What Do You Do Bring To The Table Then?

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I am currently working through an exercise in the marketing course and one of the modules requires me to sit down and work through ‘what l know’ as in skills be these work or craft, as well as life skills and attributes. What knowledge do l possess that would prove useful to broaden and expand those skills? The reason for the module is to help the user identify and validate their skill set and to see exactly what they have already and what they need to learn to take their ‘online business’ further. It is a really interesting exercise … because it makes you think through everything you have ever done and place it on the table in front of you and see if those skills can help you today?

I recently sat with Suze and we worked on a board for a similar exercise, and it’s harder than you might think – some people cannot recognise their own skill set, whilst others are extremely cocky or over confident in their skill set. However it is looked at it makes for an interesting period of time when you do sit down and give your skills and attributes some serious thought ……….. so what are you good at?

I had to really put my thinking hat on and give this a long ponder. in the first five minutes l was able to think of a few and after the first twenty minutes l had to stop, because l was struggling to find unique ones not already mentioned. However, l was reading an article a few days ago, and it further suggested that the average person has well over 600 skills -some they may not even consider a true skill and not all of those skills require total competence from the person. If they can master the skill to a certain degree they can say they possess that skill.

Some articles will tell you that the average person can only master or upskill 10 skills professionally due to the magic formula of time to learn versus time availability surplus to their life. But then, there are also life skills which are different to professional skills ….

I had to give this serious considerations ……… l came up with a list of maybe 60 across all genres and areas and l’ll not list them all, but these were some of them …. creativity, methodical, attention to detail, ability to concentrate and hyper focus, absorb information and maintain it, collaboration, adaptability, managing time, organisation to name but a few of the more personable attributes and they were easier to identify, but…. When it came to the more specific of skill sets, that started to become more complicated … communication, commercial acumen, advertising and marketing which sound great, but l came to realise that the reality was that many of my ‘hard skills’ were relatively old fashioned in today’s digital world, but combined with my ability to learn and adapt to new learnings and more so when l was hyperfocused, l could learn more and increase my proficiency over time.

So, the question ……… what are you good at?

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