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An introduction to Transforming The Classics

When l first sat down and thought about the designs for Classic Eggshell Moments it was in the summer of 2015. I had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in the spring of 2008, so at that time l had been knowingly on the spectrum of autism for seven years. Between those years l had walked a long path which included quite a few journeys into the nightmare rollercoaster of a crazed form of mental health that l would come to term as the dark side to autism.

I had known from a young age that l wasn’t the same as my peers … equally, l knew that my family wasn’t the same as other families – we were highly dysfunctional … we were not what you might call a close knit family for in many ways we were like four winds all blowing away from each other until sadly and horribly we all blew the same way and this caused us to clash and storm … frequently and with disastrous consequences.

The darkest days of my diagnosis were experienced between 2009 – 2012 [the caravan years] and during this time, l wrote a very dark book looking at my journey, my angers and disappointments with the years growing up with my family, and the abuse l had suffered at the hands of my parents, the bullying l had received as a child in Australia and also much of the confusions l had encountered from a young age, when l knew l wasn’t like everyone else, l just didn’t know who l was and what l was or who l was supposed to be.

My father was brutal in his attack on me of my intelligence as a young lad and he tormented me and subjected me to at times the most harshest of disciplines …this alters the way you look at things as a youngster growing up. My mother tried to defend but was so terrified of the consequences that she many a time did nothing, and then in her own frustrations she then would also berate either myself or my sister and these actions of hers also would alienate her children from her heart.

By the time l left the caravan in 2012, l was starting to become more accustomed to my diagnosis and beginning to see the lightness of it all as well as accepting it into my life more readily. I stopped seeing the disorder as an enemy and simply treated it more as a friend and so by doing this was l finally able to ease my angers towards the diagnosis and the life that led me towards it.

I can’t say l wasn’t confused by many things – because l was – during the caravan years l had torn my identity into little pieces and shredded my soul and bared everything to poetry and article. Whilst the designs were created in 2015, many of the actual topical posts that will be present in this series were originally drafted and penned in my first book 2010/2011 ‘Yesterday’s Adult, Tomorrow’s Child’ and my second ‘Dancing in the Grey’ 2014/2015.

The Redbubble shop ‘Classic Eggshell’ was launched in April 2016 and had at that time close onto 160 designs across two main genres ‘Autism’ and ‘Environmental’ – both passions and in the five years since then designs have whittled down by 70% across the two prime genres. Although today there are five categories to the collection 80% are still concentrated to the two main passions l started with.

The articles themselves were first published to my original blog The Tee Shirt Blogger in 2017 and then they transferred to this blog in 2018 when l closed that blog down and they were reposted here that year and once more in 2019 and they have been archived since that time.

There were 51 topical posts on autism originally written from the chapters of my books ranging from a period of 6 – 11 years ago and my intention is to revist them in this series and rewrite them from my perspective of life today as an autistic man fully at ease with being on the spectrum, totally accepting of my diagnosis from 13 years ago to see how much of me, my life, my thoughts and behaviours have changed and also how this reflects upon the designs of the day to today have altered – many of the designs were worded slogans and they expressed how l felt and thought and saw the world at the time. Some of the image designs were anger driven and centred around taboo issues.

Whilst many of these designs were extracted, l have been reviewing some of them recently and think with some updated and modernised improvement tweaking they could be relisted again.

Below you can see all of the designs that were originally in the Redbubble shop when it launched in 2016 and the series will introduce you to the remaining designs today under the genre of Neurodiversity – l hope you enjoy the series.

Gallery 1 – Of the 28 only 5 are now available for sale the rest were extracted

Gallery 2 – Of the 27 slogans below none of these are available as they were all extracted.

Gallery 3 – Of the 42 slogans below Only 24 are available for sale today

Thanks for reading, see you next time with the first episode!

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  1. Yeah… some of those should come back! A lot of the slogans can apply to non-autistic people too. Like Older Daughter has no filter, and I’m allergic to BS๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Hey Grandma, well as said l will be reviewing quite a few of these but removing their connection to the neurodiversity banner and heralding them in something more universal. It’s time for an overhaul anyway – l have changed so much since then.

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