Is There An Art To Being Social Online?

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Recently l received an email which accused me of the following ‘You need to learn the graces of social etiquette online, something l believe you are seriously lacking, it’s an art you know!!”

Whilst this email rattled and riled me, it did make me think – if maybe l am not being social online? I believe l am and whilst l personally don’t buy into the whole concept of whether the LIKE button on the blog is a leading social element – maybe to some it is? Maybe some readers are influenced by being able to visibly see the LIKE button on a blog?

I am not going to suddenly ‘enable’ the visible LIKE button on my blogs, because l have gotten used to it not being present and l don’t truly believe it facilitates extra readership activity. Afterall, the majority of Readers actually use the Reader direct, so they could easily see that the post is being liked merely by holding the cursor of their mouse over the Star icon if they felt that strongly about it.

However that aside … l was more curious to the theme of ‘l am lacking the graces and etiquette of being social online’ This did make me think .. am l? Am l not being very social? Could l be more social? I read the blogs that l follow, l have friends online WordPress of which l engage and interact with daily in a friendly manner … l answer all comments with either a comment, or a ticked like or a smile, but l do acknowledge all comments that l see. I don’t often miss comments, but this is not saying that it doesn’t happen – because at times the WP Directory doesn’t hold all the comments made and on occasion some can find their way into my spam folder, or my pending folder or sometimes on rarer occasions …. comments have been known to vanish and reappear 48 hours after they were made. That is not in my control.

I do openly acknowledge that l do NOT have that many social platforms in addition to WordPress – l have a Facebook account which l use sparingly and l also have an Instagram account which l don’t have any reason to use and that is about it. Aside from my various emails and my blogs … l am pretty quiet socially online. I don’t have a Smartphone and only have a old fashioned Nokia brick. I do have an iPad but it is only an internal to the house one and it never leaves – but it is NOT meant for sociality. The harsher reality ‘socially’ speaking is l have very few real friends and the ones l do have l can count on one hand … l am hardly your localised ‘party animal’. Perhaps this makes me less social online? I don’t know.

I did read an article online the other day that suggested that because of the likes of increased social media platforms and Smartphone, that if anything more and more people are forgetting how ro be social in real life, favouring the virtual environment more as it is safer, more convenient and more practical? Time and time again, when walking around the town, l see groups – albeit mostly young people but not always walking together, but stuck nose down to their phones instead of conversing in real time with their friends?

How is that being social? Where is the social grace and etiquette with that scenario? People are always glued to their miniature screens either tap tapping, scrolling of laughing to themselves over something they are reading? It appears that people are no longer actually talking to each other as they used to. They will at times text each other even when only feet apart??

I have even heard recently some of these people say they don’t know how to make friends …………

Perhaps that is more in line with a lack of social grace and etiquette – because people simply don’t seem to have any social skills anymore as in they have become clueless how to actually start a conversation when not online and have become entirely reliant upon apps?

I am at my own concession, an approachable person, people l don’t know stop me in the street to ask for directions, or to return my smile or acknowledge my nod or return my greetings of good morning and so on. I can start a conversation with anyone including strangers or people l have never met before about anything, it doesn’t bother me. I can share a laugh and a joke with a person … l am despite at times not being overly social as in – in your face, a very social person. I enjoy bantering with people and if anything, l miss deep meaningful conversations which l cannot always get online and whilst l know for many others ‘being online and writing/commenting online’ represents an actual conversation l have to disagree and say that exchanging comments in blog is not symbolic to a conversation to me. Blogging isn’t always the right medium for qualitable conversations – there are the exceptions, but mostly comments are chats at best.

But everyone views these things differently – so l ask of you all today ….. this question and let me know below what you think ….

Is There An Art To Being Social Online and Do You Think You Are?

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