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Journal Entry 408th August 2021

In Order to Emerge You Must Purge and Splurge!!

I have had a busy 8-day period [01/08/21 to today] Sunday to Sunday. I parked the Guy blog for a period of unknown time – it might be 4 weeks it might be 12 weeks, although l suspect l will probably start writing publicly again towards the end of September. I wanted to take a break for many reasons and not just a singular notion.

I knew this series would continue as a new permanent feature but occasionally under password control. I no longer wish to have all my thoughts visible to the world. But this is the inner sanctum to my mind, to this blog and the new business blog. I doubt there would be many readers interested, but not all episodes will be password access only, so it makes for no true difference.

There was a lot to do in this blog once it was parked, a major sort out – as they say – you can’t properly emerge as a new ‘entity’ until you have properly purged yourself and l have done that. The last 8 days have been busy indeed. Solid 10-hour days – haha! That’s even more than l was doing before the parking!

The aim was to turn this blog around, l wanted to drop it from the societal environment! I had managed rather stupidly to allow the Guy blog to become a social blog – and that was the one thing l never actually wanted to happen. Community oriented yes, for sure – but not a socialite’s blog! But that’s a difficult thing to achieve with real balance sadly. There is a very fine line between community orientation and sociality. I crossed the line in 2020, not intentionally – but the pandemic knocked all my plans for six!

2020 was supposed to be the introduction of the business concepts – therefore – the ‘magazine styled cosmopolitan blog’ could finally emerge – but that didn’t happen! Oh well, a huge lesson learned. The theory was fine, was technically manageable – but the reality was probably not viable and maybe not even truly feasible?

Having a twin camped blog – personal/business blog can’t work with an eclectically diverse socially personal blog like the Guy blog had become, l know that now – although, it can work with a niche community minded blog and that is of course what l must do with The Authentic Recycler. The latter will ONLY be a niche community minded concept project and this blog will now only be a personal blog. But no longer a socially personal blog, no.

Ashley’s blog is the demographic l have to use as the landmark – that is the right style of blog, that is a or could be – a community minded niche business blog pattern. Oh well, you can’t learn if you make no mistakes – anyone who thinks differently to that is a fool. I took too long to get the project into action, l was procrastinating even though 2018/2019 were hardly slow years for writing!

Week 1’s actions were pretty clear cut ….

Purge the social posts from the blog! Last Sunday 01st August, l started with 8005 posts! Like great Scott! Eight thousand and five postal entry’s had been published from September 2017!! I still find it mind-blowing!! Just on the average over 48 months of blogging that’s 167 posts per month! Now if that wasn’t shocking enough, l only wrote 7 posts total between September to December 2017 in this blog!! Then 2018/2019 were my biggest writing years – by mid 2019 l was already cutting my posts down, 2020 again l was slowing down and 2021 l was producing very little. 6000 posts alone were created in 2018 and 2019 with an average of 250 per calendar month!

I look at that and have to say l am ashamed of myself – because most of those were taking part or creating social prompts! It’s a joke really, because l didn’t start a blog to become a fluffy social luvvie!! I started a blog to write! But we live and we learn!

I have purged 6182 posts from this blog since last Sunday, they have been deleted. I ran countless filter checks by month, by tag, by category and l was able to offload well over 6000 published posts! I currently have remaining 1825, and of those perhaps 800 are under password control now, locked away into the archives – sentimental storage.

With that purging also came the removal of 200 categories and well over 2000 tags – bloody laborious work! But it had to be done.

Additionally, as l was no longer going to be a social blog, l had to remove several series that were not performing that well or were prompt oriented. A lot of series left the blog as a result – Theme Times, 12 Bloggerz, the musical prompts, the gaming prompts, the fun prompts – l still have a good batch of series remaining, but most are either personal or topical and eventually when l am not so stressed, the creative fictions can return and the life stories – hopefully next year when things are calmer. But 8 Active series isn’t bad.

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I am tidying up the entire blog anyway, it had become a lumbering cumbersome monster that was in real need of a major shuffle, so it is at least receiving a proper clean up. I have just started on the media clean up and that will take me till the middle of next week alone.

I have expanded the navigation bar for easier access to those who wish it, l need to work on the about section, but not by much, it’s alright – l have to rework the SEO for each post, that’ll take me a week or so as well. I am re-organising all the internal navigation menu’s also.

In all honesty, l would say that by the end of August this blog will be exactly where and how l want it visually, Once done, l can put it into the official parking bay and it can stay there dormant till l am ready to start writing again. But the new writing schedule will only be three posts per week, so it doesn’t matter if l start slower earlier, by writing one post a week for a while – l am in no rush to recreate what it was like pre- now – those days are long gone. I don’t miss writing daily not here anyway.

I had to really ‘BREAK’ the statistical writing pattern – break away from the daily notification of ‘you have been writing for 1200 days – good job, keep going!’ The addictive manipulation by WordPress!!

You see how quickly you are forgotten when you step away – prompts and socialising is the very blood to many bloggers, they need it to survive … you step back and you really do start to see things differently. I am done with that. I was becoming so seriously fucking stressed with it all, the overwhelm was enormous – sadly – l am just NOT that social, l am community minded, but not social. Now this blog is ONLY a personal blog, now l write principally for me and a few of the true friends. Those who truly do wish to read the content.

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