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What do you consider to be the most important part to your blog journey to date?

This was posed as part of the ‘Question Exercise’ module l am currently researching in with the course l am taking … l wasn’t expected to ask it as a question to others nor am l expected to answer it directly either – but it’s more of a ‘thinker’ and so l thought … well why not broaden it out a bit to my readers here.

I think it’s a good question to pose to all of us as we all have different experiences with blogging because we all maintain and manage different. No two personal blogs are the same and no two niche or business blogs are the same either and so because of this … everyone has a different journey to date from the time they started out.

For me there are few things which l consider ‘good to know’ and wished l had known them when l first started equally as there are parts of the ‘journey to get where l am today’ that l consider important. Mostly, the whole experience has been a learning curve as well as a discovery and exploration into community and group behaviours which teaches us a lot about people.

The most important part to my journey to date has been learning about me and what l genuinely like and what l don’t like. I learned that as much as l am a community player l am not a full-on game player as far as blogging goes and this of all my learnings really impacted me and more so this year. Which is why l started to change the very essence of the Guy blog. By discovering more about my writing personality and desires and more importantly being honest with myself about my finds l was able to finally identify my true direction – the one that will lead me to being happier with who l am.

But then this year, and l know l have harped on about it a lot in posts – but the changes within me have been distinctly profound in my eyes and at times l have been a little shocked and surprised at what l have learned. But all of it good …. just some caught me unawares.

The best part of my journey from 2017 to date with the Guy blog as a form of ‘four year test pilot’ has been to see how l actually want to run a blog for me as opposed to for others, but equally run a blog more deliberately for others AND create a business blog that will be totally different to the other two and really push me personally – because the business blog will challenge me and my autism especially to the limits.

Aside from personal behaviour teachings and learnings from within the other equally as important contributing factor to my learnings and my blog journey – has been the audience, the readership, and the people in my community that l have gotten to know on a deeper level than merely followers – the friendships l have founded and nurtured and matured with over the years. These wonderful people have taught me a lot more about me, than l could ever hope to teach me and l am truly grateful for that from them.

Well that’s me …. how about you then?

Let me know below – thanks.

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