Are you now up to speed on the Snifty Sleuth Mystery Clues? we await your Evidence reports …… check out the following post Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 6
Who Were The Victims?

Where Were They Found?

Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Were The Murder Weapons?
The following 3 Sleuths have submitted reports already … BUT have you submitted yours yet?
Ami of Undercover Superhero
Kritika of Valorous Bird
Sadje of Keep it Alive
You have till the end of this month [JUNE 2021] to do so before the results are released and the final scene – Scene 7 is revealed … so my advice is to read all the episodes linked below – have a think and then email your findings direct to me at the following email address – DO NOT post your findings to your blogs please.
Scenes So Far …. Links
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 1 – Introduction
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 2 – and so it begins
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 3 – …. an ‘orrible bloody murder!
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 4 – A case for the infamous Inspector Kruseau! 
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 5 – A Case of the Mistaken
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 6 – A Left Hand of Poker?
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PLEASE Check out the The Best Wet Tee Shirt Competition Gallery Post and cast your votes on the Best May 2021 Tee Shirt!!


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The Best Wet Tee Shirt Competition – June 2021
Check out the The Best Wet Tee Shirt Competition Gallery
You too can play along, all you need to do to enter is email me your wet tee shirt photos and they will appear in the morning Universal Greeting to …
Now, l know for the month of June we can do we can do better and we can do wetter …. so, where are the better wetter go getters?
Kritika of Valorous Bird
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

So far for the month of June we have had only 2 ‘TWO’ entrants …………… really?? I know you can do better than this …….. l really do and so do you too!

15 thoughts on “Promoboard

    1. i know, l am awaiting those who have said they are going to be working on the reports to snifty also 🙂

      They have till the end of the month now, but l somehow doubt we will get many more.

        1. Yes me too 🙂

          There will not be any other Snifty challenges after this and l think l will probably discontinue the Best wet tee shirt challenge as well. people used to be more up for a fun challenge than they are these days .

        2. It was more fun with instant results. This has taken too long. Although I’ve enjoyed the story very much but the reader participation is very less.

  1. Don’t wait for me, JB. ☹ I was following along, but I’ve forgotten most of it, and I keep trying to re-read them, but… I haven’t thrown in the towel completely, but don’t hold back waiting for me.

    That stall at the end messed with the flow🤷🏼‍♀️ I wonder if all of our attention spans are reduced from “short content internet” or COVID winding down, or what. My “readers block” started around the same time as lockdown, and I really really miss reading😫

    1. The stall at the end offset things l agree, – but as l said to Sadje, l’ll not run this again. However – prior to the ‘stall’ not everyone was that bothered … l think the time for games is gone. I will trial a couple more, but if they meet the same resistance, then games will stop.

      The first Snifty enjoyed a good challenge responsive crowd, we don’t have that anymore. People are way too serious now.

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