What Guilty Pleasures Could You NOT Give Up?

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This question was inspired by a conversation I was having yesterday with Trisha of Learning Life and we were talking about ‘sweets/candies/confectionary and ended up on chocolate’. Trisha said “I don’t think I could give up chocolate, that even sounds like a sin!”

I have heard people say this before – that they couldn’t give up chocolate, or ice cream or cake or and the list goes on … sadly l have had to give up many guilty pleasures, sins or vices pending your interpretation. So the question today simplistically put – is ….

What Guilty Pleasures Could You NOT Give Up?

I have very few guilty pleasures/sins and vices now and at my own concession consider my life in the pleasure dome quite dull. I would love nothing more than a bit of hot sauce and sensual spice and a splash of debauchery to make me feel quite alive again … it may still happen – who knows? I might feel the tickle of a whiplash on my rump, or hot wax elsewhere or the thrill of a feather tracing my curves ….. probably not in the next few weeks, but l am never going to say it’ll not happen in the future … l am quite game for a bit of naughty and erotic slap and tickle!

But everyone has interpretations of their own vices and sins and of course guilty pleasurings, for some it’s exotic fruits, risky behaviours or just skinny dipping in public fountains ……….. but for many others they’re not quite so extreme … binging on a favourite Netflix series, Mobile phone App gaming, sleeping in on their days off, lounging around in grunge wear, shopping, glossy magazines, greasy food, social media or even a lazy champagne bubblebath with a friend and their strawberries!!

I think my only guiltiest pleasure today is taking long lingering piping hot showers and with so very little else in my life as a pleasure l am not overly keen on losing that nor giving it up as l have given up practically all others over more recent years ….. l got my boiler fixed yesterday, and after a week of cold showers, the heated waters were once again very welcomed kissing against my skin!

Anyway, that’s just me …. how about you ‘what guilty pleasures could you not give up?’

Let me know your thoughts below …

30 thoughts on “What Guilty Pleasures Could You NOT Give Up?

  1. I think I would give up chocolate if it was damaging my health, but otherwise it’s something that brings joy to a dull day.

  2. I also let the hot shower caress me a bit longer than I should, considering our perpetual drought situation here. Otherwise, I too don’t do many “bad” things these days except occasionally indulge in something sugary. I suppose I could give that up if it became a serious issue…

    1. Sugar is hard to give up, and this is from someone who has still a seriously sweet tooth problem …. but l have learned the hard way sadly that sugar and l can no longer live together. I am able to enjoy certain things if the right type of sugar is used …. but many commercial food types don’t use it and the ones that do – it tastes foul in things l used to love.

      So now, it’s hot showers hahaha 🙂

  3. I can give up things. There is no personal attachment. I find it hard to give up people who might not be a very good influence on me, but I feel a connection with.

  4. My inner bully is alive and well – have been working to silence the beast for quite some time. I call it my shadow or sometimes my darkness.
    Success in most areas with one or two troublesome spots remaining.
    Guest? Interesting…

  5. I’ve had to give things up and I didn’t like it, but I did it. I’m with Ashley… no guilt, just pleasure 😉😂

    Two things would make me sad to give up… coffee☕ and cheese🧀 I’m a fiend for the dairy, and even before surgeries when they say no food or beverages, I would take small sips of black coffee. 😲

    1. Well there are alternatives to coffee Gramma – have you ever tried Chicory or even the coffee l now drink a lot of gluten free oat coffee.

      You are very lucky your body can still cope with cheese given your fibromyalgia as that ingredient is a known trigger.

      I can no longer digest dairy and whilst l drink litres of ‘milk’ it is lacto free semi skimmed long life – the only milk [touch wood, probably jinxed myself now] that my body can still tolerate.

      1. I haven’t tried any alternatives except decaf, and that tasted weird to me🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d probably just switch to tea.😂 It’s more about the flavor than the caffeine.

        My pain pump keeps me comfortable. I suppose without my pump I might have to try other methods to control the pain. It’s not just the fibromyalgia, I have nerve damage in my arm, and herniated cervical discs too. Fingers crossed 🤞 I don’t develop psoriatic arthritis. My chances are greater since I have plaque psoriasis.

        Big ol hot mess, that’s me!🤪

  6. Lol “welcome to the pleasuredome”

    I want to keep chocolate because I love chocolate lol ❤️ that is perfection ❤️ but only certain ones do it right

    Cadbury is one of my favorites, because ohhh it melts in my mouth so smoothly ❤️ yeah I love Cadbury lol

    I also love a few others – but I’ve always loved Cadbury ❤️

    Anyway – yes I do not wish to ever give up chocolate lol. That be my Kryptonite😘

    I am careful because I also do not want diabetes 😳 …but still definitely need chocolate 🍫

    Hahaha and it does depend …because if you have to go without something, that you don’t realize how much you should cherish lol … when you get it back… “as you have learned” …

    It is the most glorious thing ever lol 🙌😘✌️

  7. Giving up overeating salty snacks has been hard, but I’ve learned which ones are less likely to be considered “bad” for my kidneys, and eat one serving (measuring) – not the whole bag! 😛

    1. Hey Ruth, oh yes savoury snacks can be a real pleasure. I used to be that way with Salt n Vinegar Pringles and Twiglets too. But these days l am can’t digest them anymore, so no longer an issue, but oh my l remember the love of them from before.

  8. Cadbury Flake ice cream… II only feel guilty about it when I’ve had one or two spoonfuls over the usual amount I have. The 2 things that I never ever thought I would give up was fizzy drinks and crisps – not had any fizzy for over 3 years now, but I strayed with the crisps while I was pregnant with Daisy 🙂

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