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Journal Entry 1030/09/21

Of Course Not All Intercourse Is Good Intercourse!

Image my own.

I recently took a “Worm Farming Course”. I was in the market for purchasing an online vermicomposting/vermiculture course. It was a hard subject to search in so far as content choice, for a subject matter which is fast becoming more popular, finding a variety of courses was not achieved easily – l did however manage to find a variety of online academies offering one course in particular …


Most of the household waste is food scraps and garden waste which can be composted to help our environment. In this course, you will be able to know the fundamental strategies for making compost and worm cultivating which can make profitable assets for a sound soil and solid plants. You will be introduced to worm farming basics and how composting is done. Through this course, you will learn about the benefits of worm farming and vermicomposting. You will be able to know how to become successful with your farm.

With the search l found several prices also ranging from an astonishing £369 with 95% discount all the way down the ladder to £19.95 [the latter of which l purchased] The various rungs of this costed ladder started with the top rung at £369.00 aka £19.00 to £155.00 [no discount] to £95.00 [no discount] to £22.00 to £19.95 – [neither offered discount].

A vast difference and all available from apparently reputable ‘Online Academy’s’. What WAS even more surprising was that it was all the SAME course – it comprised of the following modules …

Who is the course for?

  • Worm farm owners who want to become more knowledgeable about worm farming.
  • People who are interested in setting worm farms.
Worm Farming Course
Worms You Should Need to Produce Worms
Worm Farming Design
Small And Large Scale Worm Farms
How The Worm Population Is Controlled
Other Things You Can Do With Compost
Starting A Worm Farm Business
How To Be Successful With Your Worm Farm
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading: Worm Farming Course
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Worm Farming Course
Final Exam
Final Exam – Worm Farming Course

……. all impressive in truth …. so, after researching and sourcing out the best price for the course – l purchased mine for £19.95! Bargain l thought! The reviews on all the Academies were all excellent …

It said it would take me a year to complete ….. mm, that was perhaps a bit long l thought, after all l know quite a bit already about composting, worm farming and vermiculture, l reckoned l could make it in way less time. I wanted to take a refresher of my skill set and make sure l was on the right path and to understand the ins and outs of the worm farming business itself for my own business Earthly Comforts.

A Year’s worth of studying ?

Well, l finished the course material in 2 hours …… l am now eligible for my so called Mock exam and my actual exam ..


  • At the end of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately so that you will instantly know whether you have been successful.
  • Before sitting for your final exam, you will have the opportunity to test your proficiency with a mock exam.

… the course also asks me for a review of the content …..

Right, let me see.

I shall be making a formal complaint and review to the Academy about the quality of this course material and the genuineness of the content and questioning who ‘reviews’ for them or did they just make them all up or employ the services of an autobot to create them for the course itself?

Career Path:

Worm Farming Course is a useful qualification to possess, and would be beneficial for the following careers:

  • Organic Farmers
  • Vermicompost Owners
  • Worm Farm Owner.

I struggle to understand the whole examination process of mock and final exam, because l can’t even remotely understand who would consider this an accredited let alone acceptable content course to pass from? The so-called qualification cost me more to ‘take’ than the course itself?

I think the ‘worm farming content’ was not actually a properly written course and l now believe all the offered ‘worm farming’ courses from these Academies are the same useless course. It’s very poorly laid out and badly formatted and if anything, l think it was originally a ‘Basic Vermiculture Guide’ written for perhaps a platform like Reddit as it constantly refers to it being a ‘simple guide’ and not an actual written course.

I know that today it is so much easier for writers and creators to have their own content published as books and as courses, but l thought that maybe with the latter there may have been some regulatory body governing quality and content quality but more importantly genuine ‘articleship’. There were Additional Information videos available at the end of each section and they were NOT belonging to the Academy but to private individuals, the photos were stock photographs and not even in many cases relevant to the course content – an example – if the course is about ‘Worms’ then l don’t need to see photographs of mealworms.

Video content l was under the impression had to be own created content and not the property of other individuals on YouTube? I might be wrong … but l wonder if these individuals were approached and awarded consent to use their videos on a paid for course?

I am not bothered about the loss of £20, although l might receive a refund with my complaint, if l do great and if l don’t, it matters not, for this has served me well as a learning curve and a great opportunity also.

I think there is a huge gap in the market for quality ‘worm farming courses’ in this country [UK} and l shall be looking at this myself soon enough with a view to – 1] writing a book on the subject and 2] creating an online course for those who would like to learn more and understand the importance of vermiculture/composting and the benefits it awards.

Overall, l was quite disappointed with the course content which amounted to in total textually speaking, maybe 3 A4 pages, l didn’t learn anything new and especially didn’t glean anything useful regarding the business side which was my original desire. If l had to price the content itself – perhaps l would have paid £6 easily, and if l then had to grade it out of 10?


What was l expecting? Well, more content for starters would have been helpful, touching base with more in-depth information would also l think have been beneficial – considering this was not advertised as a ‘basic worm farming course’, but touched base with the potential for business. I think more actual ‘quality own created content from the course creator of video and photos would have been hugely beneficial as well as more in-depth information into the beauty of worm composting as a topic would have been a vast improvement. Images of worms instead of other species would aid as well. Many of the advertised course’s l have seen from these academies all show other species from mealworms to caterpillars??

Would a complete novice benefit from this course? no, l feel someone totally new to worm farming would feel very upset with this published and so called accredited content and find more value in buying a good book or simply researching on YouTube direct.

There is a distinct lack of quality online course content covering this increasingly popular subject that needs to be researched further alongside regulatory bodies governing the content itself.

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19 thoughts on “Journal

      1. I think writing a book or booklet on this topic yourself is a good idea. You’re so thorough with your information that you’d have much more knowledge to impart than this so called course.

    1. Hey Benadette 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

      Yes l suppose it is an unusual topic – but it’s passion of mine and so l guess looking at the course content,l would have expected the content to have been created by someone equally as passionate, l was wrong.

    1. Hey Ashley, you are right.

      The more l have researched this, the scary bit is l believe this course content to be perhaps minimum of 20 years of age, looking at some of the terminology being used. I thought the wording was odd when l first went through it.

      But going through it a second time, l might not be surprised if it was wriiten around the end of the last century, it is certainly pre comp tech. The YouTube vids are newish, but the written content is like something a teenager would write. One video being used is this ….. which when you play it through is pretty damn insulting and comical!!

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