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Journal Entry 617th August 2021

X – Files Case No: Proud To Have Worms!!

Pinpointing The Precisety of Your Passion

That’s not something everyone would want to shout out aloud and be proud about and YET, this is something that l have had to focus on of late …… well, not exactly this, but, this is the end result of my journey! Seeking out the precisety of passion or rather endeavouring to secure my passions … what am l truly passionate about?

If the Guy blog was all about me personally, then a business blog had to be ‘about’ me professionally – that stands to reason and logic.

Years ago, when l ran the TSKA website, that was a business website long before it was a professional website, l became the expert in my field for brokering exotic livestock and that’s what l must do again … become an expert. This has been a harder walk this time around because l have been trying to pinpoint what it is that l am truly passionate about? The TSKA website and business was not specifically niche oriented – it was loose niche if anything – BUT it was aimed at solving problems.

If people wanted a, b and c or they needed advice on x, y and z with regards mammals, l was the person and business to come to – l was the best in the business at the time. My leading edge was my authenticity in the industry and that is something l eagerly encourage and am motivated by – authenticity, genuineness, the real deal and now the business blog is to be no different – one of my passions these days is honesty and integrity, l need authenticity in my life – l need to believe properly in what l am doing. The business and everything it encompasses needs to be real.

But TSKA was NOT purely niche, it was broad niche and if anything in truth it was diverse niche – it was like the X- files in some ways. It had many stories, but its underlying plot line was one story – the quest for truth and the adventures around that were sub plots of the prime plot. That was my business, one main pie perhaps, but fingers in many holes. So, what is the term for a broad niche then, a diverse niche is that still a niche?

For me l think there is niche, then broad niche and narrow niche – some animal species fit into these terms also – some species that can adapt to various environments are broad niche species or generalists – the human species alone is a broad niche species.

My marketing course instructs me to become an expert, the person others go to with their problems. Problems that need answers – so a broad niche means one species with several adaptive conditions whilst a narrow niche is one species that is unable to withstand too many changes to the environment. A case of hybrid pedigree versus pedigree. A panda would be a narrow niche species because it can only survive in a few locations with ease, whilst insects as example are very broad niche, but of course are we then talking niche, category or topic?

It has been quite trying to find the right theme to sit on the business website. Do l run with Baskervilles as l use for the Guy blog, but make use of the widgets and the columns more, which l am comfortable with and it allows for a coloured background, whereas many other themes insist on white backgrounds and l hate white backgrounds! But then the original ‘business’ TSKA website was ‘home grown’ and made thousands of pounds revenue, whilst the TSKA ‘professional’ website, looked slicker but some people didn’t like the fact that it became quite clinical and ironically viewings via the website dropped. People said they found it unrelatable!!? Good job l had an established client lists of well over 1000 people, because if l had had to rely upon that new so called professional TSKA website for revenue l would have been a little fucked to say the least!

I wonder if vermicomposters want a slick site or a home grown site? How much does a worm fancier want a website or blog to resonate with them – is that important to them? It is not important to me, but then that is me.

I personally prefer ‘home grown’ sites over professional slick sites anyday!

I am of two minds but lean more towards the home grown look with Baskervilles, it’s more relaxed – afterall, people don’t care about the way it looks, they have to trust the brand sure, but who is the brand if not the owner. What kind of blog is this to be – really? A direct selling site? No, l can’t abide those – l hate them as much as white background expectation sites. It’s hard working with so many themes. Never mind trying to identify the tab categories and the internal series. I have had to treat it all like an X – Files case … one main plot line and several sub plots, otherwise known as a broad niche with several narrow niches within as opposed to a narrow niche with a couple of broader niche properties. I can’t be THAT person, sure l can become an broad niche expert, but l can’t be a narrow niche expert – life is too diverse, shit l am way too eclectic to be narrow niche these days.

So, my main ‘broad niche’ topic is vermicomposting – l have worms and l am proud and my sub ‘narrow niche’ topics are composting, journalising nature and courtyard gardens and a host of other passions of mine and narrow niched topics. It has taken me several weeks alone just to identify those main tabs and the categories for the internal series …

” l have worms and l am proud “
Main Niche Topic
Sub Niche
Nature Diary
Sub Niche
Sub Niche
Environmental Eco Organic Issues

That’s the bulk of the business blog – that is about as niche as l can be – or that is about as broad and narrow niched as l can be. With regards pinpointing my passions with precision and taking the time to study and research and become the expert – the go to guy for people with worm problems ………… it’ll award purpose and direction and at least l’ll enjoy the learning journey.

I am pleased so far with the progress l have made, if only l could settle on the theme, l might be happier though, but l am not that unhappy.

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  1. Experiment…
    On my phone, went to the WP app… was prompted for the password.

    App is asking me for email, name and website info to comment. Gonna fillip instead of letting WP or Google fill it in… maybe my comment will go through🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Great Rory. You’ve made a lot of progress. I have absolutely no advice to give on themes as I have just had one theme since I started my blog.

    1. Hey Sadje, Themes are one of the biggest issues going for me at present – but l am literally just putting things on hold for the moment [hard week at home] from next week l will readdress it with fresh eyes.

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