Do you remember YOUR first times?

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Just a bit of casual and carefree fun … but!

Do you remember your early days?

Like for instance, when you first got an internet connection? Dial up as opposed to broadband?

When was your first time with a blog, or a forum or even a game online?

Do you remember YOUR first times?

What mistakes did you make the first time ever that you … you can fill in the rest yourself. But this is about your early days as a writer online, or a gamer online – when was your first ever blog or forum?

What mistakes did you make back in the early days?

I got my first ever proper computer for a birthday in 1997, at that point l was 34 and married. We got Dial Up in 1999 and my world really expanded very quickly indeed! I started a business website in 2001 and by 2003 had a professional website, and l created it all on Dial Up!! It was a 600 page website!! On Dial up!! Hahaha!!

I wanted to get Broadband in 2006 and l didn’t because when my wife at the time heard that she demanded a divorce – long story – not a good ending! But l did get Broadband in 2007 when l was going through my divorce and living by myself!

I first started to play an MMORPG aka massively multiplayer online role-playing game in 2004 on Dial Up and that was a very annoying experience l can assure you! That game was World of Warcraft [WoW] it began in 2004 and l am still playing it today. Luckily l now have a superfast connection and am considered a veteran and skilled player!

When l first started playing that game, l had never played online games before and was only used to PC Games and the playing style for them was very different to WoW and l remember for the first four months l used to bash my keyboard thinking that was the way you played the game … it was only when l was jumping all over the place in the game and another player asked me ‘what the hell l was doing jumping up and down whilst fighting’. I explained to him that l was hitting my space bar and first .. he called me a noob! But then spent an hour explaining to me the way to play the game properly!

Wow,. that was one of the best free lessons l had ever received in my life!! I was on the road to success …

By 2003, l was creating my own forums and l had fun with those l can assure you, the mistakes l made were many and some were colossal! But hey! We have to make errors to move forwards!

Whilst l used to write in forums and blogs long, long, long before my first ever blog in 2017, that was my very first ever blog!


Do you remember YOUR first times?

Let me know your thoughts below …

52 thoughts on “Do you remember YOUR first times?

  1. I remember AOL free discs everywhere. We didn’t have a computer, but using my mother’s or a neighbor’s and joining forums was fun… at first.
    I joined a Hockey forum and one about Native American stuff (my ex is Native, and we were active in Native rights work at the time). The fun stopped when the dick pics started arriving. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I was glad we didn’t have a computer at home. I didn’t have to worry about my girls having access to the creepers as freely. I’m sure she did stupid things when she wasn’t home, but at least it was slightly limited.

  2. I do remember the trauma of the mid 1980’s when I had to use the computer at work to do my job. I could basically used PROFs for email and accessed employee records. The other dates are a blur as several years later a friend helped me hook up a personal computer at home so my kids could play games. I do remember that I posted my first Blog on WordPress on August 22, 2016, because WP remembers that for me and has saved all 1794 consecutive daily postings.

    1. Hey Geoff, my ex – wife’s father was a huge computer tech head console buff so he had all sorts of things whizz bang in the house when l first got to know them all. It was because of my interest in playing disc games on his computer upstairs in the loft that l got my first ever computer – they were the days … not hahaha 🙂

  3. I first had dial-up internet at home as a teenager in the mid-’90s. I spent some time on chatrooms for a brief period, but that didn’t last long. I was never into online gaming. The first blog/website I had was this one, staring in 2017.

  4. I’m old, I’ve been playing with computers since 1969, I’ve jumped on every bandwagon that ever hit town as soon as it did, the one thing I have never done is gaming – eh, not my thing. Do I remember all the “places” I’ve been and how I got there? Yup.

    1. Boy that’s ooooooold Gramma didja you see the dinosaurs walk the earth as well ?

      Snarky humour aside, going back to the very late 60’s early 70’s, are you talking or talkin’ very early IBM models and Kenbacks then?

  5. I first started using computers when I was working and living in Florida, somewhere in the early 80s It was DOS. I didn’t have a personal computer until
    the early 90s. I remember well the days of AOL.

    My position, as a commercial insurance underwriter required tons of documentation so I wasn’t in the mood to read or write outside of work. When I retired, I needed to fill the void and I started my blog in 2015.

    1. Hey Eugenia, DOS, l remember that horrible nightmare also …… glad that’s gone.

      It’s interesting with your comment of filling the void … do you think that because you were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy being a commercial underwriter that now, you need to somehow replace that level of business with your blogs and everything you do?

      1. Yes, I am not one that can sit around and do nothing. I enjoy being busy and I like to think I am relevant. Back in the day, for a woman to become an underwriter was rare. I worked my arse off to get there in a professional and ethical manner.

        1. You are right back in the 90’s there were very few female underwriters. I know because strangely enough l used to have female clients in the underwriter industry – they worked a lot of hours and didn’t have much time for the niceties of society and they used to explain to me how very unusual it was for female underwriters and that in order to verify their worth they had to work way harder than their male counterparts.

          Totally agree with you, being busier is way more fun than being idle.

          Would you ever consider a small homerun business or is that the furthest things from your mind these days? It just seems that you are very enthusiastic to burn off energy.

        2. We tried running a business from home when we first moved to Georgia, and opted for a LLC. But it cost more than it was worth. A lot depends on how much available time and money one has, and dedication.

  6. Oh, I had no idea WoW still exists. I was never into online gaming, but have had an online diary that gradually morphed into a blog ever since 2002.

  7. I was trying to figure out why I don’t get your posts and I realized I can’t find anyway to link up. Am I missing something? Because I’m not finding anyway to “subscribe.”

    1. Hey Marilyn,

      Are you not able to hit the follow button in the Reader – do you use the Reader? I don’t know why either you can’t subscribe either, but l will look at it.


      1. I don’t use the reader. I get everything via email. But I can check the reader. I just don’t like that the reader doesn’t put you on the actual site. i will see what I can do, but if I can only see it in the reader, I’ll never see it even if I AM signed up because I don’t go there very often — like almost never. I know. How old fashioned of me.

        Anyway, there is no subscription link on the blog. I checked out all of your headings. I was SURE there would be one somewhere, but apparently not. Are you Blogger rather than WordPress? Could that be the problem?

        1. Hey Marilyn, not old fashioned at all – l can’t even stand the Reader – l read direct from a blogger’s blog direct. okay, that makes a bit more sense.

          Leave it with me, and l will sort that out. I am with WordPress but l thought l had an email sub attached to the site, so l will look into it. 🙂

  8. I remember doing things on dial up and a phone call would come in and kick me out, because I lost connection for the phone call 🤨 lol

      1. Hahaha I forgot about trying to MAKE a call when someone was using the internet 😄😄😄 that’s hilarious!! My how far we have come lol

        1. Hey Trisha, very much so l think back to 1999 and screeching phones, but l was still using screeching dial up in 2006 that is only 15 years ago – it’s scary how fast everything has become since then.

        2. Hahaha oh nope we had enough of the dial up by 2001?? lol

          We had internet since 1994… dial up … you’ve got mail lol … AOL lol … my oldest was an infant.

          Omg … “welcome” 😄😄❤️

          Awwww AOL 😄❤️❤️

          We switched to broadband and then here we are lol

          Also video games have become incredible too…

          We play some of the old school games sometimes and those pixels lol

          I have the original Sega in the box I bought it in… with price tag and all lol… was $149.99 lol

          And the box says Join the 16-bit revolution 😄😄

          Look at our lifetimes 😮 I always see these people with long lives – and I think about all the things they must have seen in their lifetimes 😮 progress, wars, etc… look what we have seen with in OUR lifetimes 😮😮

          We saw life before technology (except phones and Tv’s)

          We have seen the 80’s lol ❤️✌️

          We have seen technology and science take leaps

          The space program

          A few small wars 🙄 lots of fighting

          Massive events – 9/11

          Lots of politics

          Ridiculous delusional leaders lol 🙄🤨


          Video games

          Rights and protests and things

          Pandemic 😮

          We have had a lot within our life times too 😮😮

          Whoa 😳😮 when did all that happen? Lol ✌️

          It’s crazy isn’t it??

        3. Hey Trisha, this is a terrific response because it’s all true … we have all seen so much already, life just keeps moving on, and on and on and it is crazy for sure 🙂

          I remember Sega, my now ex father – in – law was a huge gamer and he had a Sega machine. I met my wife to be back in 1993 and l was introduce to her father in the Xmas of that year and he introduced me to that gaming system. That was the first time l learned about gaming.

        4. I know!! Like I said – I always see these people who lived so long!! 😳😮 and it blow my mind to think of what they have seen… but then I stop and think of everything I have seen!!

          Reminds me of “We didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel

          Lol Sega was good platform for gaming introduction!!

          I love Sega ❤️

          🎶 Sayyyyyyyggaaaa 🎶

        5. We are the original gamers

          I started with Radio Shack’s (❤️) Pong back in 1976?

          Then Atari 2600 ❤️ in 1980…

          And Nintendo 🙌 after that…

          And then all the others flooded in … Sega, PlayStation, Xbox, etc

          ❤️❤️❤️ I loved being at the start of all that!!

          And when you see what there is NOW 😮 … it’s crazy!

          Some of the classics are still my favorite – 16-bit and all 🙌❤️✌️

        6. Right? They lost me along the way lol … I am still classic gen 😘 mostly

          Some new I like… depends on how much it sparks me at that moment ✌️😘

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