When Two Divides Go For …. More!

Season 8 Doin’ The Dirt … Eh – Summer 2021

A Social Gardening We Shall Go Directory!
E04# – 25/09/21
Welcome to The Social Gardener

This new styled approach to the series is more of a social musing in the garden as well as covering some of the changes, without it being an ‘actual gardening’ series.

Well done if you spotted my “When Two Tribes Go To War” title humour spoof and worry not if you didn’t, it was a bit of a stretch perhaps.

The final stages of the two gardens merging – Suzes into Willow – was completed this week – everything transferred very nicely and the man with a van did an excellent job on Monday and Tuesday. This Sunday will be the last time l do anything directly with Suze’s garden and what is to be done then is the end of tenancy trim and snip – cut the grass and trim the bushes that are overgrown and then bring the rubbish back here and put into the compost and that is it, finito, my involvement with the house and the garden will be complete. I am very pleased about that – l have to say. I feel quite bushed and now all l want to do is get back to the studying of the marketing course and the reading up on my business concept with wormeries and composting worm dirts which l shall restart next week fresh.

I have had a busy week gardening wise, although yesterday l was more laid back – there was a tip run in the morning disposing of rubbish from Suze’s, next week l also have a tip run planned in which l shall throw out the old garden chairs that l ‘inherited’ with this house. I opted to only buy three new chairs as opposed to buying a new outside furniture set for here – this way l can leave three cheaper chairs when l eventually leave and my old table.

Considering Willow garden only had four badly corroded metal chairs and no table and one uncovered outside umbrella when l arrived last year – when l go there will be my table, three new chairs and a cover for the once uncovered umbrella as well as a new cover for the tables and chairs combined – not a bad trade off for a landlord who doesn’t have anything to do with the property here. However, l don’t have any immediate plans concerning leaving, so l will get my own use out of these items too.

In the business blog, there is to be a series called ‘Courtyarding’ which will talk in length about the beauty of courtyard gardens as well as l will also cover the journey of the courtyard garden here in Willow. I have a hankering to try and create a wildlife Victorian’ish garden layout and whilst that will be a series in another blog, this series will also see some progression alongside my musings on the day.

With the merging of Suze’s garden containers which numbered a total of [overall] 25 separate potted plants and flowers, herbs and so on – this week, we both worked to form the skeleton of the layout here in Willow and we are very impressed with everything so far. Over the next three to five months – from autumn to winter to even the arrival of the spring in 2022, this garden will really start to change before your eyes.

The garden to emerge in the spring of next year will display a lovely colourful walkway through potted plants, flowers, herbs, fruits and some vegetables in containers, the earthen beds, hanging baskets, crockery pots and large ceramic containers and trained walled roses and will also see the arrival of a more inviting garden for wildlife – like birds and insects …….. but that will be then, and not today, however today is still pretty as it is. The colours to dominate the garden next year will be varieties of yellow, lilac, rose and cream with plenty of green! I have got a few boxes to go up for birds and bats alike as well as several hanging baskets and l am also thinking of a styled enclosed archway …….. time will tell on the latter.

The small gallery below, simply displays the garden as it is today after the gardens merged and l sorted it all out earlier this week – hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for reading, catch you next time.

 See you next time in the ‘Social Gardener’.

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38 thoughts on “When Two Divides Go For …. More!

    1. Hey Sadje, cheers – yes it is tidy or tidier now, but then that was the other day and since then the wind has knocked rose petals down again – no longer tidy 🙂

  1. Nice meandering path with everything scootched to the sides… loverly! And thank goodness it’s mostly done. For now anyway😉😂

    My main garden attraction, the Pecan Tree, finally got a drink from an unexpected thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. Then this morning the Parrots came to nom nom on the unripe pecans. Very exciting for me🦜🥳💃🏼

      1. Of course I eat them too. There are still plenty on the lower branches. I actually still have some from last year’s harvest. I’m curious how harvest will be this year with the serious lack of water. Another month or so and they’ll start ripening.

        The tree probably belongs to them anyway. I certainly didn’t plant it, and it wasn’t here when we moved in.😂😂 A wild tree for wild Parrots… perfectly *Casa Cuckoo*, right?!🤣

        1. Indeed, Casa Cuckoo is bang on 🙂

          I used to love eating pecan nuts alas however, it now turns out l have a problem with nuts … when it rains here at times it just pours!

  2. I don’t suppose you’ve thought of pitching a column to your local newspaper on courtyard gardening? I’m no gardener but I do still read the weekly gardening columns and I’m guessing a lot of folks in your town have garden spaces like yours.

    1. Hey Grace, yes l have thought of that. Where l volunteer, is a chap who is part of the Sandwich Town gardener’s association, l pitched my idea to him for next year and he was quite keen to talk further 🙂

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