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Journal Entry 730th August 2021

The Here & Now of the 3 ‘WRites’ of Passage!

It’s been 30 days since l started the stripdown and reshuffle of the Guy blog and l have finally finished the major works. There will be some fine tuning of course in a couple of the Tabbed categories like poetry and stories and tales – but the main bulk has now been successfully completed.

During the month of August l managed to seriously downscale the Guy Blog from the monster it had become to what it is today and that involved the following tasks. Major reshuffles, post deletion, series ended and scrapped, new navigation insertions and definitions, media files deleted and slimmed.

Starting Blog Figures
01st August 2021
[17th September 2017 – July 31st 2021]
Final Blog Figures
30th August 2021
Numbers Gone
8005 Published Posts 921 Published Posts
[Incl 10 published during August]
7084 Posts deleted.
32 Series14 Series
5 Currently innactive/9 currently active]
18 Series scrapped.
19% of 200GB Media Files useage
24,200 Images
3.2% of 200GB Media File storage being used
4358 Images
15.8% of 200GB Media files deleted
Guy Blog Business PlanDownscaling to Premium PlanTransferring to Business Blog

I would have been happy with a final published content figure of 1200 posts, but l gave myself permission to delete a further block of 500 which came from the Dear Blog and Strollings and Musings series on Monday, and so l deleted 50 from the walking series and just over 450 Dear Blog episodes which brought the content figure down below 1000 posts. I opted to destroy everything pre 2021 and simply keep the content from this year onwards to 2022, where upon next January l will delete the 2021 posts to these series. I have another 60 assorted posts which are to be slowly rewritten and reintroduced to the business blog and they will then be deleted from this blog as well.

The Journal is the only series to survive from the closure of the The 3 Sides 2 1 blog at the start of last month and that will become a regular series to the GUY blog. It is in some ways an interim series between this blog and the new to be business blog as it will deal with topics concerning business as well as blogging topics also.

I had wanted to downscale the GUY blog from Business Plan which is what it was after being downscaled from eCommerce Plan in June back to Premium plan however in order to achieve that, l had to concentrate upon removing the massive Media files % l had here from 21Gb down to below 10GB, as Premium plan only has an allocation for 13GB. Now that l know about TinyPNG however, l can ensure that my images from this point onwards are much smaller in actual size.

The month has been a great learning curve – l was able to really step back and look at everything with fresh eyes and focus and decision making processing – so much so it was easy for me to drop all of the ‘game styled’ prompts l had as well as opt to delete and scrap some of the under performing long standing series l was running like Theme Times – but whilst that happened, l was able to reassess series l still had that would perform l think way better if the series range was greatly reduced.

I now also have 33% of non visible content that sits under the private facility and that will stay there till l decide what to actually do with it.

There were many reasons behind starting this major blog move – but principally, it was due to a recognition that l was experiencing a form of social discomfort or maybe, l was becoming more socially cynical to ‘blogging on a personal blog level’. Several incidents at the start of this year highlighted problems with running prompts and l also had a need to commence a business concept which whilst l initially thought could operate in this blog, l came to realise that wouldn’t be possible so something had to give.

Also, l was spending too much time on this blog and that was draining me. I came to realise that some people needed the social side to blogging more than the actual blogging side and l then realised that l actually needed the blogging side to blogging more than the social side, but wanted to write more on a community oriented level. I wanted to be more of an evergreen content writer and not just a topical ‘here and now’ content writer.

But also, l knew l needed to emotionally detach from the GUY blog if l was to maintain two blogs as in a business and a personal – which this month away has taught me – that l needed to redefine my writing schedule which l have now done. The interesting factor for me was that once you do take that step back and break free from the WP motivation coercion messages of you are an x day Writing Streak – you can pull back some of your life and l needed to do that.

A Guy Called Bloke [Personal]0000111
EC – TAR [Business]1111000

This is a very manageable writing schedule and good balancing. One blog for ‘personal but topical content’ and one blog for ‘evergreen and business’, that is what was and is needed and has now been achieved. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday are great traffic days for personal blogs too – l have been logging weekend traffic on this blog for the last two years – these three days are always my busiest.

ClassicEggshell Shop | Redbubble

The new banners for the designs are also starting to come through from Lisa [samples above] and l have noticed a slight increase in sales since l made the designs more visible too! I’ll have a few more varieties available in the next few weeks also and this will encourage a small but passive income which never does any harm.

However, l can now safely say that l have finished with this blog, the works left to complete are minor alterations on a couple of the long term series and there is no immediate rush with regards the titivations – l can work on those all year. Now, it’s time to restart the marketing course and knuckle down with my study and creating the business blog.

The original 3 rites of passage were – separation [change and leaving what l knew], transition [testing, learning and growth and development] and return [reintergration, revigoration and incorporation] – yes, passed with flying colours – l guess in some ways the GUY blog has undergone a new birth of sorts.

The Here and Now writing style is complete!

3 thoughts on “Journal

  1. I’m glad you’ve completed this huge rearrangement of your blog. It must be so satisfying to pare it down and just keep the essentials. I mean to do it too but can’t find the time or the will. Maybe one day.
    The posting schedule seems very doable. Wishing you all the best regarding the business course. Hugs.

    1. Hey Sadje, sorry for delay in responding – been very busy recently with regards gearing the house up to move Suze in during September.

      I am also very pleased with the works achieved in the time it’s taken, but once l have made a decision l then movemountains to get it done as quickly as possible 🙂

  2. I’m glad you figured out what works best for your blog. 🙌

    I don’t really base mine on anything or follow anything… is just when able or not falling asleep. Mine is definitely an in the moment blog!

    I don’t think I could even do it your way – being all business …

    I blog because it helps me with things and through things 😊❤️ so I just like it not to have pressure – I get that at work 😉

    But maybe blog is YOUR business … I don’t know how that all works ?

    But that’s awesome how you have it all organized now 🙌❤️✌️

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