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Season 9 – End Summer 2021
Series 9 – Taking A Break
Friday 13th August 2021
“Getting my shit together!”

This is just a heads up post – to let you know, l am still alive. Many of you have seen me around your blogs anyway, you’ll know that l am making changes and l have recently created a couple of password only posts [the latter are for my records] but this one, is for your eyes.

I am not back yet, over the last two weeks l have made some huge and very much needed changes to the Guy blog with regards it’s functionality – and most of these will not be visible to those who only read from the Reader itself in comparison to those who read from the blog direct, you will have seen the minor navigation/menu tweaks.

I am mostly finished with this blog ‘change wise’ although there is still quite a bit of fine tuning to do. From next week however, with the majority of the work completed here, it is then that l will be concentrating on the business blog and the marketing course again. Some of you will know that the 321 blog was deleted. There will only be two blogs from this point onwards – Guy blog and the business blog and they will be completely separate to each other with no tie in connections at all.

I will create a ‘Stepping Out’ post once every couple of weeks or so to touch base with you, so you don’t forget me – this is the new ALL in One Walking series until my return to my new writing schedule of two to three posts a week only around the end of September sometime.

So thanks for reading and l’ll see you soon, hope you enjoy the photos taken this morning in the Gazen Salts Nature reserve.


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      1. When I looked at your blog (on the site not via the reader) on my laptop the background was black. And didn’t the header, where the blog name is, used to be bigger???

        1. No, the blog name was never bigger Grace, the changes made were not aesthetic changes , mostly navigational tweaks – the name might look smaller because of the walled background and the theme l use doesn’t prove that supportive to heading changes. The changes that were made were huge internal changes, major blog deletion and the dropping of perhaps twenty assorted series. I will no longer be writing daily and will only be creating two – three posts a week from September/October so l needed to reduce the diversity the blog offered.

          Because it was being downscaled from my version of a cosmoblog to purely a personal one and one that would only be used as such, many of the more commercial series were extracted. Nearly 7000 blog posts were deleted and many of those remaining were inserted into sentimental storage, more password control governs the blog now and not for any ‘selected parties’ to read, but purely for my own benefit.

          The blog has been styled to that of the here and now writing style only, which is what the majority of readers respond to.

          The break was needed for many reasons, a blog overhaul and l have a lot going on in my life at present.

          But l will be reviewing the colour of the background again and making the necessary changes to fit it into the right combo to sit with the branding.

  1. Is that Joe-pye weed? And the featured & end pics are lythrum or loosestrife, correct?
    According to the Handy Dandy anyway. I don’t think we have either.

    Nice to see color beside green in the reserve. 😉

    1. I have no idea what they are are Gramma – they just looked ‘purty’ hahaha 🙂

      The reserve is still young in the renovation and repairs – so it’ll still be a few years before we see lots of splendour colour wise in there, but of course British nature isn’t just about colour but mostly depth of colour. if you get my jist – nature reserves are very dependent upon what is 1] sown but also what the natural cycle might bring in – like birds and so on. Ducks would have brought the duckweed in as an example and most likely from the Rampart’s streams sadly.

  2. Thank you so much for checking in, Rory! And thank you also for sharing your beautiful nature photos. I continue to hold you on my Heart, wishing you the very best, Dear. 💞

    1. Hey Betty, you are always welcome here’s hoping, you and Bud and of course The featherlies are all in fine spirits 🙂

      Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead.

  3. Two blogs sounds simpler than three.

    Just a thought… If you publish posts/pages as private rather than protected, it could give a more streamlined look to readers. I know private publishing isn’t working right now when operating from the default screen options view, but working from the classic view, private publishing is still doable.

    1. Hey Ashley, excellent point regarding Private and Password posts, have made that change now also. Thank you..

      In fact ‘streamlined’ is exactly the look l am working towards now, although l have expanded the navigation – l have streamlined the entire blog.

        1. Yes l think so too. in the coming months, l will be utilising the Guy blog as my practice training ground for SEO whilst l train myself up for the business blog. so decided that if l am going to be introducing different platform audiences to this blog even in guinea pig mode – then this blog needs to be a very different blog also.

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