What scares you the most and why?

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What scares you the most and why?

Out of the following ‘critters’ – creepy crawlies or creatures which gives you the heebie jeebies the most and why? What is it about them that makes your skin crawl – if at all? Look at the list below – there is no need to select just one species, if there are several, just let me know below.

Wild RatsWild MiceMoth
SnakesWild BatsDogs
MosquitoBeetlesAssorted Parasites [Worm/Louse]

For me and looking at the listed species varieties above – l am okay with most – l am not scared of Mosquitoes, but l can’t stand being bitten any more due to the nature of my reaction to bites as in – the bites can swell to the size of large gooseberry’s – it has made working in he reserve quite uncomfortable at times – be this bites from mozzies, midges or even red ants!

I am okay with spiders except when they land on me unexpectedly and on occasion they do and have and then that can creep me out a bit – but my biggest feeling of uneasiness is caused by slugs. I can’t handle them without somehow thinking they are in my mouth and suddenly l can taste them in my mouth, but l have that problem with lemons also. I can no longer squeeze lemons without tasting them in my mouth.

Slugs can make me throw up at certain times, just by looking at them … which is strange because l am okay [ish] with slugs in the compost heaps. I think it’s more to do with the Slug mucus – yeah, that’s what it is! Plus some slug varieties are worse than others. I can accept the handling of the leopards – Limax maximus – really well and they are not a gardener’s enemy either, BUT the big black ones l used to see in Lincolnshire on the fens – the Arion ater‘s are just …………


With rodents – l used to breed hundreds of rodent species for my business so l have a general feeling of affection to most species anyway even the wild rat. I have recently had a large mouse nest in the house, and slowly and surely l am trapping them and releasing them elsewhere – l don’t mind them either visually or having them present in the house.

Anyway .. that is me, how about you … what critters/creatures cause you the biggest fear, uncomfortable ease or yuk phobia?

Let me know below.

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52 thoughts on “What scares you the most and why?

    1. Hey Sadje – happy Friday to you 🙂

      Flying lizards – as in pterodactylus – wow you still have them there eh …….. okay, okay, humour aside.

      A lot of people don’t like cockroaches, l used to keep the giant variety, but l can see why many would dislike the smaller ones.

      What is it about lizards? i used to see a lot of ghekkos in Malaysia.

      1. I just don’t like the creepy yellow ones on the wails in the homes. I pay the pest control people to fumigate the outside of our house every year so these crawlies cannot breed outside.

  1. Most of these creatures gives me heebie jeebies except wild rats, dog and cats 😅
    Mosquitos, I’m not afraid of them but their bites also to me can become huge, but only from when I’m here, and let’s not forget dengue still exist 😓 so better to avoid mosquitoes 🦟
    I like to see butterflies 🦋 but just watch them from a certain distance not having them on me or too close 😅
    Snakes and spiders I even can’t look at them 🙈
    Lizards I’m getting used to them from when I’m here 😅

    1. Hey Ribana – l was saying to a friend only the other day that as a non smoker or rather as an ex smoker, l seem to be a real catch for biting insects these days. When l used to smoke, nothing came near me insect wise as the tobacco served as a form of insect repellant.

      So – healthier for not smoking but suffering at the same time. They say that when we react to a mosquito bite it displays that our immune system is working ……… mm, okay hahaha. Wish l felt like that.

  2. I do not particularly like anything on the list but I am not particularly creeped out depending on where I encounter them. Everything outside is OK except mosquitos because they will bite me. I definitely don’t like anything in my house, especially spiders because they will bite me. And I am extremely upset if I find any living thing in my food like maggots in the nuts or raisins. The surprise factor is really creepy. If I flick on a light in the kitchen in the middle of the night and a mouse scurries by, I will scream! But so far none of the animals or insects have made me throw up. I can suck on lemons so I was surprised at your aversion to them!

    1. Hey Geoff, l too used to suck lemons and l was doing that till around 10 years ago, but lemons are highly acidic and not only damage your internal organs but are quite damaging to the enamel in your teeth as well.

      The problem l have is down to a hypersensitivity apparently that certain items l can see with a form of sense touch without actually touching them like the slugs and other items like lemons the hypersensitivity can detect the acidity and then suddenly l taste them in my mouth.

      I miss lemons but not enough to start sucking on them again, plus l nearly died years ago by sucking on one 🙂


      It’s a form of Synesthesia where upon l can see the shapes and colours in music and numbers which are the artistic sides to it but the negative sides are as described above.

      1. Fascinating. The 2019 lemon post is well written but in combination with your reply today, my relationship with lemons may become more cautious. Synesthesia I had never heard of. Sounds like it can be a blessing and a curse. I forgot about the Mrs. Doubtfire scene. You certainly do find interesting angles for viewing the World.

        1. Hey Geoff, oh yes, Mrs Doubtfire, great film indeed – yeah, the acidity levels in lemons is quite startling.

          I used to have warm lemon water a couple of years ago, a mug full every morning and whilst there are many benefits, there are equally as many detriments like enamel erosion, heartburn and reflux – once l stopped that ingredient and dropped it, instantly l stopped experiencing heartburn and reflux. It made my teeth hurt after drinking it also.

  3. 🙂 To be honest, I am not scared of the things on your list, Rory.

    However, I find maggots to be repulsive (Which is something entirely different from fear).

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

    1. Hey Renard – yes like you, l don’t fear them on the list, but l do experience problems, l guess with the slugs it’s a form of repulsion combined with somehow l can taste the mucus in my mouth.

      Have a great Friday also 🙂

  4. Everything there terrifies and/or disgusts me, except cats, butterflies, and some dogs. Snakes fascinate me, but I would be terrified if one suddenly appeared. Birds can be gorgeous, but they are scary too because they can transmit icky diseases.

    I hear what you’re saying about taste. I think it’s a form of mild synesthesia. I feel I can taste a mouse/rat because of Stephen King’s description of a prisoner eating one in The Stand. The words have stayed in my mouth all these years…

    1. Hey Paula, yes, it is indeed a form of synesthesia, l was finally diagnosed with it several years ago when l first mentioned the colours of numbers and the sounds that letters make in colour … doesn’t help when you see a slug and suddenly you feel like Ron Weasley in Harry Potter spitting slugs though 🙂

  5. Rats, mice, and snakes scare the crud out of me. I will go crying and screaming t their view. Mosquitos love ma and cause welts when they bite me. I currently have over 20 bites and I am on my way to the doc in about an hour. Ugh

      1. Thanks. She said to try Claritin. It will also probably put me to sleep. That means suffering all day. She said she will prescribe me something if it doesn’t work, but most will make me drowsy because of my highly sensitive body.

    1. Well there are spiders Fandango and then there are spiders, so l think large spiders can freak a lot of people out 🙂

      Snakes have a certain edge to them, that many don’t like either.

  6. Nothing on the list scares me, but I *Do* get creeped out by the giant flying roaches. American Cockroaches… gag! The always seem to come inside when it’s humid and warm. I’d trap them & feed them to Sven except who knows what they’ve been eating and I don’t wanna make Sven sick.

    The mice and rats just irritate me with the damage they do when they get inside. 2 cats and a Big Dumb Dog, and STILL the mice and rats get inside🤦🏼‍♀️

    Mosquitoes LOVE me! I have scars from bites. Every time we travel back to visit the exs family I would be covered in red welts. The only exception was the times we went for Christmas.

    Thank goodness those little suckers aren’t prevalent near the Casa!

      1. We do. Not giant New York sewer rats, but not little field mice either. Rats LOVE to nest in palm trees, plus I’m right next to 3 restaurants and a neighborhood market. Abundant wildlife🙄 and crappy construction 🤷🏼‍♀️

        1. They’ve gotten into the walls by climbing through the plumbing areas. We use poison. They are not scampering around but they have enlarged some of the mouse holes. My house isn’t brick like yours😂 Cheap wood siding outside, and drywall inside… no insulation in many places.

  7. You can keep the spiders (ughhhh!) 😱🕷🕷🕸, scorpions 🦂, wasps/hornets 🦟, cockroaches (ICK!) and maggots 🤢 🐛 <— not a maggot but the closest I could find)

    The rest of the critters…. meh. I don't 'like' mosquitos, but they rarely bother me either.

  8. C….R… ugh. Most of the time wasps don’t bother me. But a couple weeks ago I came across some very aggressive ones and was stung 3 times. Not fun. Everything else I’m cool with. ☺️

      1. Yes, they’re so creepy to me I don’t even like to say the word 😅. They’re huge here and fly! “Rodeo Roaches”. Someone told me the other day that they saw one as big as a snickers bar! My wasp encounter must have caught them at a time like that. Both of my forearms doubled in size from the stings. All good now ☺️

        1. Rodeo Roaches sounds like a sport l would rather miss in truth also 🙂

          I recall Angie telling me all about these flying beasties and reading up on them … American Cockroaches – Periplaneta americana – can apparently grow up to 3″ in length and can live to 600 days ……ooher!!

  9. I dislike many of the creepy crawlies on your list but the only one I am afraid of is snakes. I can’t even look at them in a picture. Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes.

    Have a great day, Rory!

        1. I have seen a few over here in the last 40 odd years of living in the UK, mostly grass snakes and adders but also on occasion the smooth. Of course some people think that slow worms are snakes, but they are lizards – l used to see a lot of slow worms in the old compost pile.

          In Australia, l was constantly seeing snakes and also in Malaysia.

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