But, you Need to Socialise ….

This could be a rant ….. but what l find so annoying these days …. is how everyone and their mother seemingly insists that we need to be connected!!

I have a Nokia 8410 – that’s an old phone in today’s standards. it’s a slim model, slide thing and l hate it. BUT, the following applies to me with this phone …

1] I have only 2 telephone numbers in my 8410 – my mother and Suze.

2] I don’t carry it with me anywhere.

3] I charge it up daily, but it never leaves the house.

4] I pay £7 every month – £84 a year to receive all sorts of lovely things …..

5] I don’t call anyone from my mobile phone, not Suze or my mother.

6] I don’t text anyone from my mobile phone, not my mother or even Suze.

7] I use my landline and my desktop for all communication.

8] I receive more phone calls and texts and they are ALL from businesses only because we ALL have to have a mobile phone for other business …………….. apparently!! So mostly l receive texts from delivery drivers if l am to receive a parcel or verification codes from Amazon.

9] Despite using my landline only and telling people that, everyone seemingly bloody believes l use my mobile phone because they call me on it …. and act surprised when they realise when l explain to call my landline that l was SERIOUS about only using the landline??!

10] I am with Virgin Mobile.

This evening l received a call on my mobile phone from Virgin Media informing me that l could change my contract from £7 a month to £15.00 a month and l would receive x, y and z in trimmings and special features and some fancy handset which well l don’t know, but apparently all the goodies …

I explained to the caller that l don’t use a mobile phone for calling or texting, that l don’t leave the house with a mobile phone, that l don’t use a mobile phone for socialising or connecting or being on social platforms or for taking photographs with or listening to music or buying and banking online and that list went on … and on … and on .. and on.

She refused to listen to me and l’ll not go into details BUT she was on the phone for 20 minutes refusing to understand l don’t use nor need a new mobile phone and l don’t need to be paying £15 per month for a fancy mobile phone that l don’t use and the fact that l pay £7 per month already for receiving a, b and c was a total waste on me.

I was a little annoyed when she said “But Mr Matier – you can’t be staying inside all the time, you need to be socialising with people and calling your loved ones.”

“I do socialise – l do so online on my DESKTOP and l call my loved ones using my LANDLINE!!”

She went on refusing to listen to the fact that as a paying customer l did not use a mobile phone and only stopped when l said “ENOUGH!!! Cancel my contract at £7 a month right this minute or bloody well listen to what l am saying!”

Strangely enough she heard that, wished me a good evening and disappeared!

I get so tired of everyone thinking that we all need stupid mobile phones and more so not listening when we list the reasons why we don’t have them!!

I am now genuinely thinking of cancelling my contract!

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    1. I have a landline because my overall provider charges me more per month for the package without it (we tried to cancel the landline years ago) than with it. I assume they want to count it in their statistics. We do not answer it, rarely check messages, and hand out that number to everyone who asks for our phone number.

      1. It’s funny, my mother uses her mobile more than her landline – but also over here and l am guessing in the States is the same too – it’s not just a landline or a mobile, it’s a service provider too. But also l personally, how social people are …. l am not that social, and the people l am social too, l am speaking to their faces directly and when l am not, l make very few phone calls anway.

        the landline/Internet service l get is still cheaper than a mobile phone contract and l have the cheapest contract with Virgin mobile.

    2. Hahaha 🙂

      You sound like Suze, and ironically whilst she lives mostly on her mobile phone she had to get a landline so she could get an internet connection, but never uses the landline.

      Years ago, l used to use a mobile phone for business, the truth is l actually don’t like mobile phones because it means people can get hold of me whenever they want.

      I am going to research into my mobile phone contract tonight and see about cancelling it. i only see mobile phones as great for business and not being social and that is because l am not social hahaha 🙂

    3. I’m in that situation Ashleyleia because (in part) I live in a dead spot for cell towers. My cell phone does not work when I’m at home and the suggestion that I run out into the street to get reception every time the bleedin’ phone rings is stupid. My landline doesn’t get great service EITHER, but at least I know I have something in the event I have to call 911 or things like that. If I had to rely on my cell phone, I might as well not bother. And I’ve never liked the fact that anyone can call a person any darned time they want with the expectation that the person they’re calling answers and is polite and the whole thing. I don’t like texting either. So there are some valid reasons for having both. Not criticizing you mind!

      1. That definitely makes sense. My phone and cellular provider allow for wifi calling, so I can use my phone over wifi even if I don’t have cellular service. And I’ve never cared enough about being polite to answer the phone; I figure that’s what voicemail is for. 😉 Mostly, I’m just far too cheap to pay for two phones when I can get away with having one.

    1. Hey KL, yes my Suze tries to tell me l need a mobile phone in case of emergencies … but everytime l have one with me, there is no emergency and as a genuinely clumsy person if l had an accident that needed a mobile phone l would probably be in need of the undertakers only.

  1. I love my mobile phone for staying socially connected, but I hear you on the shitty customer service reps who won’t listen to us. Spectrum, my home internet provider, keeps trying to sell me packages of TV channels when I never watch TV!!!

    1. Hey Paula, Suze lives on her phone for exactly the same reasons, but even she agrees that the actual customer service reps need giving a stern talking to with regards their service practice.

  2. I got a mobile phone in 2002 because we had no permanent address hence no landline. I had the data function turned off because it was costing me 10¢ every time some fool sent me a text. This all worked very nicely, mobile phone just for emergencies when we were out and about, landline at home for everything else, until 3 years ago when we got rid of the car and had to get Smartphones so we could have the Uber app. But even before that I was asked by a host of companies I interact with (including doctors) if they could text me information and I said no – call the landline or email me. Yeah, I’m the weird old woman. My husband and I were just talking about the new spyware, Pegasus, that targets phones. I realize people live their lives via their phones but banking, credit card info on your phone? No, I’m way to paranoid. Yes, with the advent of our acquiring Smartphones we did get rid of the landline – we are just not phone people – no need for 2 systems that were hardly used. People around here just assume old people don’t know nuthin’ about nuthin’ so there is no pressure to upgrade anything LOL

    1. I can totally relate to that Grace, over here we have a 50/50 ratio as many of the elderly are phone phobics and the other half are always connected.

      I think l just don’t like the fact that so many poeople live their lives through the mobile phone and l don’t want, l want to be able to leave the technology aside.

    1. Because they are my service provider and l don’t want to upset them BUT more importantly l wanted them to understand so that they don’t keep calling me to sell me a new contract.

  3. I’m glad she listened in the end, Rory! You sound like my dad, he also has a nokia phone, which he barely uses, he rings me and my mom and sister, he doesnt text or have internet access on his phone at all. I say you should cancel the contract if you barely use it! Xx

  4. We ditched the landline when we all got mobile phones. No desktop cuz Ben breaks things, and a tablet is good enough for him.
    I like having everything in one place… emergency contact, music & camera… when I’m out and about. They’ve gotten rid of all the public phones… did that years and years ago.

    I only really talk to daughters… complete opposite of my teens when the phone was glued to my ear.

    I don’t answer calls from anyone except daughters or doctors, and the mobile tells me who is calling.

    I have a no contract monthly unlimited everything for about $40/month

    It *IS* concerning that you could get hurt out on one of your walks and not be able to call for help.just because a phone rings, doesn’t mean it needs to be answered. Or do have trouble, like many others, NOT answering a ringing phone?

    1. I don’t like mobile phones for personal use. If l get hurt on a walk l get hurt and that isn’t me being stupid. I just can’t stand useless tech.

      I could have a top range phone and still forget to take it with me. What’s the point of carting a phone with you if the only reason you have it is for emergencies?

  5. I remember a time before mobiles and I went for a work meeting in Morpeth. Didn’t find out it had been cancelled till I got there. Had fish and chips then came back. By the time I got back it was home time. Best work day ever…

        1. I don’t know, l wish l had a rtranscript of the conversation – because at the start it said it was being recorded for training purposes. I hope so, because they really need to listen to it for training purposes.

  6. Hahaha…sorry Rory but I cannot not laugh…🤣
    It is very true! People don’t listen! It happens to me every single day! People really don’t listen!

    1. Hey Ribana, they simply don’t listen anymore and especially some service centres, they have their cue cards to read from and they are determined to start at the top and get to the bottom.

  7. I don’t think it’s necessary to be connected but living with an old nokia phone in this era seems a bad decision. If you have a computer then fine otherwise we have so much to do with ourselves using a smartphone. Nobody’s going to care whether you use a smartphone or not but if you don’t have one you’re missing a lot brother peace.

  8. I had to have a landline for my job (I worked from home), but as soon as I retired, I ditched the landline and went exclusively mobile. I’m your polar opposite, Rory. No landline, rarely use my computer, and use my iPhone for everything now that I used to use a landline and a computer for. And my iPhone is always on except when I’m sleeping and I always take it with me wherever I go.

    1. Well l think or am beginning to think my friend that many people are polar opposites to me these days haha. Suze is like that also. She has to use her computers for work, but she only got a landline which she didn’t want because her own mobile service provider couldn’t provide an internet connection and she needed the connection for her work.

      But she hardly uses the landline, and if not working hardly uses the computers or her laptops.

      Years ago l used a mobile phone for work – that’s the only reason l would have one now.

  9. I dumped our land line years ago. Hubby and I each have a mobile phone – mostly for safety. He uses his for discussing things with his stock buddies. I use mine for handling our personal business. We have call block on our phones and our phones display potential spam callers. We get many calls and messages from politicians, which we ignore! I’m not one to chat on a phone and I never answer my phone unless it is someone I know. Since we don’t have a camera, we use our phones mostly for taking pictures.

    1. Hey Eugenia – politicians ring you as in candidates for running for the area ?

      I am lucky l get very few spam calls, and if l don’t recognise the number l never answer it.

      My landline might ring once a day – l have that for cheaper internet, and my mobile these days only rings twice a week.

      1. Yes, and they send text messages, as well! It’s very annoying. I block them so if they call again, their call is restricted and doesn’t come through.

        1. Oh right, but how do they get your telephone numbers in the first place? it’s pretty invasive and intrusive for them to call you. Did you give them access to permission marketing authorisations?

        2. No, they buy the numbers or get them from breaching a site such as a credit card site, which requires a phone number. Also, in order to obtain a voters card, one must supply a phone number.

  10. I’m not sure if that whole pushing the socialization aspect is a fad, a trend or if it’s actually based in scientific fact. My therapists have pushed ‘more socialization’ on me for years now and have stated that ‘isolation is bad for your psyche and your mental functioning because people are meant to be in groups, not solo”.


    I have been an introvert for a very long time. Until this century I didn’t know the term for that and I got called (and continued to be called) a lot of unkind names because I don’t like socializing ‘like everyone else.’ I now say there is nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just how I relate to other people and if the twerp telling me I’m ‘wrong’ for being anti-social (which I’m not, I’m just highly selective about whom I hang out with) doesn’t like it, why don’t they go peddle their papers somewhere else?

    The phone thing is fairly common place I think. I used to get a lot of calls offering me ‘upgrades’ but I never bought into it until my old cell phone finally died. The cell company I was with had sold ‘space’ on their tower and now I live in a dead zone because the tower doesn’t have enough juice to service the numerous companies that have a claim on resources. I bought a relatively new phone (it was their cheapest model even so) and the thing doesn’t work well and never has. So it lives in my car, and I’ve told everyone I know who might want to call me that I don’t text and I don’t have a cell phone (those who know I do need to know. Everyone else? It’s none of their business). I stress the fact that they have to call me on my landline. I get reactions ranging from strange looks at that information to outright horror that I don’t want to be connected 24/7 365 days a year to a damned phone. \

    I worked answering phones in some capacity or other my entire working life and I’ve had more than my fair share of phone calls, so poo to those who don’t like it. I wonder if those pro-cell phone advocates realize how much that device has dumbed down society? Which makes the whole socialization problem worse IMHO. Who wants to talk to dunder heads?

    1. Solid answer Melanie, and many of your thoughts are my feelings also. I have a computer and l have a landline. That’s all l need. I am not huge on being social, but l get out and about and prefer my own company more.

      I don’t need people to feel good about myself.

  11. I second your thought. I get you completely now. Its just for the business or receiving codes online one needs a phone otherwise you don’t need it. What does a computer is for? The laptop itself can do wonders.

    1. Hey Kritika, that’s totally it – otherwise we end up with way too much technology. People want to be connected all the time … for me that’s too much of my time taken up with connectivity.

  12. Wow!! That was a rude woman to say that. It’s your life – you do as you please

    But … you could have smart phone and get addicted to all the games lol … they have non socializing games too 🙌

    Everything is at my finger tips with the smart phone – whatever I want ❤️ yes please

    But that’s me

    She used the wrong tactic… she must be a Facebook addict lol

    Whatever don’t let it bother you – all telemarketing is annoying!! But you could send a email to the company to complain about that comment.

    For someone telling you, that you need to be social, she seems very socially incorrect.

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