When Do You Decide What Your Headline Will Be?

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Ashley asked an interesting question in her post … How Do You Choose Your Blog Post Titles?

It’s a great question because l have noticed that not everyone puts a great deal of thought into the creation of their Headlines all the time due to a misunderstanding of the overall importance to them. i don’t always get it right myself but do work towards achieving better headlines that don’t come across as too scammy – but are more attention grabbing – than not.

Many believe that readers are ONLY interested in the content and not grasping that whilst that is so true to a certain degree – what comes first – the chicken or the egg, with the shape of our current world and where readers are at the mercy of data overwhelm daily and time shortages, if writers don’t select a good headline/post title there is an excellent chance that many readers will simply tune into something else with more appeal.

I was reading an article the other day about how many self-published authors are not assigning 1] great titles to their books and 2] not marketing their books correctly working on the premise that readers will simply find their content appealing or not ….. a lot of self – published authors are losing sales because of this. I will be looking at that later this year.

If you haven’t yet seen Ashley’s post, do make sure you pop over and give it a good read – however l am not asking how you came to choose your title, but when do you decide to create that title or headline?

For instance with this post, it was a straight forward question and so the headline is exactly the same as the question ……. there is no deviation or alteration. Therefore l decided long before l created the post what the headline was actually going to be. But sometimes that is NOT always the case … many a time l have a title in my head, and when in editor/draft the title changes several times before l publish because it doesn’t feel or look right.

When l am crafting a post for a series – the headlines are easier and it is usually an internal post headline that is different and that is reflective to the content. But most often or not, the series title [Dear Blog] as an example is known and so it already has readers dedicated to the series itself and the title is not that important. With the latter especially the sub heading is usually the last thing to be created just prior to publishing the content.

Headlines/post titles are an integral part to content … how many times have you seen a fantastic headline but when you have opened the actual post up to read it, the content quality is seriously poor and so you move on to greener pastures – but the fact is simple – ‘the headline was designed to grab your attention and you looked!’ Job done.

But, as said l am not asking you the same question as Ashley did on her post – but WHEN do you decide upon it? What questions do you ask yourself when creating your headline Do you title your post from the offset – before you write – because you know what the title will be and the content will match and marry it perfectly or do you create the title half way through your content creation, do you perhaps create at the end after you have finished writing – or maybe, you save the article to draft, come out, hit Post Preview and read the content and then decide what you are going to call it?

When Do You Decide What Your Headline Will Be?

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section – thanks

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