Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 8 – Summer 2021
Series 8 – New Starts Always Start At The Start!
Thursday 08th July 2021
An Ish a day helps you work , rest and play’ish!
Headline image Moorhen with her chick “Mini momma!!”

By accident l guess, although not totally, but a sort of ‘ish occurence’ maybe – that possibly explains it better as l said earlier in the week … it is always great to have the option of including an ish in your day! This morning’s walk included one such ish, not a suchish, just an additional ish! You can see above two images, the one on the right is without ish whilst the one of the left includes ish. In red is my normal walk whilst the thin blue is the additional ish and the thicker blue would have been another ish had l walked it, but l didn’t, but Suze who is here this Saturday for a stayover and l will walk the thicker ish on Sunday morning which when you combine all the walk together will make for an interesting walk.

Even nettles can look attractive if the background is pretty!

The main walk is in the Gazen Salts reserve which l tend to walk most days as it is so peaceful, whilst the first attachment is on the Sandwich Cricket Ground and the second attachment takes walkers around the entirety of the reserve on the river.

It is another gorgeous day today, and l am looking for alternative walks that keep me away from the madness that will be Sandwich next week as 32,000 spectators descend upon this town as they worship the golfing Gods! I can’t even begin to get excited about golf – l try though. I pretend it is just a form of miniature hockey without the speed …….. think on that for a moment mate. Nope, l still can’t get it … sure, there is skill, l don’t deny that, and l don’t pretend to be skilled, the closest l can get to it was a few times when on holiday with my family when younger and staying in Cornwall and playing miniature crazy golf! That was fun … ish. See, we use, all of us an ish at some point in any given week and if you don’t well …. just try it, you might surprise yourself!

But so far this week, we have huge traffic jams outside the house, as sponsor trucks carting huge logos and merchandise brand names have been trundling down this tiny road with its even way tighter T junction! As l sit typing this post – there has been three 50+ foot monster trucks coming down and getting stuck! Having to reverse back up, which tends to annoy motorists and more so because today is a warm, very warm day and being stuck behind some monster truck, just isn’t funny when you are sweating your socks off!

With or without the inclusion of the fabulous ISH, this morning’s walk was a pleasant one and even though l took my time, l thought l had been out for longer than l was, which was l thought about an hour and yet it was from front door to front door, 44 minutes only! Even when l am trying to walk slow, l can’t seemingly achieve that task!

On the walk l was thinking about a number of different things from enjoying my time walking in nature, to thinking about how the various clutches of ducklings and moorhen chicks were getting bigger and cockier and more confident and how despite the fact that there is always green algae on the streams and ponds here, that at certain times, it doesn’t really look that bad, to how l never tire of walking in the green. The reserve is just sooooooooooooo tranquil, and so relaxing.

My mind is always busy, always processing, so any opportunity to slow it down some is welcomed. Plus, it’s strange – living for a year on a busy street like l do at the age l am, as in – compared to when younger thirty odd years ago and living in the buzzing cosmopolitan of London – that whereas before l used to love nothing more than lying in bed at night in my apartment with the windows wide open and listening to all the sounds of the city itself. I used to live right on the top floor of a pub on the corner of Harrowby and Molyneux street. My oh my, that does bring back memories – it was at that location that l discovered the escort agency l started work at – looking at Google Maps today and l see how things have changed so much, the ‘escort’ agency has now long gone, but should it not have? Those sweet days were in the early 90’s. Everything changes as do l, and l have noticed that l need quieter these days – you hear so much living where l do that l have almost become asocial to society – overwhelmed would be the term today!

Then l started to think about how short life really is when you look at properly, that we never know what is around the next corner … ever, none of us. These thoughts don’t bother me nor am l worried about getting older, its life, it’s the way of things and it’s something we take for granted all the time until, something wakes us up to break that routine of thinking that we live forever – because we most assuredly do not. Suze’s cancer taught me that … don’t misunderstand me, l always knew it, but l never stopped for long enough to give that thought. But then, l am thinking more these days.

I was also giving thought to my blogs as you do, or maybe you don’t .. and what l was going to write about today? I don’t tend to really plan what l am going to write on the day – what happens happens … l have a worksheet schedule and a white board as most of you know, but it is not a future scheduler it’s more of past scheduler, l can at a glance see what l have written and what needs to be or would be nice to be written about today. I have a rough idea on each week the posts l am going to create, but as l make everything with fresh ingredients on the day that is about as far as planning goes. The job is to create a post a day on the two blogs and l do that, or rather l am now doing that.

Blogging is much easier these days, l am able to chill out more and get more achieved which is way more satisfying. Suze is blown away by my new attitude regarding blogging – when l first began in 2017 on my own blog [as opposed to writing for other bloggers which is what l had been doing previously] l was like a crackhead – typically autistic response to something new – it was a ‘special interest bordering on obsession’ ……….. and some of you ‘fer sure’ may recall in early 2018 how l was producing non-stop posts … and here l am nearly four years on, the complete opposite!

September 2017, l was actually managing three blogs – this one, Scrappy’s and the TSB business blog and l just became overwhelmed and so l decided to amalgamate all three personalities under one roof – to make it less stressful – the three sides to one – became one personality – one individual presenting his three main sides to the world – it was way less stressful and way more manageable – so the irony of the current situation isn’t lost on me at all. By the end of this year, l will be back on three blogs, a personal blog, a thinking blog and a business blog … dang! So if any of you wondered how l came to name the second blog The 3 Sides 2 1 – that’s part of the backstory, the part that isn’t mentioned on the actual blog.

It’s strange how much stress this breaking of the blog into potentially three parts again created with me and how much l discovered l had changed as a person, a writer and a blogger combined in those four years! That did astonish me to a level l wasn’t totally prepared for – but l am slowly recovering from that initial blow and learning how to multitask again which is a good thing as it allows for improved versatility!

As some of you also know, l have taken to reading your blogs from 321 which launched this week, as a way of slowly introducing that blog to you all and my thanks to those of you have followed, genuinely appreciated. Anyway, subtle marketing aside ….yeah, it was a good walk this morning, a lot was achieved mentality and that is always a bonus – it just sets you up right for the day!

Thanks for reading … hope you enjoy the photographs from this morning…. catch you next time.

The images above were in fact taken last week – this was one of the first monster arctics to arrive in Sandwich town ahead of the golfing championship which starts on Sunday 11th. This particular truck was 75 feet long and principally in three parts and it literally couldn’t get to the bottom of the street here to get to the T juntion because the roads here are very narrow, also they have parking on them. So it had to reverse up the street again into the town itself, turn around and find another way to the golf course! So far this week, we have had 22 arctics come down this street and get stuck …………. l am so not looking forward to next week when the championship really starts up!

27 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Cute pictures Rory. I don’t think anyone would be looking forward to a huge influx of people in these pandemic stricken days.

        1. Yes, he is anti- conservative or anti-Bojo or anti whatever. I can see much of what he is saying and agree with most. However, neither he nor l are in charge of the powers to be and what matters so at the end of the day – all we have are opinions.

          Everyone has strong opinions, l have always said that if people truly believed their convictions then they should do something about it … maybe Gary should run for local MP or something.

        2. Yes, he has strong opinions and concerns for his son. I don’t think that he has any political ambitions.

    1. Hey Grace, yes l agree with you about the damn trucks, but they are now becoming a serious fixture with this golf championship coming up. I don’t understand how the organisers don’t instruct their drivers to look for alternative routes ……….. BUT the sad fact is – l don’t think there are many alternative routes.

  2. I have the opposite problem when I walk. I think to myself
    “Angie, you need to get back home within 45 minutes. The Sun is too hot for you, and your skin is too sensitive”
    I answer myself
    “Yes, yes, yes… I know this. Shush!”

    Then I’m out for 1.5 hours and feeling a little sick when I get back home🤦🏼‍♀️ Time flies on beautiful days full of flora & fauna!!
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I wish I had a nature reserve within walking distance! I don’t even have one within *hiking* distance☹
    Traffic and noise aside, you’ve got a great location there!

    I had to go back and look to verify I hadn’t missed something, but so far I’ve only been visited by AGCB. I’m glad I haven’t completely lost the plot😉

    Are you keeping the readership separate? I can see reasons why that might be desirable.

    1. Hey Grandma, it’s ironic in a way when you think back like l do to all the walking l was doing in the first four months of this year and really the best locations to walk were in fact within a stone’s throw distance and with today’s discovery and who knows WHY l never simply walked past the entrance to the reserve and looked at the dog walkers doing a circuit of the cricket grounds l’ll never know – but it showed me some great little finds including shortcuts back home, l simply had no idea were there.

      Currently you haven’t been visited by 321 but you will be soon 🙂

      In answer to that question, the answer is you know the answer – l will explain it all soon enough 🙂

  3. Morning, Rory! I like the ish factor and feel there are a lot of things in life that are ishy! Seems someone would have enough sense to let the truck drivers know the difficulties in getting to their destination, and set up some sort of a plan or detour. Just sayin.

    1. Hey Eugenia, tell me about it. Sandwich is a medieval town, we have very narrow streets and trucks are not getting any smaller. It’s bad enough with just the double decker buses at times. In the 12 months l have been here , l have witnessed 6 bus accidents alone where wider than normal cars have been hit by buses and had their back panels ripped off.

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