Taking a Break

I have decided to take a break from blogging for the next 12 weeks – perhaps longer, maybe shorter – in truth l don’t know. The Guy Called Bloke blog will be ‘parked’ for this period of time. The 3 Sides 2 1 has already been parked. I will still be reading your posts, and l will also be tidying up the Guy blog but not creating many public posts of my own during this period of inactivity. There are many reasons for this decision and it’s not just one alone but principally it comes down to the fact that l have significantly changed as a person since 1] creating this blog in September 2017 and 2] as a person this year.

This isn’t meant to read vague or cryptic, it is just that this decision wasn’t taken lightly and has come about after many weeks of thinking on the subject itself.

Anyway, thanks for reading – as said l will still be around in the comments sections of your blogs and reading your posts,

The Guy blog will be ‘parked’ tomorrow morning.


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  1. I understand, Rory. Have been feeling the same way about Blogging for some time. Been dealing with various health, vision and mobility issues since starting my Blog in 2016. They have continued to increase, making it more difficult to type, read and keep up the momentum of posting and interacting with my WordPress family. I admit at this point my mobility has become so limited that I feel discouraged and overwhelmed. Maybe a break will help??

    Wishing you the very best, Dear, as always.

    From my HEART to your HEART in Love, Betty. 🤗💞

    1. Hey Betty, l’ll still be around, just not so visible publicly – this blog needs a good tidy up, a rearranging, a shuffling too, plus l have a business blog to create and l also wanted to take a break 🙂

      But l will still be reading your posts whilst you post them 🙂

      As always regards to Bud and the Featherlies, and you too Betty.

        1. Thanks Betty – l have given myself the month of August to delete roughly 75% of my published content and rearrange everything to make it less overwhelming and stressful which is what it was spookily becoming.

  2. 🙂 I respect your decision, Rory.

    I will be waiting for your return (And I hope that you will be mentally refreshed on the day that you return to your two blogs).

  3. As I may have said elsewhere …. I simply don’t get it. Why do you feel any obligation about any of this, Rory? This is your space, to express yourself, when you feel like (and not when you don’t). So you don’t have to put your hand up in class and ask to be excused. Because you are in charge and you come and go as you please. This isn’t a job. Nobody’s paying you (are they????). And nobodies keeping tabs on you.
    But yeah, sure, take a break. Chill. Read a book. Or two. Go swimming. Eat and drink a lot. Have more sex.
    Everybody will still be here when you choose to wander back into the room.

    1. Hey Richmond – true – but it was just a common courtesy in truth. if you had a friend that you saw daily and then they just disappeared with no word, you would probably be a little curious as to where they went. By letting people know, they know it’s nothing to worry about and that l am either away for 12 weeks or back in December 🙂

  4. I hope that it helps. I have noticed several other bloggers doing the same. I am glad that you will still be lurking. All the best to you and yours!

  5. I feel your break is well-deserved, Rory, because it’s obvious you work hard on your blogs. I look forward to your return and don’t be a stranger. Btw, I’ve noticed a few bloggers are taking a break.

        1. Well l am still here Eugenia, it’s not that kind of break – it’s more like a content purging if anything. The month of August is about clearing blog content. I want to reshape my blog differently – and introduce a new writing schedule.

  6. Have a great time exploring ‘other things’, Rory! Thanks for letting us know… I worry when people suddenly just drop out of sight. All the best 🙂

    1. Hey Chris, l am still here and will be behind the scenes till l reopen the Guy blog. For much of the time the blog will be visible to viewers and then on occasion it will be shut for maintenance and of course l will be still commenting on all your posts and the posts of others as per usual.

      I will be developing a business blog and fine tuning the blog here.

  7. It should be obvious that you’ll be missed. But I’ve noticed a change in you too, and find that sometimes a rest is just the thing to sort out what we want going forward. It’s been a lot of fun interacting with you and your blog, and I’ll be sorry to see it go, but as Richmond Road said up there (paraphrased) “Your blog, your choice”. Take care my friend!

    1. Hey Melanie, well as l keep saying to everyone the only difference is that l am still here, will still be reading and still interacting but for the next 12 – perhaps 20 weeks – end of year/start of next, l will not be posting publicly. There will be a lot of work going on in this blog and today l have been deleting thousands of posts – so that l may make this blog – one l am happier with – but l am still here 🙂

  8. Well if you feel you need to, I suppose 😩 but 12 weeks is soooooo long!! That’s like forever!!

    I suppose I can catch up but still not same ✌️

    Ok fine – take your time – hope you doing ok ✌️😘

    1. Hey Trisha, it’ll probably not be as long as that – it could be sooner back than 12 weeks. I have managed to sit down and give it some longer thought. Max period might only be 4-6 weeks. But it’ll not be the same writing schedule as before.

      1. Yeah don’t exhaust yourself – it’s easy to do!

        4-6 sounds way better than 12!!

        Rest up and have some vaca time 🙌❤️✌️look forward to having you back!

      2. Don’t overwhelm or exhaust yourself on the blog… very easy to do.

        4-6 weeks sounds way better than 12!

        Enjoy some vaca time 🙌❤️ look forward to having you back!

  9. Hey lol what’s with the password protection posts lol … I got all excited you were already back lol

    But then I can’t like or comment lol – or try to enter a password lol

    1. Hey Trisha, that’s merely an internal journal post recording the stuff l have been doing in the blog. There will be a couple of those. Boring stuff to most people. Hope you are keeping well 🙂

      1. So only you get it? I didn’t know you could do private posts 😮 or why your would want to ? But you are doing something lol

        Maybe boring once know what actually is … but not when curious lol ✌️

        1. It’s so l can keep pace of the many changes and when l do come to write about the changes, it helps me remember – the blog is seriously changing, but visually to the reader, they might not see them. An example is deleted posts .

          Sunday 1st August l had 8005 posts published to the blog from September 2017 – l have purged thousands of posts since then, and today l currently have 1770 posts left and l am still deleting.

          It’s that sort of thing l am noting down 🙂

        2. Oh? I do not know the ins and outs of social media stuff lol – I keep it very simple 😘❤️ … or at least I try to lol … sometimes I have to figure out how to find something – but whatever

          I used very simply… to post and to reply … bada bing, bada boom – done ✔️ and even that can get over my head at times 😮 (because of work)

          Wait what??? 😮😮😮 you delete your posts?? 😮😮 do we have to??? Do we have limits or something??

          I want to keep all of mine forever – I do not ever want to delete 😮… I want to read one day and remember the moments.

          Do you delete them all the way? 😮 never to be read again? 😮😮… I want to always have mine. Because mine is memories and I want those always. 😘✌️

          We don’t have to right??

  10. No, of course you don’t have to delete your posts Trisha, it’s a choice. 🙂

    I chose to delete many prompt responses and things – l wanted to clean up my blog and literally just leave in the posts that l too, like you wanted to remember.

    However, it must be said that unless you have specifics or a great system for going back on memories it might be hard work re-reading everything ever written 🙂

        1. Well l am still reading blogs Ribana, a lot of changes have been made to the blog, but when l return end September [maybe earlier] it’ll only be for three days a week in the Guy blog, whilst the business blog will see more of me 🙂

  11. If you feel it to be good then it is. It is always important to listen to self. I too have been meaning to write a post though late, of this kind. All the best!

    1. Hey Kritika, l am still here – l am slowly wading through content in my blog, and clearing out lots of old posts. I will be back sometime in September 🙂

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