A Tale of Two Gardens

Season 8 Doin’ The Dirt … Eh – Summer 2021

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E03# – 12/09/21
Welcome to The Social Gardener
This new styled approach to the series is more of a social musing in the garden as well as covering some of the changes, without it being an ‘actual gardening’ series.

I sometimes ask myself why l am so oft surprised that my life of late is rather turbulent?

I mean it’s not really even ‘of late’ is it? It’s been one long line of confusion since last year with the death of Scrappy in January, followed by all the uncertainty of lockdowns and pandemics, fifty shades of bat shit crazy by loved ones resulting in relationships ending, moving house and gardens [oh yes garden moving and transformation is fast becoming a bloody business all by itself in recent months], settling in to new territory, then health issues, friendship support, creating gardens and then transferring gardens ………. where has been the calm? I think that since January 2020 – September 2021 or in the last 20 months l have experienced more unsettled upheaval than between all the years of 2013 – 2019.

I keep telling myself that by the end of this month, and then the start of October onwards – LIFE is going to be calmer as opposed to the potentiality of it being bad karma now. Thank goodness for my yippee ki yay ……. interpret as you see fit.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that l was working in Suze’s garden and making it a nice place for her to be and if you too joined me on that journey, you’ll know that it WASN’T that long ago, it was May – June and although the garden was made a nice place to be, Suze didn’t really get to enjoy anything with her garden, and so now here we are less than three months later taking 75% of her garden out and transferring it to the courtyard garden here.

This is not a garden project’s episode – but that series will continue once all these soil transfers and shifts are over and done with and l can hopefully relax again, sort my garden out properly and recommenxce with my business concept and of course business blog.

There is a lot coming in from her garden as in ‘still to arrive’ and as in ‘already here’, l have been working two gardens this week to the point of exhaustion even though l have not been feeling 100%. BUT, it has to be done and there isn’t anyone else to do it, so l can rest up when l am dead is my motto. For the geeks amongst you, you can check out how the garden last looked HERE as it looked on August 18th. There is a hidden beauty to the courtyard garden here and that is [and combined with my own ability to work space] that it can take on board quite a bit extra to what is here already – the garden is like a Tardis as in being bigger than it at first appears.

To give you an idea of a soil compost – it works in the same way as that of a normal compost strategy, but simply has more soil. It is fed kitchen scraps, garden waste and still enjoys all the benefits of running through a compost process – BUT is mostly soil, and it will stay in here for the next 2 – 3 months with regular turnings between the cubicles and be ready for a worm clean around November time where upon it’ll be sieved and transferred in.

Soils come back after being dug out of pots and planters in Suze’s garden, so far that has amounted to half a ton of soil to be cleaned.

Luckily l have various composters here including the worm farms and this allows for a different type of composting to be achieved and that is ‘soil cleaning’. I can ‘clean’ soil here. Turn used soils into fresher soils using the compost process. So a look at my current composter as it will display more of a ‘dirt or soil’ presence and that is because l compost soil. I will empty bags and bags of soil into the compost unit and after a period of maybe only 2-3 months with regular turnings like that of a conventional compost strategy the soil can be extracted and be utilised again.

I have brought back perhaps half a ton of used soil from Suze’s garden already and put it into the compost unit and once it is cleaned, l will sieve it through and store the cleaned contents in the larger worm farm where upon they will clean it further and make a fluffy loamish type of worm dirt filled with nutrients.

This is a recent photograph [yesterday] taken of Suze’s back garden displaying some of the various pots that are needing to come back. All are either ceramic or stoneware and they number 19 in total of which l think only 4 are smallish. but this is going to be quite the challenge given 1] the space l have here and 2] the plans l had for the courtyard garden’s overall look, but l am confident l can achieve both tasks with satisfaction.

All this week, there will be ceramic pots and plants coming in from Suze’s front and back garden and they will be inserted into the garden here at Willow. Everything has to be planned otherwise, it will simply look untidily crammed and packed in and l can’t have that because the courtyard garden here still has to be worked as a functional workspace as much as an aesthetic garden space.

Social garden space is going to see some true trickery performed here this coming week!

The majority of her planted pots will be sited into what l now call the ‘social garden space’ where the bench resides and the soon to be table and 2 chairs – l’ll not deny there is going to be a lot of magic performed here in this space to make way for functional space, walkway, garden, courtyard garden and so on … but l love a challenge! Even inside the conservatory will see a change, as l have had a shuffle around to bring another wooden unit onboard to house Suze’s indoor plants which have also been slowly arriving this week and many now occupy the upstairs bathroom. We both have spider plants aplenty, – below you can see how long some of mine are. Next time you see this space, you’ll also see how long some of Suze’s are too!!

I will be moving another wooden shelving unit into the empty space beside the above unit which will serve as storage and plant space.

The gallery below is how the garden looks today [Sunday 12th September] prior to the coming week when all of Suze’s pots and plants mentioned above will be coming over to live here. Once l have the gardens sorted , come October l can then start to make the necessary changes and begin the styling of Willow’s new courtyard layout which l will write about in more detail in the Garden Project’s series. In a couple of month’s time, l am hoping that the garden will be a real hive of gardening activity and earthly comforts.

You can see below the two new ‘worm farm’ cubicles set up and established in the middle of the garden now, which are either side of the practical ‘bins’ belonging to the house. The plan is to disguise this area with hanging baskets to make it less drab. The new wormeries were set up mid week and the worms were transferred to the two bins and their very top layer is duckweed which is a fantastic plant or weed for composting with and worm nutrients. the worms tuck into this weed with relish, more on that another time.

The back working area which comprises of three cubes, is set aside as two conventional compost units and one large worm dirt cleaning station, again more on this aother time.

There is still a lot of work to be achieved this week before l can take that sigh of relief and start to chill down ready for the relaxing winter months. [And don’t even ask me about Suze’s shed yet! That is to be cleared this week …… that’ll be fun …]

Anyway, l have to start my afternoon shift over at Suze’s more toils with soils today, thanks for reading, see you next time in the ‘Social Gardener’.

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31 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Gardens

  1. Good luck with it all! I have similar issues every year when winter arrives. I seem to acquire so many plants that end up hanging out in the yard for the nice seasons but then ALL those new plants need to find space inside for the winter months. I wish I lived closer so I could help.

  2. Wow, lots to do, Rory, but I’m sure it will all be worth it. Spider plants are called ‘hens and chickens’ here and are mostly grown as outdoor plants, where they multiply with gay abandon. I dug them up from bed after bed when I first moved into my house here to plant something a little more colourful. Many people won’t have hens and chickens in their houses for fear they will gobble up all the food in the kitchen (apparently). 🙂

  3. “I love a challenge” – well said! You’ll have it all miraculously installed and beautiful in no time. Enjoy your afternoon toils with the soils 🙂

        1. Indeed! Got some preliminary rain from it last night. It seems that overnight it turned from tropical to hurricane. I guess it picked up some speed along the way. Thank you! Take care, Rory ☺️

  4. I cannot wait to see it. However Rory heed your body. It knows what you need far better than you do. A few days at a slower pace is not going to be the undoing of you. You will still get things accomplished without pushing yourself. End of your friendly lecture. 🙂

    1. Hey Jay-lyn, you are absolutely right of course – in fact l took this afternoon off, will start the week fresh tomorrow.

      The reason for the push is because the weathers are due to change this week, there are deadlines and also on Thursday l have some heavy duty dentistry going on, so l want to get as much done in case there is a problem with the tooth work 🙂

      I am looking forwards to the gardens being completed at Suze’s also and looking further forwards to how it’ll look here.

  5. In the immortal words of Ricky Ricardo “Ai yi yi!” I’ll add a “Jiminey Cricket On A Motorscooter!”

    Uranus is messing with everybody! (my inner 12 year old is giggling)
    You really have been going through physical, then mental, back to physical changes!

    No “mothering” today🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

    I’ll just send lots of hugs!!💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌

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