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Season 10 – End Summer 2021
Friday 10th September 2021
We are just at the start and it’s only just begun!

What a week! It’s only Friday and yet l feel like it should be Sunday already and yet staggeringly that is still to come, but not before Saturday, which is only tomorrow and today has not even started properly yet! If that reads confusing – good, because that is how l feel! Wishing that this would be over as a month and it’s only just begun in earnest as week 1. I can’t believe how very fast and very slow at the same time that TIME itself is moving!

Slowly and surely, Suze is starting to move her belongings into Willow, not huge amounts just yet, but bits and bots, this week is about bits’n’bots, it’s a very bitty and botty type of week. Bits here, there and everywhere, plenty of this, that and the other and then more bits and more bots to boot!

Bits have gone to Rose and Baz’s shop for selling, bots have gone to the charity shop as donation, more bits and bots combined have gone to both in separate visits as well as concentrated treks. In addition to that there has been decluttering in both camps, here in Willow and at Suze’s, as well as groupings of rubbish destined for tip runs. The first booked tip run is this afternoon – which is to be one of four bookings [you can’t just turn up at the local rubbish tips anymore, now you have to make an appointment to book your slot] – is rubbish from the garden here at Willow. Getting rid of the unwanted debris. Then the next slot will be stuff from Suze’s house and so on.

Because it’s been very bitty and botty, you can’t help but feel that nothing substantial is being achieved and yet there have been massive changes and huge undertakings completed – just in stages or if you want to keep the fun rolling – yes you guessed it in dribs and drabs and bits and bots and assorted pieces!

The view of the central pond from the walk side channel is clear. You can see the ‘sluice’ gate bridge in the distant channel

I have managed to slot two volunteer days into this week also at the reserve. Monday and the usual Wednesday, but no more until next Monday, l have been in excess of 14000 steps daily as it is walking backwards and forwards with the bits and bots and dribs and drabs and not forgetting the assorted pieces!

The ducks are able to enjoy the central pond more freely now that the surface duckweed is greatly reduced. “More water than weed!!”

That damn pond and Operation Duckweed is a grim business, but slowly and surely in dribbles and drabbles and not merely dribs and drabs and bits and bots and assorted pieces, but in splashes aplenty and continued drippings the duck weed is ebbing away and leeching out as you can tell by this morning’s walk and it is finally starting to clear and thin out.

The view of the central pond from the bridge on the sluice side is much clearer than it was, but still needs work.

A walk before the bedlam begins!

Suze this morning is over at a friend’s visiting and saying thank you for their help, although a call a few moments ago informed me she is on the return leg, so l must make haste, get this post done and then get ready for the first shift to the house, to hopefully collect up some more bits and bots in maybe dribs and drabs to bring here in rediness for taking to either Rose and Baz’s or to the chairty shop this weekend, and then a second trip, trek and trapse to bring back a unit or two then back here to Willow to collect the rubbish to take to the tip, to then drive back to Suze’s to meet a man about his van, then digging soils and toils in the garden to bring back heaps and mounds and bags of dirt to the garden in Willow.

Plus this garden is also changing, l will try and write about that in the next couple of days, if l am not too tired, but l have been busy in the garden here every day this week, and we are still only Friday, gawd knows how it is still only Friday, not even tomorrow or Saturday let alone Sunday yet! But and yet, it is what it is and it isn’t what it aint, yet!

I managed to set up the two new worm farms and rearrange all the cubicles l have here, there are five cubes in total, three designated worm farms and two aside now for the conventional composting – which l emptied out and turned over on Wednesday evening!

Finally, how am l feeling? Well l was really quite poorly right up until Monday evening this week and then stripped my diet back to the very basics – l have a diet these days comprising only of the following – broccoli, cauliflower, pea, carrot, sweet potato, banana, eggs, white/pink non – oily unprocessed fish [basically white fish or wild salmon – no tinned fish] and chicken [gave up red/pink meats three years ago], milk’ – the latter has to be a particular kind, straight black coffee, wood based sugar, rock salt and cider vinegar and buckwheat pasta and that’s basically it – no fineries, no sweets no nothing, if l want to avoid pain and stomach issues, as boring as that diet is, it’s safe albeit small ranged.

The problems began with the substitutes the shops were replacing ordered goods with and l tried then, but my stomach became aggressively inflamed and so because my diet before the last attack actually comprised of the same ingredients but with the addition of a cracker and a gluten free oat coffee which was triggering the stomach and also, l actually can only drink lactose free semi skimmed milk – but various ingredients were being replaced by pickers because the shelves in British supermarkets are floundering for supplies and so of a store that would normally have 100% of selection in foor items, some stores are so bad they might only be able to offer a 75% cover, but if you buy online like l do, you might only be offered a 50% range and this meant that many of my basic food items were being replaced with different items.

In order to try and balance my diet, l would try to do the best l could BUT, it caused me nearly three weeks of absolute stomach chaos, so now l am done with it. Thank goodness for the nutrient shakes – but the hardest bit for me, is that l no longer have any true love of food as an enjoyment. Trust me, as a qualified chef, it’s a bit gut wrenching – now l eat to survive and if l thought l could get through day to day not eating anything – l would. The ingredients l have felt the loss of the most has been my usual milk and the cracker – l had to give bread up – all forms of bread – 2 months ago and the cracker was my last bastion of hope, no more. My milk is no longer available. I am trialing a new organic milk later today which is to arrive on the shopping, hopefully that’ll not taste like moist cardboard.

The weather this week has been uncannily and stiflingly hot and heated and having written that, it’s now trying to rain – the heat is hot, but whilst there is a place and a time for the wetter is better thought and thinking, l could do with more drier than wetter today! I have gardens to dig over this afternoon and dry would be more beneficial ……. joys!

Goodness! Did l forget to tell you about the house mouse problem – well next time l will!

Are we there yet l ask myself?

No, l sadly answer ……. we are just at the start and it’s only just begun!

Anyway, catch up with you again later – thanks for reading.

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17 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Any venture that has begun, will come to its end sooner or later. Wishing that it all goes smoothly for you and Suze. At least you are now free from the pain and inflammation ! Stay well my friend. Thanks for the update

  2. Awww, JB…. ☹ Your chaos sounds like my chaos, and it’s not fun to live. I see you’re trying to keep the humor. That’s really the best way. That or beating a dumpster with a baseball bat, but neighbors might think you’d really lost the plot.

    I totally get the food thing. I eat because I *have* to. I rarely get enjoyment. Even foods like cheese and chocolate aren’t what they were before all the problems.

    Sending hugs!!💌💌

    1. Hey Grandma, many thanks – oh well there is chaos and then there is K!-Os 🙂

      Food, is just food these days, there are good days and really bad days, and in order to avoid the latter, l have to eat from the most blandest and basic range.

      Such is life.

  3. Even though events are taking place in bits and bots, it seems you have things under control. I like that you still have your sense of humor, Rory! I hope all turns out in your favor.

  4. I’m really pleased the diet is working. I’m doing something similar. Just adding Quorn and rice. It’s working. A couple of days I’ve lapsed and I have paid for it. But the shopping is getting harder. The food I need is becoming harder to get hold of.

    1. Hey Gary, if only that was a diet, sadly it is the list of the only foods my stomach can now digest with any satisfaction.

      Shopping is becoming much harder now and one side of me is pleased l am not able to take in a larger diet list, but worried because like you the food items l really need are fast becoming unnavailable.

      Trying to balance my diet effectively now is hugely problematic.

  5. Beautiful photographs 😊
    Lol, honestly, online grocery substitutes can be a bit of a mystery sometimes, that’s for sure. Like the time they sent me sparkling water as a ‘substitute’ for still water (they really missed the point that time) 🙄🛒

    1. Hey Cheryl, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, the online pickers l really think need to actually THINK at times. I now, no longer have subs ticked, it’s becoming way too tricky.

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