When does it all start to really matter?

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I was talking with Suze the other day and we were discussing a motivation course she is taking called The Thrive Programme. She discovered it a few weeks back and liked the sound of it and l encouraged her to take the course, but to take the 1 on 1 coach instructed course over just that of the textual only course, as she had been struggling with concentration. A human coach will help and inspire her motivation. I put in 50% of the course cost to encourage her to not procrastinate – l mean we can all do that.

Only today did l finally purchase my blogging/marketing course and why did l dilly dally? Because l wanted to make sure first that l could take a study course and write in two different blogs daily. The study will be the easy part, whilst working with daily posts in two blogs l think may have been the hardest part. Additionally, l needed to strengthen my time management and multitasking skill set again as the study periods allocated will act as the third blog that will be launching later this year.

The 3 Sides 2 1 as the second blog is just taking an easy path at present whilst l acclimatise to writing in two blogs and once l become more used to that routine, l can then broaden that blog’s topic range. The new course has 90 modules and will take me maybe 3 – 5 months to complete and action so l can peruse those this coming weekend before l start it all officially on Monday of next week.

The Thrive Programme, for those readers who don’t press the link is about enriching your life and your enthusiasm and your motivations for living your life again, finding purpose, finding direction, and more importantly finding ‘you again’. Suze had hit very low points this year following her cancer and the aggressive treatment of late last year with depression and an all-round melancholy and loss of control about where she should be heading.

It happens to us all at one point if not more in our lives. Suze wanted to do more with her life, l can relate to that having gone through a similar journey myself and still going through the rediscovery phases even now. The Thrive Programme should help her to boost her self-esteem again and believe in her abilities once more. All going well, and she has now been training on this for her first full week, she will feel empowered once more and has expressed an interest in becoming a Thrive coach which would be brilliant.

Anyway, we were discussing ‘beliefs’ because the programme looks into great depth at the subject of belief and some of you may recall, this month’s edition of 12 Bloggerz! July 2021 was hyperfocused on the topic of Belief. But she was talking, and l was listening to her progress after only a short while [we talked Wednesday and she started Monday], l came to understand and acknowledge that this course was having quite the impact on her thinking and thoughts.

This is good news in my eyes, because as l have said before, l can motivate, inspire, and enthuse many people BUT l cannot achieve that with Suze – because my approach is too bold or too direct or whatever and Suze needs to be challenged differently. The programme was doing just that and the reason being is because it was making her think about her inner emotions and family and back to this word again … but her beliefs about many things. Thrive challenges everything on that level.

However, as l listened l began to ask myself a question ………. which l give to you all now with very little further explanation … because everyone who reads this question will translate and interpret exclusive to them and their particular belief system.

There are many things l believe in ….. l consider myself an open-minded person and allow my mind to look at all possibilities however unusual or bizarre they might appear to others and including myself …… also, l have led an extraordinary life to date even in some of my quieter times my life hasn’t really been boring. I have seen things others have not and would NOT want to believe in – just because something is true or false, doesn’t instantly make it so for people – make of that as you will.

But then l started to think deeper and asked myself this question …….. When does it all start to really matter? Now l ask you the same question and allow you to interpret as you so wish – am l referring to happiness, wasting time, family, relationships, buying a house, having kids, fulfilling dreams, having the dream job, taking the right holiday or vacation, allowing life to pass by, not achieving anything or simply what really matters in life and how do you prioritise your focus?

So, l ask you all …

When does it all start to really matter?

Let me know your thoughts below …

29 thoughts on “When does it all start to really matter?

  1. What things are to be mattered is to think. For me every think thats goes around me, may not matter unless it is related to person i care for. My happines or sadness is not related on what people desire.Things to be mattered start when it is a concern for whom i care for.

  2. In my opinion, it all starts to REALLY matter when something happens to us personally, as an individual, that we cannot handle. Whether we come to terms with whatever the problem is, or if we take the problem as a personal assault on us and refuse to accept it. I got some devastating to me news yesterday. Depending on what an individual can tolerate that same news might not mean too much. It’s caused me to have to evaluate what really matters, because eventually I have to make some hard decisions, and figure out what really matters. I don’t want to do that soul searching, I hate change with a loathing I can’t describe. And I realize that in the bigger scheme of things my problem doesn’t really matter. It just matters to me.

    1. Hey Melanie, very true – things matter when they affect a person directly or when the responsibility of decisions fall upon a person’s head and change the course of their lives.

  3. For me, it’s my children (and grands). My life was pretty meaningless until I had a baby. And though I fill my days with work and writing and reading and friends… the only things that REALLY matters to me are my daughters. Part of the reason I’m so focused on work is to help ensure I won’t be a burden to them…

    1. Suze did this – she made her family her centre of attention, and now she is having to work that through differently, and in some ways the same as you.

  4. A simple answer… none of it really matters. All we have is right now, this moment.

    A more complex answer is that EVERYTHING matters, because everything is connected and intertwined. Ripples go hither and yon, then come back… everything has meaning and importance.

    I hope the program helps Suze feel better about herself. I know that since I had my epiphany, and found my Zen I’ve been much more content.
    I say “content” rather than “Happy”, cuz I think happy, like sad is fleeting… content is longer lasting.
    (And there’s a tangent, right?! We all have our own definitions for common words. No wonder communication can be so difficult.)

    1. Indeed, is there ever truly a difference – contentment and happiness are basically the same, both can be caught in the moment.

      I could spend the rest of my life chasing both and never truly attaining either.

  5. I agree with King Ben’s Grandma’s complex answer that everything matters. It always has for me even the time spent thinking about what matters. If I waited for something to matter, I would be missing life and end up very disappointed that nothing more special happened than existence.

  6. Each and every moment matters to me. I’ve had good and bad chapters in my life and think to myself, things happen for a reason. Perhaps, I don’t understand why at the time and sometimes, I never understand why like when loved ones pass away. But life goes on and I like to think I am making the best of it. One thing I can say about my life is it has never been boring.

        1. Hey Eugenia, l can relate to that – l am experiencing a problem … ish with confusion with this blog and the newer roll out 321 and to boot The Authenthic Recycler – as there is a break somewhere and l cannot configure what is going on. it’s not broken per se … but it’s a small niggle that’s annoying the absolute crud out of me and no matter how many times l talk to the engineers – it still will not correct 🙁 Very frustrating.

        2. It’s most frustrating when things go wacky. I have always selected themes that offer featured images and I use that feature on all my posts, except the one or two I forget. The other day as I was combining the Roundup posts, I noticed many of the featured images were missing. I can see a few missing but not half of them. So, I am replacing them and thinning out my Media, as well. It is taking quite some time. Sigh.

        3. Yes frustrating indeed. I am not sure what my issue is – it keeps being explained to me and yet out of the three blogs – l am trying to get the newer two to follow the theme here in the Guy blog … they do to 955, but there is a glitch in the last 5%.


  7. How often do we say ‘It doesn’t matter’ when whatever IT was, actually does, Big Time. Is this a form of denial to protect ourselves from hurt? I guess things matter when they affect us, make us feel, make us react, make us think. Like the fun new gravatar

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