The Best Social Media To Support Your Blog Is?

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Everyone usually has an opinion on this question even those who do not use any additional medias in support of their blog because they will have reasons why they do, or they do not use social media platforms …

With the Guy blog l don’t use any additional social media – it’s a personal blog and l don’t need it to be seen and read by the entire world – when l first began blogging for myself in 2017 l had three blogs – l also had my posts once published connected to both Twitter and Facebook – but l have never had a huge following on Facebook – even today l only have 18 ‘friends’ on there , so l disabled that connection and it wasn’t long after that l actually disabled the Twitter account. I had more followers there on two accounts at around 8500, but l found Twitter to be quite useless as a supporting promoter for the blog and motivating additional audience viewings.

l no longer have Twitter, l rarely use Facebook as it is, l do have an Instagram account but haven’t used it since it was set up in 2009 or whenever and that’s it. I know many networkers and marketers alike strongly suggest using in addition to your blog the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but also LinkedIn, Instagram, Myspace, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Nextdoor [which strangely enough l joined today on another exercise] and the list goes on ………….. but do we need to use outside medias – really?

Do we need to use multiple media platforms or maybe only a handful of the really strong promoters?

“In your opinion what are the best social media platforms to utilise to best promote and advertise your blog in/on/with and why?”

... and …. alternatively …

If you do not use any additional social media platforms with your blog – why not?

Let me know below – thanks.

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