Ideally It’s A Question About To Be Read Or Not To Be Read I Guess?

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As a question this has been inside my head ever since l started writing for someone other than me … so writing for readers and audiences really and that is “Who is your ideal reader?” Articles and topics about writing for others as well as blogs and forums alike always ask this question – if you are not writing for you specifically, then who are you writing for ideally? Who would you like to read your content? One of my first ever probes into this subject years ago revealed that l should be writing for a fictional version of me or someone very like me from the yesterdays and todays of my life and also and for the tomorrows too!

Once you understand who you are writing to and for then you can direct your thoughts into your content creation for your ‘ideal reader’ ……….. apparently. With a firmer grasp of who is reading your content – you can create the right information for your readers … afterall .. they are reading you because you provide something for them that they want…

The more in line you are with who your reader is, the more qualitable content you can produce for them …

I have always found this fascinating, so if l am creating content for someone like me, what am l therefore creating? That is the one aspect that interests me at times the most … because l must ask myself the most important question of all …. would l read my content if l were not the one writing it?

I have had that question in my head especially in the last few months …. l can be an eclectic reader at best of times and at other times l am as all over the place as a bumblebee would be after a sniff of crack … just keeping my interests in check at times is hard enough. The reason that can be difficult is one defining aspect of writing for your ideal reader is that you are able to identify what your specific style, niche, subject, entertainments and so on are going to be focusing on as a writer … l mean does it pay to be always diversely eclectic and rambled? Maybe not.

There were many reasons for creating three blogs or rather an additional two blogs recently and that was because l had to try and configure my ideal reader profile, then l was to study my audience and what they liked, also l was to further study what was and has been popular on and in my blog over the last three plus years or so [the time when l really started to produce content for this blog] and was what l was producing reaching the right audiences?

In today’s digital climate this question is sometimes harder to answer than you might at first believe and that is because so many social media influences are now found in blogging that it can throw off any research you are undertaking because readerships are not always as loyal to your brand as they might have been and like you, readers at times sway and veer away from your published content.

If you are looking to market this reader profile demographic of yours then it helps to know who is reading the content in the first place and are they your ‘real readers’ or are they maybe ‘invoked readers’, and also is your content being read by your designated audience or also an occasioned readership who just happens to stumble upon your content by accident for whatever reason.

When writing for your ideal real reader, the content you produce can either resonate with them somehow or they can relate to the words to such a degree that they could well think you are writing specifically for them … that’s the beauty of crafting the right words for the right reader.

I suppose that is something l truly looked at when deciding to split this blog into three distinct … ish [always safe to add an ish] personas – whilst there will be to a certain degree crossover readers from the Guy/321 Blogs, the third blog may not see many of the readers from here as it will be focusing on a different area, it will be more niched than here.

When l think about this blog and what it was at the start of the year to how it is now and with the latter thought this blog is very streamlined today in consideration to six months ago – l must ask myself who is reading this blog? Is it me if l wasn’t me?

The answer is yes, l would read this blog today if l weren’t the one writing it because it interests me more now – but l may not have necessarily read the blog the way it used to be and that was a fascinating discovery. It made me really dig deeper into the content structure itself that l offer.

I have plans to write about this topic in more detail in the coming weeks – however for the moment, l ask of you the following …

Have you ever given any serious thought to who your ideal reader is and if so what did you take into consideration to identify them and if not, who are you thinking will be reading your words if not you? [as in the type of reader]

Let me know your thoughts below …

41 thoughts on “Ideally It’s A Question About To Be Read Or Not To Be Read I Guess?

  1. Nope, never gave a thought to who was reading, I started blogging some 20 years ago because it was a new thing and I always hopped onto the new things – most have gone by the wayside because I had no use for them (Twitter? I don’t get Twitter…). I moved from Blogger because there were people reading, and commenting who annoyed the living daylights out of me, now they can’t find me Yay! at least I don’t think they can, anyway, they don’t comment on the WP blog, so I’m thankful for that. I did actually tell one of the commenters to f*** off – I hated her so much! LOL I write whatever crosses my mind at the moment and if someone reads it and relates – Cool. If no one reads or relates – Cool. I am beginning to wonder about people who ‘Like’ and even follow my blog – I can’t fathom their interest and when I look at their blogs – nothing relatable. I do edit what I write, insofar as topics because I have at least one dedicated reader of many years, across many platforms, who I do not wish to offend. I dearly care about that person, and I would never say anything to upset him. His friendship is more important than me banging on about religion. So – did I answer the question LOL I write for me, to empty my brain and ease my anxieties, if anyone is amused (sometimes I’m funny) or interested, cool beans!

    1. Hey Grace, well in sorts you answered the question. Why people read content is because they get something from the content – you write, people read ‘like’ and follow – so you shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. I’ve never thought about an ideal reader. I’ve heard the concept of buyer persona is important when it comes to marketing a business, but that’s not somewhere I’ve wanted to go with my blog. So really, i’m writing for anyone who’s interesting in reading about the topics I write about.

    1. Hey Ashley, that’s a good answer … as l am reading and studying fresh content recently, they touch on this subject again … YES to the sales concept and buyers persona with marketing, promotions and advertising – l think that is how most people think with regards the profile … yet, time and time again l have heard the Reader profile concept, but couldn’t help but wonder … how that really pans out in today’s climate?

      If people are not specifically looking to purchase, then they are merely reading what interests them at that point, therefore writers are doing no different, are they? They are writing what interests them .. that makes for sense.

      Now if readers are looking for topics specifically – then they will with intention seek out articles on those topics …. forgive me whilst l untangle myself from this web of slight confusion – but does that mean that they found that because a writer specifically designed topic for their search or merely the reader found an article that interested them on their chosen topic that was written by someone who had the same interest at the time?

      Of course if we enter the arena of non-niche and personal/hobby blogs what is the ideal reader profile then?

      1. For me, at least, there’s a difference between what I write and then what I do SEO-wise to make it more findable for people who are looking for that kind of content. I know that some people write from the outset with SEO in mind, but I always write first and then optimize afterwards.

        I’m not sure how relevant an ideal reader profile would be for the average personal blogger, unless they had a particular interest in figuring that out.

        1. I’m not sure how relevant an ideal reader profile would be for the average personal blogger, unless they had a particular interest in figuring that out. On that level you are totally spot on Ashley – is the typical hobbyist going to go to that much trouble? No.

          I think writing the content first and foremost and then promoting or marketing via the SEO is the right approach also.

          So when you are making it more findable and easily searched – it is not a reader’s demograph you are focusing on but merely the content demo.

          Always reminds me of ‘build it and they will come’

        2. Yes, I focus on topic searchability rather than trying to target reader demographics. Demographics would be more relevant for something like running ads on social media or Google search and that kind of thing.

        3. I agree. I never toyed with any of the SEO on any of the posts l created – because l have only ever worked with marketing with business and content or product that was profitable or qualitative and as far as l was concerned content published to this blog never warranted it.

          SEO and l in the coming year will become better friends.

  3. 🙂 Yes, I have given some thought to the concept of the ideal reader.

    However, in my case, I only create and publish blog posts that I am proud of.

    The concept of the ideal reader is a tricky one because most WordPress users would utilize the WordPress Reader to locate the topics that they are interested in.

    Also, I believe that dealing with topics that are close to me is being true to myself, and of course, there will always be a batch of people who possess similar interests as mine.

    1. Hey Renard 🙂

      The concept of the ideal reader is a tricky one because most WordPress users would utilize the WordPress Reader to locate the topics that they are interested in.

      Well those viewing internally would follow this course of action Renard. But l don’t use the Reader as you know, and as you also know, not all internal readers utilise it either.

      Interesting turn of phrase ‘your pride’, posts that you are proud of .. mm, that is intriguing. I guess it is the same as content you are pleased with?

      I have been proud of many things in my life, but l am not sure if l have ever tagged it to written content – so that is an interesting turn of words for me ……… however l think the difference is interpretation or translation maybe from a personal front.

      Reading from you as l have over the last few years l can see it perhaps from your perspective how you might coin the phrase pride with content. I think l would term it ‘being seen and being heard’, so l guess that we are seeing it the same, just through a different translation.

      Is it more important to be proud of your work or proud of what your work inspires in others perhaps? How it may help others – is this what you mean Renard?

      1. 🙂 To simplify it for you it means content that I am pleased with (I strive to produce quality content).

        My blog posts are well-written, informative and entertaining.

        1. I understood it well enough, it was mostly curiousness Renard .. it made me think is all and further thought of questions that came off it.

          I was discussing your last answer with Suze who is visiting and we were further discussing the variousness of what you meant – it is always interpretation my friend, one person’s interpretation is another’s translation – however from your response l have produced 4 more questions which l shall raise later this week and award credit to you for the inspiration.

          At times, my autism sees answers in different ways to how someone who is not autistic might have written it.


  4. Interesting… I have always been more about the social part, but that actually can be used to find my “ideal reader”, can’t it?!

    I try to throw some education into the mix, but most of what I write about is just my daily life. That my daily life includes Autism, ADHD, Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia, and Plaque Psoriasis, gives me the education opportunity. As does my various Sciencey Stuff interests.

    I write as if I’m chatting with a friend or “good acquaintance”. I would want my readers to enjoy my style/personality… and/or be interested in the topics I write about.

    I honestly don’t know what people enjoy with my posts, except Sven. I know some of the Cuckoo stuff is funny or like watching a Soap Opera, but I figure it’s more loyalty to ME than my content.

    I don’t know what SEO is, how to utilize it, or if I even need or want to.

    Awesome thinker of post JB! I need a rest and a cool cloth for my forehead now… 😉😂😂💌

    1. Hey Grandma, well l never really paid much interest to the various elements – l had a vision for my blog that l was working towards and l vaguely knew what the readership wanted because l only really wrote for the audience. Renard made mention to a few points today in the comments which really sparked a lot of further deeper thought with me as well as indeed with a few points you have raised and Suze and l discussed during our walk tonight.

      Mask wearing was one thing, another was ‘with topics that are close to me is being true to myself’ and you have made mention this in a roundabout way also.

      Since downscaling and really rendering the blog in three ways l identified with aspects l hadn’t looked at before. The person who originally created this blog is no longer still writing, is and isn’t, but not the fullness as was ……. l realised with the departure of The greetings post also that l was still writing for others and whilst l say we all have an ideal reader to write for, if we are to write ultimately for ourselves which is hard at times for autism because we look at ourselves in a third party way [yes not many know that] it can make writing for ourselves very difficult as well as understanding how to write purely for ourselves ……………. it’s been a very eye opening period of time.

  5. Frankly Rory, I never thought what my reader liked to read. But apparently they, or some of them like what I write. I once wrote a few blog posts for my elder brother who is a cosmetic surgeon in UK. There I was told what to write and the language I needed to use.

      1. Yes, he wanted content for his clinic’s blog. So he would tell me how to approach the topic. It helped that I had medical background.

        1. Thanks Sadje, you cleared my confusion up – the posts you were instructed to write were for your bothers blog and not for your blog – got you.

  6. I started writing blogs for my own growth. I continued because of the great people I “met.” It is a precious part of my life now. I have no idea who reads my blog, with the wonderful exception of some faithful readers. I have no desire to monetize my blog as that is just not me. I read blogs that are interesting to me in one way or another. They are varied and often I feel a connection to the writers.
    Best of luck on the three blogs.

    1. Hey Lauren, in truth, having an ideal reader wasn’t specifically aimed at monetizing blogs, it was a bit more general than that. Most bloggers here do in fact create for their ideal reading market, they just are not fully aware they are performing that function. Most carry it out in a random fashion.

  7. Excellent question, Rory! ‘Define your ideal reader’. I have thought about this in connection with my novel writing more than my blogging, and it would be easier to define if I didn’t ‘genre-hop’. From the FB metrics of the ads I’ve run in the past for my books, it would appear it’s mostly people like me…
    Does that help? A little perhaps.
    Otherwise, I think Fandango hits the nail on the head, especially for what I write on lunasonline. I like to have fun with my words, and if anybody chooses to read my books, that’s a bonus.

    1. Hey Chris, it’s a fascinating subject because there is a lot of merit to it – both for book writing authors as well as blog writing authors – but there are two very different appraoches.

      Also, if one was writing specifically for a monetized or even a niched blog that too would have a different answer as they would be ideally attractive to a very defined market reader.

      Book writers need to know who is likely to be reading their content so they can ‘hopefully’ nail sales on the head with their marketing – ‘people like me’ is probably the best ‘ideal/real reader’.

      But it becomes very difficult when you are writing from an eclectic mixture or from various genres – or does it? Because again you are still writing for the ‘people like me bracket’.

      It takes a bit to get your head around it and you are right Fandango’s answer was fair on the money … anyone who takes the time to read my posts, my blog, my book, my content … me.

      Can’t get any fairer than that.

  8. I write for myself, and as you know, I write mostly poetry. My ideal reader is anyone where we have like interests and of course those that like poetry.

    What I do know about readers is that many are attracted to blogs that offer daily, weekly, or monthly challenges. I am getting new followers everyday and I believe it is due to my weekly challenge. I think Sadje is experiencing the same. Challenges give writers a nudge to spill out their creativity.

    IMO, the key to a successful blog is quality, consistency, and camaraderie. Also, an organized blog helps! If I have to go through several links to read the featured post, I move on. (I am not referring to posts that are roundups or wrap ups with numerous links and/or Mr. Linky).

    Make it a great day, Rory, and I love your new avatar! 😃

    1. Hey Eugenia, interesting thoughts indeed and l tend to agree also. Here’s wishing you a lovely Monday.

      Thank you also, it’s the new avatar for this blog and 321. I will be using a more recent photograph in the business blog later on in the year.

  9. I don’t think so. As I am not a professional writer. As a start my aim was to express my thoughts my personality through writing and to know who far I am good in expressing. Moreover joining blogging world for to read and write both. It helped me knowing many bloggers and adding to my knowledge.
    Now I sometimes things think to grow beyond writing and wish to improve my skills.

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