A Shorter Seventh Season Than Planned!

Season 7 Doin’ The Dirt … Eh – Summer 2021

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E02# – 07/07/21

Despite everything l am NOT surprised that season 7 will be very short, much shorter than planned – all this week – l have been changing things and shaking things up – me, the blogs, the business and so it’s only natural that the garden plans had to change as well.

I wasn’t overly thrilled with the discovery earlier this year that my dietary requirements had changed so dramatically and so quickly which threw more than a spanner in the works – it also disheartened me quite substantially – this really spelled out to me the end of vegetable gardening and that meant l would have to look at something different for the garden here.

I wrote last time that l would concentrate my efforts and passions into wildlife gardening and return to my true love ‘composting’, but that doesn’t help the fact that l still have a garden here currently set up to vegetable gardening … this had to change. But how … that was my main question – how was l going to change it around?

I decided that the best approach was to NOT approach it till l had given it a great deal of thought and so l have left the garden to its own devices until l was ready to make the right decisions, which arrived this week in the form of ok .. so wildlife gardening and making that happen inside an existing courtyard garden.

I have seen many truly beautiful and stunning courtyard gardens here in Sandwich during my walks and so now have a much clearer idea how l want to take this garden forwards …. also whilst in the process of thinking about this – l also had an epiphany if not three about a series l could run in the new business blog The Authentic Recycler later this year about ‘courtyard gardens’ and that was quite an inspring discovery l have to say as it would mean that l could run another gardening series in that blog about how l was working towards achieving a beautiful courtyard garden of my own alongside interviewing other gardeners.

This last week l have been working in the garden in a constructive fashion – l have been reviewing the layout and have decided that once the growings’ are taken care of in the next few days through one way or another than l would start to rearrange this garden to the new layout, give it a very healthy trim back and properly research flowers, herbs and shrubs that would enrich this garden to its fullest potential for health and colour which would aid the wildlife more.

I will start to collect more greenery over the next few months as well as fallen leaves so that l can really start to work the compost experiments l have for enriching the soils here too. This season hasn’t been wasted, far from it … l have seen how this garden works and toils in the various heats and climes and how the existing shrubbery here works in the garden itself and l will utilise that knowledge for next year.

Whilst l haven’t had a huge bounty of harvested crop here, l have secured great success with my hanging baskets, my sweet potato is growing well, various flowers do well and of course the walled roses perform beautifully but they do make an incredible mess when their petals drop. But the roses have shown me all too well where they shade and prevent other plants from growing on.

I have also had a great deal of disappointment as well many plants have simply failed to do as well as l would have liked and so this week, l simply started the process of digging them out of their pots, tossing the soils into the soil composter with a view to digging over and sieving off fresh and placing into the earthen wormery to rest till it is needed again.

Plants l hoped would do well faltered like the Clary Sage and the Borage, the Sunflowers seem to be growing forever and may have forgotten to develop an actual head, marigolds perform wonderfully, certain mints struggle rather surprisingly, the chives have floundered, the parsley and horseradish went to seed and bolted, the French beans have a crop but are swarmed by black fly, but the lavenders are doing well …… much of the established shrubbery and plants here are thriving though, but do create a lot of additional shade for plants in pots – so a huge learning curve.

This autumn and winter not forgetting the remainder of the summer season l have garden projects of my own to start and finish such as working with the garden bench and the table and chairs – but also l really need to try and use some of the features in the garden that have gone empty this year better next year or take them down after recognising them as not beneficial to the garden overall.

But hey, without mistakes and errors how do we learn? We don’t, so we need to experience these failures to make sure we don’t have them again … so all is good, all is well.

Thanks for reading na catch you next time.

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