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I update my About section once a quarter on the Guy blog. l am in the process of creating the Bio on The Authentic Recycler this week … l believe it to be an opportunity for our readers to be able to see us and learn a little bit about us and they can then decide if they want to read us as writers or not.

In nearly four years of blogging in the Guy blog l only have 41 solid likes to the page itself and the statistics also display to me that it’s not really visited that often so you have to ask yourself – do we ‘really need an about section on our blogs?’ Is it really essential?

It used to be that readers could get to know the writer through a small introduction. Some abouts have photographs of the blogger/writer – many have avatars. I am currently using an avatar only image on the Guy blog and this one because my last image was 6 years old and l need to have a new one taken. The Authentic Recycler will display a new photo of me and then l will update my other blogs as well. I personally prefer to see who l am reading from and commenting to, but that’s just me … l like to see faces. A good photograph or l should say ‘ a clear photograph’ is l think a big tick … so l really need to hurry along and get a fresh one of me taken.

Not all blogs l read today have an about section, they simply have a contact page. Equally not all about me sections are updated … some blogs l used to read in 2017, still have the same words in their bio’s today.

I try to create an ambient setting in story form in my bio, to allow readers to feel welcome and the other thing is l am not really writing this information directly for me .. the about section is ideally aimed at your potential audience and readers – those that you want to read from your blog.

I update the bios on a regular basis and l do so because as a person, l am changing and evolving and l want my ‘about me’ section to reflect that because in that process my direction, my purpose, my point, my beliefs and philosophies change also but more importantly – so too does my writing style.

I am still learning about this myself four years on and my main aim is to finally be able to write a killer blog bio post!

Anyway, to the questions …

How important to you is your ‘About Me/Blog Bio’ section?

Do you place any emphasis on the updating of it?

Do you actually have one or just a contact page?

Is it to your knowledge viewed often?

Let me know below – thanks.

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