Crossover X – 321 Question Roundup

The 6 questions below are hyperlinked to the actual questions over on The 3 Sides 2 1 blog whilst you can answer them as you see them here one of them is actually a visual question meaning you would find it helpful to view the actual question on the blog itself.

These questions were posed to the readership on the 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 20th and 21st July and l know that some of my readership are familiar with them already, some of you may not be – so please do feel free to pop along and check them out and let me know your views and comments too.
How do you personally feel about linked/hyperlinked content in articles that you read online and also how often do you include them in your own published content?
Are You A Link Liker Or A Click Here Despiser?
Is There An Art To Being Social Online and Do You Think You Are?
Is There An Art To Being Social Online?
What Do These Colours Make You Feel?
[Visual Question]
What Do These Colours Make You Feel?
“In your opinion what are the best social media platforms to utilise to best promote and advertise your blog in/on/with and why?”

... and …. alternatively …

If you do not use any additional social media platforms with your blog – why not?
The Best Social Media To Support Your Blog Is?
How important to you is your ‘About Me/Blog Bio’ section?

Do you place any emphasis on the updating of it?

Do you actually have one or just a contact page?

Is it to your knowledge viewed often?
What’s It All About Folks?
What do you consider to be the most important part to your blog journey to date?
What do you consider to be ….

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  1. I’m gonna be brutally honest, Rory. I find these multiple blogs and linking back and forth and enormous wads of text multiple times a day to be HUGELY ANNOYING. I must confess I’ve been skipping a lot of your posts. You know I’m a true friend because I’m being honest and not going yeah yeah it’s so great like everyone else!

    1. Hey Paula, well thanks for your honesty.

      This Crossover post is only once a week. But thank you for your comment. The Guy blog has 7-9 posts a week only and 321 posts once a day. I am sorry this causes you angst but l do appreciate as always your direct candour.

      The reason for the two blogs was a personal decision and as l said last week, there will not always be a promotion post like this. The business blog will not link to any of the existing blogs at all when it launches in the next 12 weeks as it will be most an environmental blog and not everyone’s cup of tea,, but l will mention it from time to time. Soon enough 321 will not link back here either.

      Thank you for your comment though – BUT – l will take what you write into consideration.

  2. I am only on one platform and am generally confused by multiple delivery systems. When people re-post the works of others, I see the same post so often it makes my head spin! I always feel out of place because I am not trying to build a Blog or a business. I mostly just like writing and reading original content. Prompts seem too much like homework for me. I am in my fifth year of Blogging and have been experimenting this last year with a broader engagement. I have not decided yet how I will evolve. I have enjoyed following you and am amazed by your energy and authenticity.

    1. Hey Geoff, l used to respond to prompts but l have the time anymore to do that and my whole writing style and personality has shifted hugely in the last twelve month or so – l now prefer writing a day to day topical/everyday kind of blog that is more me.

      I don’t tend to read any fiction these days – so have no heart to write, but it has always been that way for me, l phase in and out of my favourite activities like creative writing and poetry. they are especially reflective on my mood and stress levels.

      I also to reblog – but l don’t do that anymore and haven’t done so for a good two years as people whilst they ‘love’ being reblogged don’t always appreciate seeing the reblogs for exactly the reason you have listed.

      Experimenting is good for whatever the reason – be this broadening your engagement, increasing your interactive traffic or just expanding into a wider diverse arena – it’s all good. We just change as we age and we change as we shift our styles.

      Thanks for the compliment — the authenticity has become a really big issue for this year and it is something l struggle with at times from others who are not being authentic.

  3. I don’t like links in a blog because I have enough to read without having to open links. The art to being social online is to be kind. Vivid colors remind me of flowers and make me happy. Twitter is a good way to extend your blog’s reach. An About Me page is very important to me. I don’t normally follow those without an About Me page, and yes it needs to stay updated. Unfortunately, my About Me for Eugi’s Causerie is just a post and not a page because something went amiss when I created it. I don’t want to change it now because I will lose the comments. The most important part of my blog journey is the WordPress community. And so it goes…

    1. Hey Eugenia, many thanks for the comment – now you can take a breath 🙂

      How much traffic do you get back from Twitter and do you find it to be a better platform for traffic? Do you have an active Twitter account as in you socialise on it or is it merely a connection account to your blog?

    1. Hey Melanie, that’s fine. The reasons you don’t get notifications is that we don’t follow each other there and that’s fine. Once a week the questions asked will be posed here and please feel free to answer as you so desire.

      321 as a blog is not everyone’s cup of tea 🙂

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