Are You A Link Liker Or A Click Here Despiser?

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If you are reading an article online and it has links or hyperlinks in the content that are relevant to the subject matter – how often do you actually hit the link and follow it through to the source itself?

Every day I read a lot of information articles on business blogs and websites as well as home grown hobby or personal blogs that generally might hold links to external sources from other writers and or articles or hyperlinks to internal content sources from the same writer of the posted content that l am reading from.

I thought everyone who read articles naturally followed relevant linked content, but l learned today that is simply not the case and just over 50% of reading audiences never once hits hyperlinked content in an online article even from a trusted source.

Initially, I was astonished at this figure given how many articles these days include linked posts, but when l sat back and thought on it longer, l wasn’t surprised – not really. I think it’s the very nature of the world we live in today, but also l think it might be something to do with how the content is linked. Something which l shall personally be reviewing myself this month.

I use a lot of hyperlinks in my blogs that direct people to various resources as well as other blogs, outside content and internal to my blog content and not often are these links used by people. I think here, l probably see maybe, 4 out of 10 readers use a link directly from an article l have written.

Hyperlinked content usually redirects readers to the original source’ of quoted content, also it’s a great way of introducing older content to your audience and especially if the linked information is relevant to the article, they are currently reading as it further enhances your credibility on the subject you are writing about and equally can aid to increase your reputation as a ‘go to’ for readers. Hyperlinked content also encourages additional page views to your website/blog.

However, despite all that – it seems that there is a natural adversity from people to actually hit ‘linked content’ and it stems from a number of different reasons – too many to list here, but some of the main ones are – a general dislike for ‘social media like content’, another is the way readers actually absorb content today as in whether they scan, skim, light read, consume or just ignore content and hit like or approve anyway, other reasons are down to a lack of detail orientation from readers, in so far as they don’t look at content properly because they are trying to get from A – G in destination as fast as they can but bypass everything to do with B – F. Other reasons include distrusting links fearing compromised accounts or phishing attacks and scams even at times on trusted sites and also many readers just can’t be bothered because they only want to read that article they are reading at that moment.

I am curious and fascinated about this subject given that so many online business websites and blogs are so heavily reliant upon reader interaction with their published content that l will be looking at this topic in more detail in the coming weeks and how this ‘confusion’ is best broached to encourage readers to engage with links without feeling either threatened or potentailly spammed.

However, today my question to you is …….

How do you personally feel about linked/hyperlinked content in articles that you read online and also how often do you include them in your own published content?

Let me know below – thanks.

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