Dear Blog – 19/09/21

It’s been a crazy week for being busy and confusions and stress – there is no way to make that look even remotely pretty, it’s been seriously tough and stressful and tiring on so many levels. So far on the house moves we are now starting week 3, the final week in my eyes thank goodness. Suze doesn’t hand the keys back to the agents till after the furniture has left and the carpets have been cleaned.

Suze’s agents are pickier than mine and that has meant everything has had to be handled very differently which is why some of you here have said ‘why rush/push it?’ Well, it’s because despite everything, the agents have instructions from the landlord to be even more finickity than normal with her tenants.

Okay, okay most rentals and landlords are like this in some way or another – however Suze’s property you may recall [worry not if you can’t], last year before she took it on board was occupied by a police couple and they simply abandoned the property without paying any of the bills and leaving the property in a mess. Result was the landlord got burned by bad tenants and has now become cynical.

The property Suze took on board needed work doing to it – she did some and Suze and l did some more – of course Suze then received her cancer diagnosis not long after moving into the property in July and didn’t live in the house until January of this year.

A lot of work was done in house and garden in April – July and the landlord/lady wanted the house to be returned to ‘as was’, which is near on impossible now – we see and read this type of story in the UK a lot where upon many landlords are very demanding of tenants – it’ll not just be a British problem l should imagine there are bad landlords worldwide.

So, we have had to battle with the agents a little to leave things there which actually improve the property. But some things are harder battles which surprises me. [As in the new improvements add value – the landlady doesn’t not want them, just wants them left there for no expense to herself or everything has to be extracted as returned to normal – so all curtain poles left, fittings and even the new blinds are now to be left!]

We were fighting deadlines also — although her tenancy ends end September, the latest we could get a removal was on the 23rd, so a week earlier than the actual vacation date, a few days extra on would have been better, but that was the only date available. Because 40% of the house contents were moving here and the remaining 60% were being shipped to a lock up storage unit, this made the packing more awkward.

Suze’s garden was to be moved around also and the hard work is that the main bulk of her garden was heavy duty pots, which couldn’t go to storage or lockup, so we opted to move the garden here and that has been bulky heavy work. We couldn’t find a van and man for the heavier pots until very last minute and so this Tuesday 21st – we now have someone collecting the contents from Suze’s property to deliver here and also take other items that have now been sold to a friend of Suze’s. I didn’t want Suze to not have any familiar items here in Willow and that included much of her garden which is why the decision was made to move the garden here.

Suze’s mental health is not great, she is on medication for both insomnia and depression and because of the stress of the major house move changes this causes her to swing around like a rollercoaster and can reduce her to bouts of sobbing or losing her bearings – so this can also be quite difficult – so more to the importance of making her time here a pleasant one and further meaning the garden moves and house contents too.

There is so much afoot that l don’t write about directly here in the posts weekly, although l do write about it in Journal – but it is hard, and l know we will both be glad for this week to be over. Once the furniture is out and the pots moved – Suze can take a break. The next date is the 27th when the carpets are cleaned and then the keys can go back.

Once the house is out of the way, then the next issue we shall approach is Suze’s job – which l know is causing her major stresses currently – even though she is signed off sick her employers are giving her a hard time and if Suze is stressed, so am l.

Just an example of the changes – the spare room, the guest bedroom, all changing and filling with clutter which causes another level of stress for Suze’s OCD and my bedroom now the home for the beanbags which are to be photographed and sold.

Currently here in Willow, it resembles the ‘day the earth shook’ – – l know come October it’ll be back to normal – well the new normal anyway – the old normal is gone like all of our yesterdays disappeared with the arrival of covid. Things are changing all the time and l have now learned to simply go with the flow as it is easier and way less stressful. But there is stuff absolutely everywhere and will be until the other house is sorted out. Once Suze can calm down a bit we can start to sort these rooms out.

Thankfully the heavy duty work with her garden was finished yesterday and so now, as long as van and man turn up Tuesday – there is no more heavy lifting of pots for me and only to start sorting things out here in Willow and getting ready for the autumn garden.

Suze’s garden now more manageable – ladders and bits off to friend, last of the heavy pots to Willow and Willow’s garden gearing up for the last arrivals.
There are plants everywhere in the house now, the main bulk are as you see above, but the upstairs bathroom, bedroom, spare room, downstairs living room – plants ……. everywhere!

At least l have been sleeping well ……..


Health wise l am pretty good, l drastically cut things from my diet ten days ago and the results after a couple of days were satisfying and my digestion problems eased thankfully. I found a replacement cracker and then what happened? YEP, it’s now no longer available!!! But l finally got my milk sorted, just can no longer get hold of semi skimmed long life so have had to switch to lactose free whole. A host of other ‘processed ingredients’ were removed from the diet also. You wouldn’t believe how much damage processed foods do to our gut and digestion! I still have an occasional problem, but it is shorter lived as opposed to being in constant pain day in and day out ….. the secret is to eat very little without being a smoker!!


I’m having my teeth extracted on Thursday 30th – well at least the house will be done and the bulk of the garden work – the dentist informs me that with the swelling – l will feel like they are my darkest days due to the nature of my jaw. Great! I was at the dentist last Thursday and trying out my upper denture. Gawd what an experience and double gawd, why don’t people especially my dentists listen to me? I had a new dentist last week who expressed concerns over not having the right information concerning my jaw in his notes from the previous dentist [same practice] and that knowing about the train door accident in 1989 and fracturing my jawline severely would have helped him enormously! He is a restorative dentist and tells me that he is looking forwards to the challenge of getting my mouth right and he is thrilled at the prospect of working with such a problem.

He is astonished at the shape of my jaw and told me that the denture will make me look ten years younger – blimey l thought – he has got his work cut out for him!! But the damage of my jaw over the last 30 years since the upper tooth extraction of the shattered teeth and no follow up Xray has meant that my jaw is like the crumbling ruins of Athens! I am sooo pleased l have a dentist with a sense of humour .. he also said when l quizzed him about the challenging job ahead if it was possible, he simply answered with a completely straight face .. “Pretty sure l can, l have been a dentist for over 40 years and never seen anything like this before, but YouTube is excellent as a resource for how to videos on dental procedures, so if l get stuck, that’s where l’ll go.” His nurse didn’t even laugh just nodded her head in agreement …… oh ha ha, fetch me the needle and thread l think my sides just split open!

My jaw is like that of an overshot puppy … the compliments were fast and furious . and when l tried my denture on, he suddenly declared “Nope, not gonna happen, no back teeth for you matey! If we leave them in, you’ll walk around catching flies all day – your mouth will never shut!”

My grimace must have been a picture for he smiled and laughed and said ‘”You don’t need them just yet, you’ll need to get used to having front ones for starters, then you’ll need to exercise your muscle control, you’ll also have to get used to speaking differently – hell for the first few months with your new teeth in, you probably will not speak to anyone and when you do, you’ll look over your shoulder wondering who that voice belongs to …., mind you that’s if you actually wear your teeth. I suggest only a few hours per week to begin with. Anyway this is just the temporary model, your actual denture will have all the teeth, once that is done a few months later we can start on your lower jaw which is where just as much fun can be found as your top jaw. I have to be honest Mr Matier all humour aside, l am really looking forwards to this .. at times like this, l wish l was a junior again learning the craft, because your mouth is a real learning curve, by the way has anyone ever told you that your jaw is very Viking? You are like a striking Viking – very handsome with a good bit of bone, quite attractive really – worry not, not me, l am happily married, but it’s a good solid jaw,”

At that last line l couldn’t help but recall a conversation l had with Madam K concerning her pretty cervix post – My Eyes Are Up Here. With me merely listening as my dentist poked and prodded my teeth with the denture, he was discussing my Viking bone structure and all l was thinking of was Kristian’s pretty cervix and the similarities of appropriate versus inappropriate comments at the same time!!? Go figure and go figure again how that both writes and probably reads wrong!! Hahaha!!

So, come the 30th, l will literally be like a bear walking with a sore head for a few days …. goodie, it never seems to rain here and yet when it does ….


A final note before l go …. l have decided to get another dog. I still miss Scrappy like crazy, fact is we both do. But it’s been on my mind of late and ever since the mouse problem l have been experiencing and my reluctance to let them go once humanely caught, and combined with the dreams l’m having – l think the time has come to allow another into my life. More on this in the coming months l feel.

Thanks for reading folks – catch you next time – have a terrific week ahead!

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26 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19/09/21

  1. I am glad that you have a good dentist with a sense of humor to fix your issues. A dog is a brilliant idea. I hope you and Suze settle to a comfortable routine and live happily ever after! Hugs.

  2. Oh so relatable! I’m just reading along here going “Uh-huh, uh-huh – know what you mean. Been there, done that” Especially landlords, stomach problems and dentists/dentures.

  3. Hahaha! Those kinds of comments are so odd. I never realized how much attention my “pretty cervix” would get when I wrote that post, but it’s nice to find the humor in it! I’m glad your dentist is not only good, but has a sense of humor! A dog is a wonderful idea. I’m wishing you the best!

    1. Hey Ashley, yes very much so. Her boss is the one pressing .. but has absolutely no empathy for anything to do with cancer or depression.

      It’s becoming very awkward.

        1. Yes it is, l sometimes wonder if she would be causing this much angst if she saw Suze at her worst or would she still plead a lack of empathy.

          Suze’s biggest vulnerabilities are to do with being social and social communication. She can just break seeing an email from her work. I have had to take on board her communications to ensure she doesn’t lose it each time.

  4. As you travel on the roller coaster, know that we here in blogging land are pulling for you. I hope your dentist gets it all sorted out. I hope Suze gets some relief from the pain both physical and from work. I hope your delivery guy shows up and finished the work that still needs to be done. I hope your home, Willow, is filled with peace as you support each other in this trying time. I know you will be happy with a dog. There is no replacing our furry friends, but opening our hearts to another is a welcome gift. I hope you find some foods that will not cause you pain.

  5. Doctors and their comments🤦🏼‍♀️ you with a Viking jaw, Madam K with a pretty cervix, and my GP asks if I’ve “lost a lot of weight recently” while he was doing my breast exam!🙄
    (which for you guys out there, is when the doctor uses their hands to check your breasts for lumps, while you lay flat on your back with your arm over your head)

    I guess The Girls ain’t quite as perky as they once were, but SHEESH!! Kinda awkward, Doc🤪😂 He didn’t say anything about my cervix when he did the pap smear 🤔 I guess mine isn’t pretty☹🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I think a new fur friend would be great! I have thoughts but I’ll share those in an email… soonish🤪

    I’m happy your Tummy is doing better! Once the mouth is completely sorted, you’ll just have the normal aches & pains… awesome!!

    September seems to have been (and continues to be) a roller-coaster for a lot of us! I keep thinking of the Green Day song 🎶Wake Me Up When September Ends🎶 speaking of… Mr Sven is still in his summer brumation. I’m very very envious!!!


    1. I know what a breast exam is gramma 🙂

      i was once thinking of a profession in that role – apparently l was quite skilled – ah they were the days … 🙂

      Teeth sadly will make no difference to my digestion, the dentist sadly confirmed that – it just and only means l can chew my food further. Had l had the denatl recovery journey ten years ago, l would have made a significant difference.

      September is indeed a month of ups and downs for sure 🙂

  6. Wowza, Rory! You and Suze are going through a lot! I hope all goes well with your ongoing projects and the dentist! I think getting a dog is a great idea!

    1. Hate Eugenia, well we are in week 3, and l know we are both looking forwards to it being over. I would love a dog, but it’ll still be a few months before that goes ahead, so probably 2022 🙂

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