Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 8 – Summer 2021
Series 8 – New Starts Always Start At The Start!
Thursday 24th June 2021
We learn, we live and we live and we learn … and then we act upon our findings!

I took a peaceful walk in the reserve today – it was my first actual walk of the week by myself – although Suze and l did take an afternoon/evening walk yesterday together……………….

It’s been an interesting week and it’s still only Thursday . Today we have beautifully hot weather with astonishing blue skies once more – which is way better than a couple of days ago when it was absolutely hammering it down with rain. My mouth is also better than it was Tuesday following Monday’s dental day and my stomach is better following the hellish time l had Wednesday or more precisely 3am Tuesday morning to 5pm yesterday afternoon and still with a tender stomach till around 10pm last night.

Why? Because l had bought some Pringles Monday afternoon and forgot that my stomach hates them and so too does my digestion and combined they both punished me for the few l had. I realised Monday night it was a bad idea, so l threw the remainder away which was just over a half tube … but the damage was done and l was already too late.

Today l am better .. but my stomach is still marginally sore and bruised after repeated stomach cramps and toilet trips between Tuesday 3am – 5pm – a total of 20 trips …. a valuable lesson learned there was to NEVER eat Pringles again!! EVER EVER!! Terrible lesson to learn and have to endure after only consuming perhaps 12 of the wafer like crisps – but hey ho, my own fault!

But this week has been kind of productive in other ways … not even ‘kind of’ but more of the definite kind of as opposed to the ‘indefinite kind of in life. As they say we learn and we live and we live and we learn …. which l have been doing these last few days. I have been studying people and the behaviour of said people and observing those same people and learning from them, unbeknownst to them … but that is what it is all about when we say we live and learn.

I am quite cynical as a person, l am not alone, not here in WordPress anyway as l see many other cynical people everyday here, but l decided to utilise that cynicism and try and turn it into more of a positive energy. Yes l am cynical, but l am more of an actualist or perhaps a pragmatic realist – it doesn’t really matter in the long run … what does is to somehow turn that negativity around and make something positive from it ….. which l did.

I came to realise also that my second blog to be wasn’t going to be enough and so a third blog was created last night which will make sense to those it is visible to when it launches l guess but not now when it is merely an empty unthemed blog with a domain name attached and not visible to anyone else.

I just came to realise that it needed to be done – that if this blog – the Guy blog – is now very much a personal blog, and the second blog is to be very much a business journal/workshop then the third blog can only be the actual business blog! I was very pleased with myself when yesterday Suze and l spent a good two and a half hours hammering all of this out. I had quite the buzz on and the buzz was still with me today when l was sorting out this blog’s navigation system and once more condensing it down as well as redefining my writing scheduler and thrilled that it now has the space for three blogs on it …….. l remember the days when that board held only one blog and yet now – it will hold three blogs!

It’s what we do though isn’t it? We evolve, we all change, we alter our directions – it takes an understanding of yourself and your desires to come to realise that the changes you personally have been undergoing have to materialise somewhere, somehow – otherwise what’s the point to looking at changing yourself if you don’t actually action it?

…….. the walk in the reserve was nice and peaceful and calming and warm, l shall take a walk around the ramparts slightly later on today also, just to get some fresh air and it will be good to get out of this house as it is so stuffy with the heat.

Thanks for reading ……. the photos below are from the reserve this morning, l will explain more of all of this content in due course in other posts …. till then, catch you next time.

The main image is Church Street looking towards St Mary’s Church, it is a lovely view, but not often is it uncluttered like it was this morning.

25 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Im glad that you’re feeling better now. These photos are lovely, showing us the beautiful weather you’re having. Your upcoming blogs are like movie teaser trailers! They whet our curiosity but they are still too make an appearance! When?

    1. In truth, whilst there are mentions to them, there will no special fanfares when they do launch, l have written about them in the Blog Bio here.

      The 321 blog will be a sister blog to this, but the business blog will be completely different to this blog and the sister site and will publish sometime later this year.

      321 will probably start publishing next month … and there will be references to them …. but l think that they have been serving me more as a form of personal journey. I just came to realise how big the initial plans for the Guy blog really were and so that had to be split up properly.

      The Guy blog is now what l class as a very personal blog to me, whilst the second blog is more of a workshop guide on how to create an actual monetized blog and the thid blog will be the actual monetized blog – that’ll be the business – but it will be far far far removed from the personal blog.

  2. Are you sure the bozz wasn’t the return of the wasps? I can’t eat Pringles anymore either. Glad you’re feeling a bit better and got some fresh air πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so happy for you, that you are able to get out and enjoy nature! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Sorry to hear of you recent dietary misadventure. Glad you are on the mend now.

  4. A 3rd blog? I’m picturing a Venn Diagram with Guy as one circle, the 3rd blog ad the 2nd and the overlap being 321… is that about right?

    Our weather was glorious today and I FINALLY escaped the demands and had a fantastic walk. I’m going to throw a post together, and inflict my photos on everyone, today if HRH allows πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    Glad your tummy is better. πŸ₯‘ avomagados affect me the same… I love the taste, but even a taste can lead to hours of “please just kill me now” pain. Definitely NOT worth it.

    1. The Guy blog and 321 are sort of related but only in so far as main blog and a sister blog to a certain amount of content, whilst the other content is aimed at those looking to create a monetized blog – but the 3rd blog which you can read about in the blog bio here, will not be so favoured by my current readership l should imagine and will specifically be a very dedicated monetized blog with very different outputs and social requirements.

      As you know l disabled Likes and Sharing options from this blog in the blog, can’t turn off or disable those in the Reader and l am happy they are not present. This will be the same for 50% of 321, BUT with TAR that will be the complete opposite to the Guy blog as in it will be connected to all social medias.

      Well done for getting a good walk in, l managed to get two walks in today and yet l am still short of my 10K steps, so l will finish my reading of blogs for the day shortly and walk 10 mins on the treadmill.

      I was thinking about the Venn probably more like this oo = o as in Guy/321 overlap and then TAR as seperate.

      I will read your post tomorrow πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Gary, l think that is one of the problems with them and more so if they are in your favourite flavour – mine is saltnvinegar and so that makes them all the more addictive.

      For me the real killer ingredients are the flours and starches they use in creation.

  5. What a serious problem for just a few Pringles πŸ˜– I’m glad you’re better and your mouth is better too! 3 blogs, wow! But you’re right, is all about change and evolution πŸ˜‰

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