How Emotionally Tied Are You To Your Posts?

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I am in the process again of deleting media images from my directory – it’s a painful process because l am a very visual guy – but l have made mistakes during my four years of blogging here … biggies! Not life threatening but irksomely annoying all the same [that’s a nice word isn’t it? Irksomely!]

If you read yesterday’s Dear Blog you’ll know why l am deleting media in the vast quantities that l am, but also if you read the comments you’ll also know that l hadn’t heard of TinyPNG recommended by Renard. Also, l didn’t name all of my images, so many of them have got the names they were awarded by the creator. Many of my own photos were just numbers and not named either – making me a prize unthinking pillock – worry not, l am saying that about me.

So, l am having to go through posts and media combined and taking the saved letters of the photo and trying to find them in my directory …….. trust me, that might read easier than the reality of the actions required!

I wish that WP had a system, that recognised when a post was permanently deleted from the blog, any images were deleted as well …. so if that DOES exist – please let me know in the comments and it’ll save me the stressful energies l am using up sifting through perhaps 10,000 images!!

Is it about 10K? I think so … sadly yes.

But also as l am performing this task, l am looking at posts l created from yesterday and asking myself if l am really likely to read these again in either a sentimental mood, or an inquisitive mode and more importantly, are these posts worthy of a future reader’s viewing?

Many of my posts are ‘topical content’ as in ‘here and now’ and the life expectancy of such a post in today’s data overwhelmed world is probably no longer than 48 hours as opposed to an evergreen content blog post which might [pending the content of topic] be of value for readers for up to and maybe beyond 2 years!

Today alone whilst media fishing l have deleted a further 15 posts [deleting posts from the yesterdays of years gone by is quite addictive] that l had previously kept thinking they would be read again …. but realising, that in all likelihood, they wouldn’t be by either myself or anyone else ….. lack of interest, lack of visuality and more importantly lack of purpose from a reader’s point of view.

What l write today about my day today is as unimportant on Tuesday this year as it would be on the same date next year … so do l actually keep that post, that series and so on or do l simply dispose of it?

I suppose the question was is ….. how emotionally or sentimentally tied to that post am l and is it are they worth keeping?

I have started looking at my Dear Blog episodes and there are hundreds!! A quick search on my Dear Blog category and l can see, that l have 441 on 23 pages and l ask myself …… do l need to keep these … really? Then l ask this ….

How Emotionally Tied Are You To Your Posts?

Let me know below. Cheers.

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44 thoughts on “How Emotionally Tied Are You To Your Posts?

  1. The posts I write which have a deeper meaning for me, I am attached to those. The rest are okay too. There are a few fluffy pieces which I may think of deleting. What I am thinking is of deleting images from these posts. I may do it one day.

      1. I think I may, because when I do go back and read my older posts, I am surprised at them. In a good way! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I used to be more attached to older posts, but then once I broke the seal, so to speak, and started deleting, I realized I get more satisfaction from deleting than keeping.

    In the WP-admin media view, you can filter by unattached images. When you delete a post, the images become attached, but there may also be images that you are actually using that arenโ€™t attached to a particular post. Still, filtering to only unattached images will speed up the process. You can also resize image files within the WP-admin view. If youโ€™ve got images that are 2000+ pixels wide, resizing then will make the file much smaller, even if you donโ€™t bother with compression.

    1. Totally agree with this statement … I used to be more attached to older posts, but then once I broke the seal, so to speak, and started deleting, I realized I get more satisfaction from deleting than keeping.

      That’s how l feel about a good 90% of the posts that l had before l started mass deleting and l still feel about many of the posts that are still left.

      Once l gave myself permission to ’emotionally let go of them’, then the challenge was really “Well are any worth keeping matey??”

      There are thankfully post worth keeping, but l also have many posts in private storage which are no longer visible to the public eye.

      But it is so very addictive to delete posts and media too mawahahaha!!

      Mm, l don’t see the unattached filter? I am currently in the Media directory direct from the dashboard and the options l have available to me are ‘All, Images, Documents and so on, but also l am viewing this in the Default View screen option as opposed to say the Classic View screen option.

      Is this the same area as the WP-admin media view you talk of Ashley?

  3. ๐Ÿ™‚ I view my blog posts as a work of art (After all, they are well-written).

    Besides, I do not publish anything on my blog that I am not pleased with.

    And, I do revisit older blog posts occasionally (Doing so lets me know exactly what I published in the past as well as letting me know which ones that I can link to in future blog posts).

    So, that makes me the type of person who is emotionally attached to their blog posts.

  4. The delete key is my absolute favorite one and I use it liberally and with unabandoned joy. I’ve got 384 saved posts from over 15 years of blogging and even some of those can go bye-bye. Those I love I keep, those I don’t – *click* Ciao!

  5. I’m not emotionally attached to my posts. Other than the Adventures series, there aren’t really that many. I could go through and delete, but๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ I haven’t got any reason to.

    My blog could use tidying up I guess, but it’s still very small, and it’s more effort than I want to put in.๐Ÿ˜‚ My biggest problem was media storage and that’s because of all the dang pictures I posted. Sunrise, sunset, birds, Sven… soooo many pictures!๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s the Adventures series though, and I guess I *am* attached to that. It’s a record of our lives during the year of lockdown.

    I’m always surprised by old posts. They’re mostly better written than I remember๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s because I don’t think about what I write. It just comes out๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ then I hit publish and forget it. I’ve had to reread a post to answer comments before.๐Ÿ˜‚

    I guess my blog, like my life and my self, is just a mess๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Mine is like a diary so yup emotionally attached lol

    I wanna go back one day and read even if I cringeโ€ฆ it will show me memories and let me see how far I have come โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

    So I love my posts โค๏ธ for me they are healing โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿฉน

  7. I only do one thing. For five years, every single day, I have written a post of no more than 300 words. No pictures, no attachments, no video clips, no drawings. I am attached to them because I print them all off and can say good-bye to WordPress on a moment’s notice. My work is unlikely to be passed on beyond my life but they provide a standardized resource for me in case I need them for some future project.

      1. Yes, I am thinking of compiling a compendium of favorite posts because plenty of pictures exist of me but what’s inside my head could be of more interest to my grandchildren some day. How I wish I had interrogated my parents and grandparents more thoroughly while they were alive.

  8. I am emotionally attached to two of my posts that I wrote about my mom, may she rest in peace. Other than those, I have no problem in deleting posts.

    I used to have a series called Tuesday Chatter, which was a prompt series and since deleted, mainly because many posts errored out when I switched to the new editor. Then I had another prompt series, BrewNSpew, and since deleted. So my issues with images began when I reblogged responses from others to my prompts because all their images are saved into my media. Therefore, I have ceased reblogging posts on my sites. Plus most don’t work well with my dark backgrounds.

    Most of my work is poetry, which I bring back from the archives in my Yesteryears Ink series. It’s easy to bring poetry back for a second look. With that said I create a new post and not a reblog because I think reblogs have a short life and are annoying. If I don’t like what I wrote, I copy it to a word doc and revamp it. I write and share poetry across 4 platforms other than my blogs, so saving old poems comes in handy.

    Have a great week ahead, Rory!

    1. Hey Eugenia, l also have posts saved for sentimental reasons in storage under private mode here . Posts that mean more to me than they may mean to others.

      I also agree , l don’t reblog anything anymore, but l will create a new especially ‘poetry’ post to display yesterday’s words.

      Have a lovely week ahead also ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Not at all. I have easily deleted loads of posts and images when I decided they annoyed me or werenโ€™t up to my new standards. Iโ€™ve also deleted entire blogs. Itโ€™s just words and there are always more!

    1. Hey Paula, that is it entirely – they are just words, there are always more words to be created in the style we so desire and which reflects us more in our todays.

  10. Hi Rory,
    I’ve backed up my blog and media library recently. I keep copies of my poetry in a separate file from WordPress, I’ve only deleted two posts that I can recall. I sometimes go back to some of my older posts and can’t believe I wrote them. Some I’ve reblogged as I thought they might interest newer readers. I’ve also kept copies separately of all my cancer posts.

  11. Rory, So happy to see you here. I saw on Melanie’s post that you asked a question. Yippee. I am attached to the growth I have personally made since blogging. I am unclear as to why to delete blogs. Maybe it is because I haven’t been blogging anywhere near as long as others.

    1. Hey Lauren – l think it’s a different story for some to others with regards the deleting of blogs. For me, there were many reasons, but principally because the person l used to be is no longer present and l wanted my blog to be more reflective to me today over that of yesterday’s writer.

      I can understand your need to see your posts as personal growth, but who knows somewhere in your future you might wake up one day and say ‘l am no longer this person’ l am still a blogger, but not that type of blogger.


      1. I understand that. My first year blogging was looking for things to be grateful for while recovering from PTSD. Then I shifted and grew into a different blogger. I’m not sure about deleting the first year though. Something to ponder.

        1. I think deletion would be harder for you anyway Lauren … one of your prime hobbies is/was scrapbooking – keeping all your memories is sacred to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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