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Journal Entry 512th August 2021

Write what you mean and mean what you write!

It’s only Thursday, the last Journal entry was only five days ago and what a long five days it’s truly been – lots of emotions, lots of thoughts and opinions and observations and of course, lots of changes, more changes …….. more pondercations, more discoveries, more understanding.

I started this journey with 8005 published posts and l started this week with 1825 published posts to this blog, although that included 20 from the now closed The 3 Sides 2 1.

At the time of creating this Journal entry, l have 1541 posts – 274 additional posts have now been deleted this week alone so far – most of the latter were from my father’s writing, his stories – and although the posts have gone, his words have not vanished they are now residing in what l class as sentimental storage. He had 150 short fiction stories and l have transferred them all to Pages only – called Tiger Fiction Stories. All his content, stories, books and autobiography are now stored on 12 Pages. Since the 1st August l have deleted 6464 posts total!!

I also took out my own autobiography ‘Dancing in the Grey’ from 29 published posts and transferred it to one Page of its own too – makes for much easier storage. I didn’t need to do any of this … l wanted to, it was my choice – a form of closure within my own blog .. an understanding through observation and statistical study of my blog – who reads what and more importantly how often and when? The realities of what we have written that gets read years or months or weeks after its publishing is very interesting.

Because the answer is …. most of our content is socially topical and has a screen life time of around 3 days ………… evergreen content well that’s a different story, that content can be reviewed for years … but most of the stuff written into WordPress is dead before the end of the week as far as readers are concerned. If easier to analyse – the majority of what we write daily is considered ‘topical content’. It’s isn’t meant to last the depths of time to readers, it means more to us than it does others.

When you have that epiphany strike you, you then start to see things very differently .. the majority of our content is written specifically for The Here & The Now! That’s it – don’t be a fool and think your content is going to be lovingly read by others three weeks from today and why? Because of the following data overwhelm ………..

With the number of active blogs hovering around 500 million, it’s not surprising to discover that over 7 million blog posts are published daily. This is exceptionally high when you consider the fact that many blog sites don’t actually post every single day.
The average time spent by one reader per blog post is 16 seconds….
WordPress-driven blogs account for 27% of all posts, which, logically, makes the total number of blogs per day a little bit over 10 million. This goes to show the rapid evolution of the blogging industry; just 7 years ago, in 2012, only 2 million blogs were appearing daily.

Astonishing isn’t it? I think it is [and more so given the information above is 2 years of age already!] ………… that’s not solely a fascination because l am looking to develop a monetized blog either ……… l found these figures fascinating because when l was reading a blog post over at Tanya’s last week and l read this quote … “ Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.” — Jan Morrow it made me realise a lot of things.

I think its making a reference to people to stop ‘non – stop social content writing’ just for the sake of it because they can …. but so many don’t just write to be read specifically, they only write to be seen socially – to let people know they are there, that THEY are important as well – a kind of being socially heard – they want to be seen, not really be read.

I was able to look at my blog and realise that l want to be read by those who want to see what l am writing, but more importantly, l had to write more quality if l wanted to be seen for longer and that meant to STOP writing poorer quality topical content, but to refocus my attention to Evergreen content. To not write content for the social masses, but to produce content that mattered to the right audiences.

So a lot of my deleted content this week has been filtered through further and content that holds sentimental value has been stored, and content that holds evergreen value is visible and much of the day to day drudgery and grind is being removed. I am lucky l have magnificent records for my journal and blog entries, l have sub menues and l can get to content visibly first before l have to wade through the internal directories. I can delete much quicker.

I am yet to go through my gardening series from 2018 and also my Dear Blog entries – although the latter is quite unimportant because l can simply password control the directory so l have it for ever more and any new Dear Blog entries can be read in the Here and Now only in the Reader because people will not visit the directories, they haven’t the time nor the inclination. The Garden series can be dealt with in the same way really – both series can be sorted through and only the best entries kept and AGAIN really only for me!

I also realised that although l am starting a new Business blog, l am not new to either business and or blogging. This blog alone turns 4 years of age next month on the 17th. i have four years of blogging experience and the strangest thing is that l have learned more about my blogging journey since l started the mammoth tasks of clearing this monster up!

The other reason for hiding content is because l will be using the GUY blog as my guinea pig for the SEO training for the business blog. Therefore working with this blog and encouraging new audiences in from other platforms and not just writing for the WP social readership. So, l want a cleaner blog with less social content and more quality topical and more evergreen content like the autism series.

I will have new banners to insert into all new posts that will aid with sustainable income for Redbubble sales. I suppose if anything, this blog will become more ‘autism orientated ‘ in a way, whilst the business blog will not pay any mention to autism.

I have another 200 – 300 posts to delete l think – my new ‘happy to keep’ published post target is 1200 thereabouts, which could be easily attained by this weekend.

It really is a case of defining the definition of content this week.

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  1. You’ve done a huge amount of work in last few weeks. The fact that you’re community oriented is obvious from your posts and the social aspect was clear from all the series of question oriented posts. Those post brought the community together as well. But at the end of the day, it has to be your choice. What you want out of your blog is paramount. The current format seems sleeker and easy to navigate, though I only read through the reader, I can understand the need for a clean up and reorganizing. I think I’ll have to do it at some point as well, time permitting. Thanks for the update! Take care. I hope the health issues are under control?

    1. Hey Sadje – this post is quite old even now as so much has changed from then till today, it became visible, when l took it off ‘private viewing only’. The Journal series is like my quiet reflection times when l am looking at bits and bots in the blog.

      Once you start a clean up, it can become very addictive. You learn much about your blog when you start cleaning it up and more about yourself too.


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