Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 8 – Summer 2021
Series 8 – New Starts Always Start At The Start!
Thursday 015th July 2021
Searching for the Precisety of One’s Passion!
Headline image – The Quiet Stream – Gazen Salts Reserve

Guilty as charged – it’s my made up word – l wanted something like precisely and specifically but more direct to the meaning, l wanted ‘different’ – so Precisety was born … there just wasn’t the right word available for how l needed to be expressing my feelings on this subject – l wanted a word that empowered my passion perfectly!

All this week, l have been battling one conflict or another, from stomach cramps, to tooth ache, to aches and pains, to confusions, to questions, to annoyed and disgruntled followers, to lost sleep and poorer quality zeds, to making decisions on gardening, courtyard gardens and composting, to searching for answers and to the quest for the holy gra … oh no, wait that last one’s not quite right …. the quest for one’s truest passions!

I will be writing about this in due course over on 321, because it can cover a whole range of topics or genres, it is not specifically business, or personal or blogging, but universally it is a generalised question that can mean a whole lot of things to an ever bigger whole lot of people!

Hogweed above and below – Heracleum sphondylium – with its pearly white flower clusters are now filling the grounds in the reserve. I like them. It’s sometimes called ‘cow parsnip’ and this variety is the harmless type unlike its overly large cousin Giant Hogweed – Heracleum mantegazzianum – which can be deadly!

I went for a good walk this morning – despite going to bed early last night, l was restless on account of the discomfort in my mouth and chronic stomach cramps caused by the tablets from the previous few days and even though l was in bed before midnight and yawning like some kind of mouthing exerciser, l didn’t turn the light off till one am.

I awoke at six and felt like death, went for a pee and crawled back into bed and saw through glazed eyes that the day was sunny and it felt warm and then dozed till just after eight and got up. Shaved and showered, took my morning shake and then sat down and decided that my day from that point on was going to look like this ……………. morning walk in the reserve and then the ramparts, breakfast with a Murdoch episode, write this post, write a post for 321, schedule a Reflections poem for this blog for later, hit the garden for a few hours and then take some time to study and align passions, affix the new Theme in TAR, make dinner and watch another episode of Murdoch, read blogs for an hour or so, game for 45 minutes and then retire to bed for the night. Simple enough.

So far l have walked, had breakfast with Murdoch and am now writing this post – and l think l am on schedule. As per usual we shall see.

There is at times no greater calm achieved than just looking at trees and leaves …

I am having to experiment a lot of late with lots of different things for the blogs, for me and for the garden and the one topic, subject or whatever l am really having to dig deep on is a burning question …. Who are you and what makes you – you? It’s a study component with regards my passion, a five year commitment plan of sorts and although the subject matter is different it makes me remember an article l read several years ago written by Steve Pavlina the self help entrepreneur when he talked about blogging as a business.

When l first started to concentrate on direction on this particular blog in 2018, l did have a long range plan that stretched till 2023 – l wanted to have one blog for everything, for all of me …… but over the years since then, l changed and so too did my blog and more importantly so too did my passions … not my enthusiasm as someone recently remarked to me. I eperienced a series of epiphanies of sorts this year, l debated about taking down this blog and was quite frustrated that l had perhaps lost my direction ……. and the truth is – l hadn’t lost my direction – l just hadn’t realised that my passions for X, Y and Z had changed direction and had been replaced with, A, F and R – things were NOT as straight forward in 2021 as they had been in 2018.

Directions had changed really by mid 2019, l started to seriously shift gears as a personality – so l realised as l was changing and evolving that my five year plan had to alter its path also and l had to start making decisions about my future and this became even more profoundly apparent last year when Suze and l split as a couple and went our own ways.

The reserve is a great place for calmness … it astonishes me that sometimes l am the ONLY person in the whole environment on beautiful sunny days. I guess it’s because no dogs are allowed – that’s a good thing too – l love dogs, l don’t always love dog owners and worse, l dislike bad dog owners more.

Those who would allow the dog to chase the wildfowl or those who don’t clear up dog crap and that figure is on the rise – it used to be 4 out of every 10 dog owners didn’t clear the mess, these days it is more like 7 out of every 10 that don’t. So, l am very glad that no dog owners are allowed in here.

You know it can be very difficult being me at times, because l have two lines of thought production and both can be exceedingly frustrating to me as the human host – thinking path one is non-Aspie me and thinking path two is Aspie me and these are very distinctly different personality types when it comes to the thought process! Many a time as l have written before l am in open conflict with myself over these two thought lines … trying to acquire an equilibrium between the two is not always easy!

Sometimes the savvy reader can see the two conflicting personalities in one post – but worry not if you can’t, it means that l have achieved that balance l write of. Mostly it is present in one of two ways … 1] you might read a line and whilst it makes sense it doesn’t run right with your mind and 2] at times l talk about myself in third person. I have read that both of these behaviours are fairly common practice with many of us on the spectrum.

But in the last few weeks perhaps a month or so now, things started to come together again – l could see the five year plan once more – a case of all paths lead to Rory – things clicked again, now l had to just work at them in earnest to make something happen. This is when the real quest for passions began and more important the real desire for precisety was required.

Trust me when l tell you it’s been a real trek of discovery, a real passion of precisety too!

Over the years l have had hundreds of passions and enthusiasms, interests, hobbies and motivations and what l had to do was to try and look at them all very closely and understand which ones were still me? You know, l love niche, but l didn’t want to specifically maintain a niche blog because l felt it was too constrictive for my personality – so l then came to understand that l would have to try and develop a business around a broader niche and so that’s when the real journey started … the real precisety of passion began!

It’s harder than you might think when you ask yourself what’s the one thing you are truly passionate about? If that is too difficult you then say, okay, okay, OK! What are the top five things that l am passionate about today and can l make them work, can l make them a work, a career, will l still be passionate about them in five years time? Are those five passions able to be grouped under one passion? Do l have five passions, do l have less or do l have more? You ever tried asking yourself the question – how many passions do you have and then asking ‘now how many do l really have?’ Try it and let me know below how you fared …. but for now – l now have to get on with the rest of the day so my friends …

The Quiet Stream.

………….. Thanks for reading … hope you enjoy the photographs from this morning…. catch you next time.

15 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. I am the white rabbit, distracted by the flutterby, who is also me. I have so many things that I’m passionate about, but also not so much🤣🤣🤔 I am Pisces😉

    Are today’s pictures the new camera or did Murphy let go of the cybershit? They’re stunning photos, especially the header one! I hate seeing the algae, but all that green really works in that photo!!

    And the “calm trees & leaves” snap is excellent! Very soothing photo.

    I make up words all the time. Change spellings, use abbreviations and I DGAF😉 Sometimes we have to create the best word if one isn’t available.

    I’ve bookmarked Steve Pavlina. I looked at his 7 principals, and it looks interesting.

    I hope JB, Rorydile, etc have a fantastic evening!

    1. Hey Grandma,

      Ah of course the feeesh 🙂 The ying and yang of the horoscope … mm, l getcha.

      It’s the Cybershitty – l have found out what is causing the Murphysomes – it is if l accidentally press the battery cover, it loosens the connection the battery has with the camera. I still have to learn the Canon 16x, but at least l now know what the 10x zooms problem is.

      I hate the algae also, but the more l research into it, the more it comes back with this problem will probably be here long after l am not sadly.

      WTF is DGAF?? I had to look it up, yesterday Paula was on about BFD and now here you are on DGAF l am guessing that is the singular use of the F and wasn’t meant to be a double Eff?

      It was an interesting read article and book 🙂

      Have a great afternoon whiterabbitdile 🙂

  2. Postcisety out past the hogweeds somewhere in 2023, I see the teeth, stomach, and mind aligned with the A,F, and R. The latter three letters spoke to me because at the beginning of college, a group of us created an anti-fraternity (AFP). We lived together in an AFP House in the University District in Seattle and were exactly the same as the fraternities we mocked. We each carried individual initials (OH, AF, AFGP, OBC, OBD, etc.). I won’t embarrass myself by translating any of the initials but I am AFR! The surviving AFPers still address each other by these initials in our correspondence.

      1. I was actually going to make a Twilight Zone reference in my last comment but was already wandering way off point!

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