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Journal Entry 916/09/21

The Personal Blog – A Very Private Affair

I have had an interesting week, blog wise. I have been making tweaks ever since the first week of August to this blog, and yet having said that, whilst that is true, it’s not entirely accurate. I was making subtle changes to the GUY blog for months before l took my ‘break away’.

I used to create a daily greeting post, that ran for 4 and some years, and l stopped that at the end of June this year, at the end of May this year l disabled the LIKE function and Sharing function buttons on my blog. Whatever we do, we can’t alter the WordPress Reader – so Likes and so on are still there. The majority of WP readers actually utilise the Reader, a few others like me – the minority who do not use the Reader as a reading format only numbers around 15% of the overall internal WP blog reading population l remember reading somewhere recently – so we are in fact the minority.

409 million people read from 20 billion blog pages every month…which is just totally mind blowing as a random fact!!

I have never used the Reader on a full time reading basis, however occasionally l have had to because sometimes the colours used by some bloggers cause pain in my eyes with their blogs, usually black writing on light blue backgrounds and l am done for, l simply can’t read that combination – so l then use the Reader.

I like to see a person’s creativity – considering how much time is dedicated to creative colourful blogs it seems sinful to not actually look at them – and so whilst l understand why the internal crowd wish to use the Reader – thankfully it is not mandatory – if it was, l would be long gone.

But l have been making changes to my blog for most of this year, what l haven’t written about in post, or fine tuned or tweaked, l have given a lot of thought to and have whiteboards here in the house with formulas of how l wish to progress my blog and move it forwards.

I knew this year that there would have to be changes, more than mere tweaks, but massive alterations were heading my way. A series of events on and off blog in real life made me look at blogging and bloggers very differently. My own social outlook changed also. I realised that l wasn’t able to create the blog l had thought about since the start of 2019, it had become almost impossible. It would have been very difficult to navigate for the reader, not as in menu direction – but traffic to the a’s and b’s especially for my design to work. I came to realise that l had to create two blogs essentially to once again represent my personality.

As it turns out, l created an additional two to this one and then further realised that l didn’t need two extras, but just one and that some of ‘The 3 Sides 2 1’ series like this one ‘Journal’, would become a partially hidden series – password controlled and then released out of sequence to the published date so as to NOT affect the new schedule for the GUY blog. But also to stop people just randomly hitting LIKE to everything that was published.

The Like-em-onlys really started to rankle me in the early start of the year. I remember Victoria Ray saying that of all our followers, only 10% of your actual readership follower number would read your blog, daily, weekly or monthly – the latter being the outer circle readers, but only around 7% of that figure would engage with you on a frequent basis, and ONLY 3% would become daily dedicated readers to your content.

I still hold that information close to my heart, because it is true – l look at my readership numbers today 2675 – so 10% of that is 267 readers who read from this blog on a regular basis – yes, l would say that is about right – it can be thrown off by those who only look at LIKES – which is a very false figure. So 7% of 267 is about 19 people and 3% is roughly 8 people. Of course, there are always going to be ups and downs to these figures and environmental factors can be taken into consideration – but also, this is reflective to the blog style – personal blogs, hobby blogs and business oriented blogs can all have different feedback figures.

I can see those figures on and in my blog at different times over the years since 2017. My blog has changed dramatically since l first created it 4 years ago. I saw the notification of my 4th Year anniversary on the 14th this month.

I received an email earlier this week from a friend who asked if l was more content now that l was no longer managing a socially popular blog? I responded to him with a firm yes. The sociality of the blog was starting to tax me – l have become incredibly cynical to blogging this year and mostly in some cases – bloggers – not specific people, but behaviours – l look at certain blogger behaviours and frown. The LIKE was one behaviour that basically started to piss me off. People just hitting LIKE for the sake of it, so l took that away and as l don’t read from the Reader, l don’t have to look at umpteen false likes when l look at my blog posts. Afterall, my blog is now a personal blog, l have made it a very private affair.

I read – despite the followers l have – only from a very small number of actual blogs – 37 is the number and of those – the real figure l suppose as in the blogs that are currently active every day is only 28. I try to read from them every week, but life doesn’t always allow for that – so my reading times can vary between 7 – 15 days. But l do try to get to all those 28 at least twice a month or twice every 30 days. Of the 28 l read from – they all read from me too [well mostly, but not always and l will review that soon enough] – when l publish content on the GUY blog whilst the 9 read from my blog once a month’ish.

Am l happier with the personal blog l manage today – yeah l am , very much so – l don’t have any social overwhelm and by the latter, l mean, l no longer have to buy in to the concept of social pretence which is present so much these days as opposed to say two years ago. Back then, you had more genuine engagement from people and today, you do not. It’s now a form of lazy lip service.

l no longer host prompts or write much fiction, l still have a lot to write about, but l want to make it more personal and make impact that way, because l am ONLY really writing to between 28 – 37 bloggers in WordPress – the reality of my blog today is a more here and now writing style – there is no social pressure. l only write one post a day for three days of the week on the GUY blog and once/twice a month on the 321 series.

A more recent change and there have been a lot in the last month, from changing writing style to image display to even a new contact me email is that my comments sections on posts automatically close after three days. Three days is all the posts need to be open for, no one is interested after that, most bloggers don’t see that, l have come to notice or maybe they don’t care, they are usually writing so many posts weekly, they don’t need to notice – been there and done it and now have the tee shirt – and more so on personal, hobby and prompt only blogs – as said different matter on business styled blogs.

The GUY blog is now exactly where l want it to be socially … of course, the business blog will be a very different beast altogether, but that’s another story.

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