Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 8 – Summer 2021
Series 8 – New Starts Always Start At The Start!
Thursday 01st July 2021
10 Days Before the Town is Flogged!

It’s a truly beautiful day today – 01st July 2021 and after relentless rains for the past few days [again] we have once more got a break in the weather and then it gets somewhat conflictive – pending of course which weather forecast you read – one says it’ll be wet, wet and more wet whilst the other says it’ll be dry and sunny wash rinse and repeat for the next week. I tend to follow my own forecast – ‘just wait and see what it is on the day be that sunny yay or rainy nay!

It wasn’t that long ago that we were weathering through a mini-heatwave and then the only waves we were then having to chug through were the waves of the tsunami as the skies opened up non-stop!! My butt , oh sorry, l mean ‘ my water butt’ was filled to the top within hours on the first day or really on the first morning of the first day, and the ironic bit is that it wasn’t really truly empty anyway! Now it just overspills every time it rains!

As sad l was to see the greetings series end after such a long run, admittedly l was quite relieved too as it meant that l could really knuckle down with something fresh. Blogging has changed considerably since l first started nearly four years ago – people look at content differently now than they did in 2017 – they have expectations for diversity in topics as well as they do for the style of content being published – a blogger has to keep moving things around in order to be passionate and to keep their passion alive.

I have started reading in earnest this month once more, l know, l know – this month only literally started today … but at 00.01am, l was in bed reading – this is the month , l start a big marketing blogging course with a view to creating an income earner .. everything previously was on hold for one reason or another – mostly as l made the decision to downscale everything but also working with the two gardens. I no longer have an enthusiasm for reading fiction or creative fiction .. l guess my interest in fiction has been fading if not gone for a couple of years now – because l have been reading from many genres but just not creative fiction – l have been reading lots of geek stuff, reference materials and articles – favouring knowledge absorption over imagination feeding.

Last night l started two books side by side – which l first read six years ago – great books if you are interested … The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Ken Robinson and Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue  by Jim F. Kukral which are both brilliant for inspiration and motivation – l have mentioned these two books quite a few times over the last few years in various posts because of their ability to really make you think.

But l start my course, Monday of next week and l wanted to make sure that l was ready to really settle down into things and so tying off loose ends and series in this blog was imperative. When l start to hyperfocus on something new, l become very singular in my train of thought and so l become almost robotic in order to learn quickly – but in addition to that Lisa and l were discussing the launch dates of the second blog The 3 Sides 2 1 which is also part of this hyperfocus or the learning aspects of my course whilst thinking about what to write about in the business blog…….

[The 3 Sides 2 1 will start publishing content mid July, but there’ll be no fanfare or anything, it’ll just start … when l stop talking about it in this blog is when it is producing its own sort of thing]

….. The Authentic Recycler [TAR} as well which l have a fair idea of, obviously, but you still worry if you can make an income from it. TAR in essence is a form of broad niche in subject. It all comes down to how l look at things to do with my personality – and how l view myself as a reader and writer of content and then thinking how others might view that too.

I am quite excited about everything … you’ll not read that from me much as it takes a lot to have me in the right buzz zone to be excited in the first place and l am more so, because it has been literally years since l have felt really motivated again to properly look at a business, but also one of digital challenge’ like this will be. The entire loungeroom in Willow – The Livenden as you know it to be – has been modelled and shaped to a business style environment – whilst it was sort of there, now it is very there. Soon it’ll be a hub of activity.

Just as well really that l can be cooped up in my bubble, in ten days time Sandwich will become a hotbed of activity of its own – 11th – 18th The 149th Open is here being played for at Royal St George’s golf course and it is rumoured to be exceptionally busy – you never would have thought that we were still in a pandemic …. l was reading that up to 32,000 fans will be attending each Championship day??! You can see above how close that golfcourse is to the town. The town is putting on park and ride bus services from the town centre as well as from the railway station ……… oh joy!!

I don’t mind people – but l don’t like huge crowds and at best l have been avoiding the town for a few weeks anyway – literally only recently have l started to see Rose and Baz in their shop again after an absence of a month .. and now l will have a small wee time window of relaxation before the week from hell begins. Sandwich has been getting slowly busier l have noticed in the last week anyway. I have a family in the AirBNB next door who are like a rampaging party of wild boar every night, there are 7 of them in there, but that aside, there are more tourists in the town through other avenues anyway and NOT just the golf but the fact that this town is a medieval town that already has lots of people visiting. I will have to start going to bed early again to get up early to enjoy early morning walks whilst l can before crowds of golfing enthusiasts break the tranquility – oh well it’s only really for a week, 7 days … right….

So, today with the beautiful weather l was making the most of the relaxing times and this afternoon, l will be back out in the garden pootling and weeding once more – this warm, muggy and humid dry weather is great, BUT feeding birds as l do with so many seed feeders – the weathering rains and the heat are ideal for fallen seeds to sprout weeds and they do currently every couple of days even with my new seed feeding trays in action!

I have two seed trays on the table now and l just fill them with seed and so l have plenty of visiting birds now, never mind what the 7 suet feeders and 5 hanging seed feeders are offering out. Everything is always busy here – and even as l type this post l can hear the flock of 30-40 starlings outback making a hell of a racket as they feed and bathe and drink and play… l took some photos on zoom lens just now through the patio doors in the kitchen to show you what l mean … they couldn’t see me, but they are great fun to watch.

Anyway, l’ll leave y’all be for the time being and also leave you with the remaining photographs of this morning’s quiet walk in the sun ……….. around the Ramparts and watching the antics of the Moorhen and their chicks and the mothering Ducks and their ducklings and through the church grounds of St Clements.

Thanks for reading ……. catch you next time.

26 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Your area is so very green! Beautiful.

    Best of luck with the monetizing thing. I’ve worked a bit in the cesspool of content writing for sites turning a profit and learned it’s easier to make money at other things (from a time-cost perspective). Mind you, that’s seeing what profits the company makes and not me. Try it out and have fun, but keep that in mind. 🙂

    1. Hey Chel, it’s not so much a case of writing content for profit per se, l would imagine it’s more of driving traffic to content that you have written.

      i am not completely naive to the scams and spams we have in the world of online marketing and content production – l have a few ideas of my own, but l need to take a course first to glean an idea of direction that’ll work best for me 🙂

      Hope you are keeping well.

      1. Sure. I mean that sales is an awful lot of work for little turnout. When considering applying it to my own content, I saw the defects in that I don’t have much to sell. 😀 Then, if I wrote to sell, I hated writing…

        1. I can totally relate to that – l was toying with for a later study date the idea of book marketing – not so much me handling it because that wouldn’t be viable but creating something that might be more viable for the actual authors of the content – yes there is lots of that on the internet now, but finding an easy way to self market without it costing an arm and a leg to perform it.

          My main fear is exactly as you write, that you bust a nut trying to produce for there being no real turnover profit at the end.

        2. Exactly. After watching what people do, I say to try it and periodically assess whether it’s worth it. Look at happiness, workload, profitably, potential growth, etc. You *can* make money in even an already-saturated market with the right angle, but that isn’t possible to get sometimes.

        3. Good advice Chel and you are right – anyone can make money in the market – but it does come down to angle, selling point and platform and that is not always easy as a recipe to get right .

  2. It’s wonderful that you are able to read again, Rory! I’ve always loved books and reading and have found that I tend to go through cycles as to what peaks my interest. Currently, I am enjoying fiction, which is refreshing after years of reading and studying mostly educational material. It’s also great news to hear you feel excited about your new endeavors! I say, “Follow the flow of Joy” and you’re bound to be successful. 😊 and, no doubt, happier, too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful nature photos with us all, Rory. I’m so happy for you to have found such a lovely place to call home.

    1. Hey Betty, thank you – how are you, Bud and the Featherlies keeping?

      Totally agree, once you find your bounce you need to start a bouncing 🙂

      1. We’re all still perking, thanks for asking. As my Mother (soon to be 100 years!) often reminds me, that’s better than the alternative. 😄 She is such a wonderful roll model.

        Wishing you a nice evening, good night and sweet dreams. 🤗💞

  3. Glad to read that you’re buzzin! That’s awesome! And Wowza, what a gorgeous day! I’m about to head out for my walk around the neighborhood… see what I can see, and try to “capture” more Bee Butts🐝😂

    I love the pictures, especially the 2 birds in flight. Those are actually really difficult to get! I sure wish they could fix that algae problem in the stream for good. It just looks ucky, and I know it’s not good for any fish trying to live there.

    I hope the rest of your evening is as beautiful as your morning walk!💃🏼💌

    1. Hey Grandma, the only place l can ever get photos of birds in flight is my garden hahaha 🙂

      Well, the algae l think is here forever sadly unless they spend thousands to fix the sewers here.

      Have a fabulous day and enjoy your walk 🙂

  4. Happy Friday, Rory! Wow, you seem very upbeat today! Enjoy your early morning strolls in your unique little town.

    I used to live in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where there is a major golfing event every year. I lived less than a mile from the golf course and could hardly get to work because of the increased traffic.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey Eugenia, many thanks – that was yesterday but l am just as upbeat today also.

      Yes golfing events are a bit of a nightmare here in kent and especially Sandwich where we have a dozen literally on our doorstep or close to it – then combine that with the tourist aspect of the town and then add on top that it is a medieval town to boot, it is going to be maddening l feel.

      Have yourself a lovely Friday too 🙂

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