Series 2 – Gardening Projects

Series 2 – Gardening Projects – 2021
Project Willow Courtyard

Just a quick heads up post with regards the Willow Garden here.

With everything else going on in my life at present with regards ‘life itself’ and studying and creating a new blog, l still have to make time for my other passion in life ‘worm farming’ and courtyard gardening or as l am tending to nickname it now ‘Courtyarding’. Of course the main courtyard l have in my life today is the garden here at Willow.

As you will have seen in the last episodes 1 and 2, there are quite a few plans being undertaken to transform the garden as it was into the dream courtyard garden l wish to have ready for the spring and summer of 2022.

As much as l thoroughly enjoy spending time in front of the screen, l happen to enjoy more my actual ‘time away’ from the screen and the blogs and what better way than to spend time being productive in the garden itself.

I placed an order recently for hanging baskets and brackets, bird and bat boxes and a few other bits of kit, including a new outside garden table and chair set which all start arriving from Saturday onwards and l have booked my old pal Jeremy to come along this autumn and help me put them up. Once up, it’ll help to introduce another form of rewilding to the garden of sorts.

The current layout of the ‘industrial worm side’ comprises of three cubicles – image 1 on the left displays the much larger and newer worm farm whilst the twin wooden cubicles in image 2, actualy comprise of the main worm farm and one compost unit and that’s set to change to become a double forking compost unit. The black hotbin unit this year is performing extremely well and that is due to the simple fact that no bokashi mix has been added to it – only shredded greens and browns from the garden.

I will be crafting new heavy duty snug fitting lids this week which will aid the contents during the approaching winter months and more importantly, they’ll not look as scruffy as they do now..

Additionally, l am creating two extra worm farms which will give me the new total of 3 aka 2 medium sized and 1 extra large. The original wormery model is now to be returned to the B side of the double composter [which will allow me to reintroduce conventional fork composting to this garden and the worm farm’s contents are being split up into the two newer units to give me a healthier worm population. I will discuss this in due course either here or the business blog over the coming months.

I have been working quite diligently on the courtyard garden’s layout here to maximise the space and useage effectively and only this last week did l finally get the layout right. You can see below how the garden looks today in the rough stages of the final layout. Slowly over the next few months you will see this ‘initial layout’ really start to flesh out and add body to the skeleton. I still have to allow certain crops to die off before l can move them out of the way.

Images A – L display the garden and the ‘rough layout’ it is currently positioned into. Most of this layout will remain, although certain contents will be taken away from the equation and not reinserted. Image D shows two parts of a raised bed with the sweet potato crop growing within and once the crop has been harvested off in the next couple of months, those two base units will form the lower portion of the second new worm farm’. The first is currently positioned in image I.

The wooden box with the teddy sunflowers in the centre of the gravel path shown in images H, I & K is to be removed and broken up as it is starting to fall apart anyway and the large crockery pot you might be able to see behind it will take the position on the concrete slab up and be dressed with clary sage [Salvia sclarea], which will make for an awesome centre piece that both birds and butterflies will adore next year. I have two young plants already in situ and they produced a heavenly scent this summer.

Images A – D display what will become the new ‘social’ area as opposed to the middle where the bench was originally.

Over time l will post the necessary updates with more information than this episode and you’ll slowly see the transformation of the garden today into the garden of tomorrow. But for the moment, thanks for reading, see you soon.

17 thoughts on “Series 2 – Gardening Projects

  1. You’ve been busy. The garden is lush green and thriving. It’ll be great to see all the rearrangement done. I hope you fine some time too Blog too.

    1. Hey Sadje 🙂

      Thanks – l will be back in about a month, although l will not come back to daily blogging here, only three posts a week, or three days a week pending interpretation 🙂

  2. It’s so nice and going to get so much more nicer. I can’t help but wonder – you are putting a lot of money and effort into someone else’s property…I’m sure the owner doesn’t mind a bit – he’s getting a free landscaper and a major upgrade to his property.

    1. Hey Grace, yes of course, that thought is never far from my mind, but l treat this house as my home and l try and make my home more comfortable to live in. When l move, a lot of what l have done can come with me … the table and chairs sadly will have to stay, which is why l am not spending a fortune on outdoor furniture.

      But l need somewhere to start examining the potential of a business, and ultimately the worm farming will become a business so l need to really be able to have a set up that is productive and so whilst the garden is being made more attractive and ‘homely’ it also serves the double purpose of being a central part of the business blog 🙂

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