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Welcome to Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections – a sub – series of my poetry directory in which l shall ‘reblog’ some of my previously published content.

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It’s truly beautiful here,
………… and the quiet nights can haunt your dreams,
Silence creeps enthusiastically beneath your ear,
… Whilst the dark hides even the moonbeams,

Living the life of a solitary man,
Has its advantages,
Yet for some, these are hard to understand,
And not everything is always that easily managed,

Here in the barren, remote wastelands,
There are times, when even l feel lonely,
… Desperate for the company of another living breathing soul,
But this comes with the territory of such isolated beauty,

And said advantages must somehow take their toll!
… And will l live my life always in such seclusion,
Often l ask this of myself,
… Is this to be the way of this solitary man,

Hiding away from society like an ancient volume upon the shelf?
I can only imagine, that until l know the answers,
… To the questions that l seek,
Then l will continue to live in this beautiful yet silent wilderness,

…Until like the dusty volume, my knowledge is also unique.

© Rory Matier 2010

23 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections

      1. You’re making me do a LOT of thinking lately. I *do* enjoy an occasional “thought journey”, but I don’t generally move through life thinking. I’m more of an instinctual, follow what feels right, go with the flow… not “purpose” driven, kind of person.
        I discovered a long time ago that thinking too much was bad for my health. 😆

        1. I think your Thinker has more stamina built in than my Thinker does.
          Spending too much time in my headspace either sets the hamster on his wheel… spinning and spinning and getting nowhere, or gets all twisted like a pretzel… I wind up confusing myself with possibilities. Not helpful!

          As long as your ongoing thinking doesn’t do what mine does, then I wish you Happy Journeys 🥳💌

      1. Yes, the majority of the missing images have been replaced! I still can’t figure out what happened unless something went haywire when I was exploring new themes. Anyway, it gave me a chance to do some blog maintenance.

        1. Excellent – it’s always a worry when things go astray … l too have had to change themes l looked at using my current theme for the business blog but it wasn’t working and l wanted a smoother overall image and then l opted to use Dicot the same as Popsicle Society uses and that worked, but the colour l wanted whilst calming wasn’t good with white fonting, so l opted for black background again with grey fonting and that is smoother.

          But earlier in the week l was really struggling with an unwanted Home Page – l even had a nightmare about it hahahahaha!! Although l wish it was truly funny …

        2. So, you’ve had problems with finding the right theme, too! I’ve had dreams about my blog, especially when it is not working properly.

    1. Hey Sadje, yes l look at this poem often, 11 years ago, living in the caravan in the middle of nowhere not seeing people day to day ….. and yet sometimes it doesn’t matter how close to society we are, we still live an isolated life.

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