Dear Blog – 14.25 – 14/07/21

Perhaps they didn’t get the memo!

Considering all of the hype that Sandwich as a town was giving the local residents about the 149th Golf Open that is currently here and the so called 32,000 people that would be flooding into the town on a daily basis, l wouldn’t be surprised if the local retailers weren’t perhaps a little disappointed at the reality?

The Open started last Sunday 11th and here we are on the 14th and aside from some signage and seeing cordoned off areas in the town, l can’t say l have seen anything crowd wise above the normal people traffic we have here without the Open’s presence.

Sandwich is admittedly handling the traffic of vehicles exceedingly well and much of the golf transport is diverted away from the town through St Georges Road in the case of direct vehicle traffic, or Park and Ride from the town centre, again redirected through St Georges Road or arrival by train and Ride again directed through St Georges Road ………. the town itself is exceedingly quiet! Even in the evenings – oh there might be a little increased footfall in pubs and restaurants but in the main, if l didn’t know the Open was here, l wouldn’t know the Open was here!!

I had a delivery arrive this morning and the driver asked me why so much of the town was blocked from vans? I answered “Because of the Golf open. There are 32,000 people each day for this week up in the Royal St George’s Club.” He answered with a wide eyed stare of incredulous disbelief … “32,000 people over there … each day?? Why is the town dead then?? Where are all of these people when they are not watching golf and chasing silly ball?”

I thought it was a very fair question indeed ……. where are all these ‘fanatics?’ Because they are not interested in the medieval town of Sandwich? It was heralded by the Open organisers as being truly wonderful for the town, retail would prosper marvelously this week ……… it’s a shame that no one told these golf tourists that! Perhaps they didn’t get the memo!


My camera didn’t get the memo about working either … after that time where l thought it was an isolated incident several weeks ago and having purchased a new 16 zoom Canon, l am/was still to actually use it because suddenly my 10 zoom Cybershot told me it was all an elaborate joke and so rather stupidly l continued to use it and today after a nice walk in the reserve and having taken some cracking shots l realised that the Cybershit [yes you read that right] decided today was the day to play silly buggers again …….. and all the photography wasn’t saved!! Last time for digital pranksters, this afternoon l will be starting to learn the Canon 16X.


I have not been very well these last few days and whilst l am still not 100%, l am l think on the mend, but it is hard to say whether that is totally true or not! Last Friday l had a crack in a tooth appear where l had received the new filling when l was at the dentist on the 21st June. My next appointment is Monday 2nd August which is just under two weeks away and l have had to battle a series of localised gum infections with Ibuprofen 400mg only as the dentist no longer allow patients to have anti-biotics for what ever reason!

The 400mg are the highest dosage l can buy over the counter …. but they have been ripping my stomach up internally for the last few days, and despite still having pain today, l have simply opted to put up with it – because the pain killers are just wiping me out and tearing my stomach apart too. I will be very glad when some of these damaged teeth are repaired or extracted because they are causing me the most discomfort and awarding me the most pain!

I have even contemplated performing my own dentistry but l did vow to not do that again because of the consequences! But have opted to run with salt water rinses and brushing my teeth every three hours.


I am in the process of working on The Authentic Recycler or what will be better known as my business website/blog and all was going swimmingly until Monday where upon, 1] l accidentally published it and 2] because the theme l had opted to use, just didn’t look right and no matter how many times l have a conversation with the engineers and no matter how many times they explain it to me like l am 6, l still can’t get it! it’s very frustrating and l am starting to believe l may be as dumb as a box of frogs!

I think the way forwards might simply be to select a new theme and perhaps that will be less hassling.


I received an email a couple of days ago from a disgruntled follower who thought nothing of lambasting me over my decision to stop the series The Hello. Despite the fact that l did have two weeks worth of ‘this series will be stopping’ noters included in the morning posts, only two people made mention to it …. no one else did. Lots made mention on the last day and a few made mention on the days following … but had anyone felt as volatile as this email suggested , my response now is ‘Well why didn’t you say anything at the time?’

I am thinking that perhaps they didn’t get the memo either!!

A couple of years ago l received a series of emails that l considered quite hostile at the time, but was polite as is my way … however this email ended with ‘You need to learn the graces of social etiquette online, something l believe you are seriously lacking, it’s an art you know!!”

Well golly gosh and jeepers creepers, baste my bottom with butter and call me a biscuit why don’t you say how you really feel then?

l will be creating a question around this very subject over on The 3 Sides 2 1 later on today and we can see what people think.

Anyway, just a bit of a mid-week round up – thanks for reading – l’ll catch up with you next time!

25 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 14.25 – 14/07/21

  1. On no, not the teeth again! Ibuprofen is not stomach friendly so why not use paracetamol? That is gentler. I hope the 32000 spectators are waiting for an invitation from the locals!

    1. Hey Sadje, paracets don’t make the slightest bit of difference pain wise to my teeth and cause just as much stomach ripping sadly. The infection is full on, antib’s would be the answer – but to have none is frustrating.

  2. “Well golly gosh and jeepers creepers, baste my bottom with butter and call me a biscuit ” – that is hilarious, made me chortle – out loud. I am SO gonna steal that! BTW – how rude can a person be? Your blog, under your control. Can you block them? I would be fuming and telling them to bugger off in no uncertain, and probably rude, terms. Sheesh!

    That tooth is probably gonna have to go. I’m not allowed to have ibuprofen because of the adverse stomach effects and it’s the only thing that manages ANY kind of pain for me…sucks to be us, eh?

    1. Hey Grace, by all means use it as you so feel – l remember hearing it years ago and l thought the same, but that comment in the email made me see red and so was fully warranted in having a GG, JC and a basted butt to boot 🙂

      I think they may have unfollowed, the problem is the email wasn’t from anyone l knew and although l emailed them back, l see l have just received a mail chimp redirection or something, as in the email no longer exists. So an angry troll email l guess.

      The offending teeth need to be gone sooner than later but they are not planning on removing teeth till my very last appointment 🙁

  3. Like Grace, I very much enjoyed the “baste my bottom with butter” line. It always baffles me when people feel that it’s appropriate to tell someone how to run their blog. If they don’t like it, they’re free to stop reading.

  4. No tourists in town? Gee… how sad, NOT! Were the local merchants really counting on the business? Probably not.

    I will be the 2nd happiest (okay, maybe 3rd) when your mouth is finally ALL fixed. It is truly life changing to have all the pain & infections gone. Sorry you’re still dealing with it☹

    I’m with Ashley. People are just full of advice on how we should mind our business🙄 As they say in the US South… “bless their hearts”

    1. Hey Grandma, l don’t think they were totally reliant upon it – but in truth – Sandwich is all over very quiet since the pandemic, it has busy days, but l think a lot of the retailers would have appreciated any extra business.

      Yes … bless their hearts’ .. mm 🙂

      My teeth have got to be done, the infections are now arriving faster and faster l have noticed with alarm! The crack in the filling was l think something they missed three weeks back or whenever it was. I remember hearing a crunch before l left the surgery and asked them if all looked okay. but there was a rough bit on that tooth, l thought was surplus, but l think there was something not right – as that is where the crack is.

      Bloody things – infections and major hot flushes throughout the dat, combined with overall aches and pains are not making me a happy bunny and then if we include aggressive readers … ha ha gotta laugh 🙂

  5. I hope basting your bottom with butter will help bring relief to your teeth. Criticizing your Blog is like going to a free concert and complaining about the music.

  6. Sorry to hear you’re once again having dental problems, Rory! It has to be very disappointing, to say the least. My Heart is with you through it all.

    As for the disgruntled Follower, there is no reasoning with such personalities. Blocking them would be my response.

    Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you, Dear. 🤗💞

  7. Oh, Rory, I hope your dentist fixes or eliminates that pesky tooth soon. I’ve said this before and I will say it again – it’s your blog and if someone doesn’t like it, then they don’t have to read it. Rock on and have a great day!

    PS “Well golly gosh and jeepers creepers, baste my bottom with butter and call me a biscuit ” is hilarious!

    1. Hey Eugenia, l totally agree and when l emailed back as polite as l was – l said exactly the same – don’t read or unfollow, l’ll not be offended.

      Yeah, l liked that also 🙂

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