………. and now having seen it, what made it so?

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I was reading an interesting post on Ashley’s blog last night [ Would You Advertise Your Blog on Someone Else’s Site? ] and whilst this question isn’t ‘directly’ motivated by that particular topic, it is indirectly inspired by the subject in a strange sort of way. The indirectness of it is ‘noticeability’.

I am always curious about what people see, what motivates them to respond to something they have spotted, what makes them react to something once they have seen it and more importantly what made them notice something in the first instant? I mean, what makes you notice something, someone, a moment, an advert, a blog, a blog post in the Reader, an item in a window, a head turning incident, something new to you or something that you have walked past for however long and not seen it to suddenly notice it as fresh for the first time? Noticing something even has its own special name apparently – which is Baader-Meinhof phenomenon … l know right? Who would have thunk that?

To the layman however … not simply satisfied with saying ‘Oh l noticed something new the other day and l keep seeing it everywhere l now look’ they could say to impress upon folk “Today l had a titillating experience with Baader-Meinhof phenomenon l know right??” To another layman they could then say “Oh right, you mean you experienced ‘frequency illusion then? Why didn’t you just say that?”

In a nutshell, you see something new and then you keep noticing it ….

Ashley’s post was about the topic of would you advertise your blog on someone else’s blog/website etc and pay for the service. This would mean that in essence your brand would get noticed more by one would hope a higher traffic rate of viewers. They would notice you – for the first time, then for a while afterwards until they didn’t specifically notice you and your brand, because you had become common place.

Whereas my question concerns what makes you actually notice something for the first time and why? why did you see it? What make you think “Oooh look at that, them, those whichever’s and whatever’s ….” so what is it for you, what makes you notice something either for the first time and it catches your eye, or something has changed for you to notice something that ‘may’ have been there, but you simply never saw it …… maybe?

I am very detailed orientated and very visual, so l tend to notice certain things that many over look and yet at times l suffer from the A – C syndrome usually when l am crossing roads and so one, l can become distracted by seeing C, but forgetting to look at B, whilst l move away from A – bit different, but it usually happens if l change my route or l notice something. A classic example of this was from way back in the early part of the 80’s and learning to drive and l was approaching a T junction with the intention of turning left to cross over the road and then turn right down another street or T junction A, Left Turn B and Right Turn C.

It was an astonishingly beautifully sunny day in July and very warm, and when approaching A, because there was a wonderfully leggy blonde haired girl in a fantastically patterned short skirt with matching jacket in blues and yellows walking on the opposite side of the road on the pavement of B, l completely ignored that and stared at her whilst turning into C …… nearly causing a major accident apparently ……. l say apparently because when the instructor took immediate evasive action he thumped me and demanded to know what the bloody hell l was looking at and did l NOT see the approaching car??

“No, l didn’t actually, did you see that girl – she was stunning?” I proceeded to tell him every single detail of the blonde who l had seen for all of twenty seconds for him to kick me out of the car and to get myself a new Driving Agency!

So, at times l notice things that maybe l shouldn’t in comparison to things that l should …. but that’s a different example of noticing things …. of sorts … but what makes you notice something?

Is it colour or a sound, a person’s eyes or smile, a dog playing, do you smell something and that wakes up your senses … do you catch a word and that sparks you and your imagination or interest, what makes you focus on something over other things? What does your brain filter out for you especially?

Therefore, l ask of you ……………. and now having seen it, what made it so?

Let me know your thoughts below …

24 thoughts on “………. and now having seen it, what made it so?

  1. I don’t think you can say, beforehand, what will capture your attention. It can be any or all of those things you mention – something out of time or place; something pleasant, something UNpleasant. Your stunning girl might not be stunning to someone else and therefore go unnoticed. I really can’t say what would attract my attention until it does, and then I might be able to say why…but only then, after the fact.

    1. That’s very true – however, l was asking more for a generalised ‘what grabs your attention Grace and you have addressed that in your response. Everyone is different.

      However, everyone usually have an idea of what can usually make them notice something unusual .. for some it is colour, a smile, something unusual, an accent, an odd word, a strange smell …… the list is endless.

      Before l moved here, l lived in Kingsdown on a hilled street, there were perhaps 35 houses of assorted sizes on the street itself, most of them l knew by sight and l could probably count off 30 of them easily and yet l couldn’t always recall the remaining five until they did something to make themselves more noticeable.

      The following were the changes the 5 houses made between 2017 – 2020.

      No 23 were once surrounded by eight foor high hedges all the way around their property – l remember them as Hedgehouse, then they cut out the hedges and l couldn’t place the house for a while, because the hedges were gone then l couldn’t stop seeing no 23. No 1 did the same it was the very first house and it was on the corner.

      No 18 was a nothing house that used to belong to an old guy who died, a new couple bought the house and repainted it a lovely shade of cream over the dulled pink it used to be, and suddenly l started to notice the house.

      No 9, was a non-descript house with a plain lawned garden .. new owners turned it into a wildlife garden – l then noticed it properly.

      No 32 planted beautifully smelling flowers into the front border after realising their garden had become an eyesore.

      With those changes l could then reel off all 35 houses to that hilled street.

      All noticeable changes … we all notice something and we kind of know what will make us notice something more 🙂

  2. I’m not a particularly sensory individual. I tend to pay attention to things with associated meanings that are interesting or personally relevant, and not so much to the things themselves.

    1. Interesting – so you will principally notice things that mostly are of interest to you directly as opposed to things that will not impact other areas of your life indirectly/personally?’

        1. Fascinating stuff – many thanks for the input Ashley.

          I am currently studying the depths of how people respond to advertising and what they ‘notice more’ – so when l read your post last night it sort of coincided with the topic loosely – because if you are to advertise your blog say – as the example – will it get noticed or merely lost? That would render a potential service as ineffective as a sales product.

  3. I don’t usually notice people… because meh people. I will notice if they’re wearing something I like, such as turquoise clothing or cool shoes. But I still might not remember their face! I notice animals, especially cats but also birds, squirrels, doggies. I notice scents a lot because I either love them or hate them to the point of migraine. I notice pictures of things I like: sunsets, cute or majestic animals, cake, flowers, etc. I am very attuned to sound/noise because again it can trigger a migraine. Same with certain kinds of light. Generally I tune out ads, so they’re wasted on me, even if a kitty is in the pic. I still won’t click on it. I find it very hard to believe that anyone buys a book because an ad for it is on a blog. I have occasionally bought a book from another blogger’s review though…

    1. So – do you notice the smaller details of say when a person changes their hair style or is that lost on you as a noticeable change or alteration?

      You will notice changes on colours that you like and enjoy.

      Interesting comment about buying a book based on an advert as opposed to buying a book based upon a review. I would never buy a book or watch a film based on another’s review, but l would buy a book based upon an advert – so that is interesting as a noticer Paula 🙂

      …….. as indeed are your views on adverts ….. so can you off the top of your head recall an advert where you have 1] noticed it as being different or unusual and 2] sparked a curio within you to proceed to research with a view to buying?

      1. I sometimes will notice hair differences. It just depends how often I see the person and how dramatic the change. The thing about book ads is they all sound great, so I’d buy everything lol. I’d much rather make a decision via a thoughtful review. Movies are different though, since I so often disagree with the professional critics. I simply see things that seem appealing from their storyline and actors.

        I do recall an ad on FB recently! It was very colorful ~ a rainbow of pencils, each with the name of a Beatles song on it. Thot it might be a fun gift. I did click and then thought… nah, this is dumb. Once I bought a cake pan in the shape of a rose from a FB ad and didn’t like it. So there you go…

        1. Excellent – agree with you on film reviews totally which is why l mostly will watch a film in the first place.

          So some things do appeal to you Madam Magpie .. the bright shiny things and colours 🙂

  4. Its usually sound that alerts me to thing, but sometimes, its smell too! I find lately I am noticing a lot more smells than I used to do!

  5. I used to be very observant person. Now I guess with age this has lessened. But if something or someone is striking or unusual in appearance, I’ll notice them. If I’m sitting by myself, I love to see the interaction between a group of people. I try to guess their relationship with each other. I specially like to observe older people and think about their lives.

  6. I seem to notice anything that appears to me beautiful, unusual, or out of context (a peacock walks by my window in a residential neighborhood). I also notice when something does not make sense to me, no matter how trivial it is. I find it necessary to try and resolve the mystery of it. Why did that guy sling his car keys on the sidewalk while searching through things in his trunk? Had he locked his keys in the trunk in the past by setting them down inside the trunk and then forgetting? Non sequiturs put me on alert.

    1. Hey Geoff, indeed … l find it also very hard when trimming the bushes outside if l am using non secateurs ….. sorry, l just couldn’t help myself 🙂

        1. Excellent and in true non sequiturs style, the time will be 3 o’clock the next time the door opens or someone puts their keys on the sidewalk whilst searching their trunk 🙂

  7. Hmmm… ads I only see online, and they’re obviously tailored to me by algorithm. I pretty much ignore them, but the ones that catch my eye are ones that have things I like… Suns, Moons, Sunflowers, Dragonflies… etc, or stuff that Ben might like.

    In public movement, or something out of place or different… usually it’s flora or fauna that catches my eye.

    With people, I might notice a detail, like Paula wrote, of something I like. With people I interact with frequently I do notice new hair or glasses or whatever.

    I live in my “bubble of oblivion” , but I guess I *do* notice details sometimes.

    This question was a “thinker”🤪 Now my brain is tired.😆

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