerleading on the side is appreciated, of course, but some narrow roads in life are walked alone.

  7. It depends on the problem, Rory! Sometimes it is good to be able to discuss things with someone you trust and other times, I prefer to do my own research. I’ve shared some things from my past that I felt were relevant to a conversation but I’m not much on sharing personal problems. Most of my life, I’ve had to find my own resolutions.

    1. Very true for me also Eugenia. I discuss roughly 75% of my life here, it used to be more, but as life took more of a seriousness to it, l have found l am lacking the want and desire to discuss as much depth as l once did and feel at times saddened at the same time l don’t always have someone to discuss things with so end up working things through myself.

      Suze is a go to, but she is going through her own turmoils at present.

      1. I lived alone for a good part of my life and feel that’s the reason for working things out myself. While I had friends, their problems were worse than mine so I thought it best to be a good listener rather than share my woes. My cat is a good listener. lol

  8. It depends on the situation. Some issues are best left resolved by the person involved without outside influence. Others? I supose that depends on the level of support you feel getting advice would bring.

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