Dear Blog – 20.10 – 17/06/21

Storm of the … mm, nope, ah There are 9 mill … maybe … ah got it!! Luckily you don’t have to go that far to receive good news!

There are nine million rose petals in my garden
That’s a fact
It’s a thing l can’t hide
… and no matter what anyone says l can’t deny!

Storm of the Century ……. erm, mm, no!

The heatwave that we have here was supposed to have its back broken by the so called Storm of the Century of last night. The weather centres stood mightily and issued red and amber warnings for all over the country and they still are ……. but last night, here along the East coast we were due for a whopper – WHOPPER!! Except, no one actually sent that memo to the Storm of the Century department ….. l am not saying we didn’t have a stom, because we did .. but was it a SOTC class storm? Personally l don’t think so and Stephen King has no new material to collect for a new series either! Not from Sandwich anyway.

Sure there was a thunderin’ and a lightning and a raining and a little bit of wind … my ex wife had more wind than the storm of last night produced ………. but it did rain and it rained hard and fast and it was a penetrative type of rain as in it punched into the ground at speed which did in its own way cause some storm damage in the courtyard garden, but not the way many might think!

I didn’t lose parts of my wall and no panels took off from my conservatory, no plants were uprooted and the bins didn’t speed off into the night never to be seen again — no, but what did happen is about 9 million rose petals decided to fall off all at once!

Okay , okay maybe not 9 million, like Stephen, Katie has nothing to fear lyrically from this garden either! But there was a lot! They were all around the back of the garden in huge clumps, l mean there is still loads of rose petals that could fall and the so called weather centres inform us that we have more rain on the horizon and for the next few days, so the three hours l spent in the garden today cleaning up and weeding, may have been in vain considering how many of the cream/yellow rose petals are still attached … but it was still a lot!!

A mere sample of the rose and the rose petals that may still fall in the coming days ….

If that wasn’t bad enough … the storm didn’t even break the back of the heat . and today five hours total in the garden felt like ten years in the tropics. I have had three showers already today and currently not enjoying my fourth!! My first was at 8am this morning and l felt marginally refreshed for a few hours, but after my first 90 minutes in the garden l stank like a wild skunk that had just been dunked in a tub and showered with my own sweat and then l had another proper shower at 5pm after l came in from the garden and since then l have been sweating like l don’t know what, but also feeling like l am slowly being roasted under a slow stinky drizzle of me again!!


Luckily you don’t have to go that far to receive good news!

I rang the dentist the other day to find out what EXACTLY would be happening this coming Monday the 21st? Now some of you may recall, that in 1989 when l got hit by the train whilst on the platform …. or l should correct that to … when l got hit by the old guy who opened his carriage door before the train had stopped at the station and as it swung open from the moving train it clipped me on the right side of my face and hurled me upwards and backwards through the air to smack into a brick wall as l stood on the platform ……… what it did was fracture my jaw on the right, left and upper regions. But more profoundly it shattered three upper molars so badly that they had to be removed in emergency surgery later that day at a local dentist.

What perhaps should of happened is l should have waited for an ambulance to collect me as an injured person from that station, BUT me being me, l got up in pain, and simply caught the train back home and figured the pain would subside ………. well l was wrong about that! BUT, if l had gone to hospital, they would have x-rayed me and found that there were some very serious hairline fractures in my jaw. But hey ho, shit happens.

From 1989 – 2008 my teeth never saw another dentist again for many reasons and not just fear of that profession, but mostly because l couldn’t afford to. The damage went unnoticed until 2009, when l received a small amount of dentist work. But whilst today l am an ex- smoker of three and some years back then l was a smoker of many years. I started smoking in 1980 [ the pipe and then l progressed through everything from cigars, to cigarettes to rollups] until l finally quit the habit March 2018 … smoking is terrible for teeth. But whilst today l have a very different diet and am no longer a sweet tooth [well l am, but l can’t be, so l abstain] and now l eat from a very bland diet – but tobacco, sweet and confectionery, soda’s and so on and a poor diet are all contributory towards poor dental health.

So sure, today in comparison to previous years, l am a frigging saint! But the damage has been done …….. on a normal jaw that would be a hard life, but on a fractured and badly recovered jaw, it’s almost like a slow and lingering death sentence – time erodes your mouth.

Now why am l telling you all this? Well did you know that most healthy adults have 32 teeth in their mouths ….. okay, now most healthy adults can still have those teeth if they look after their dental health …… but dental health isn’t cheap and isn’t always readily accessible on the NHS. Even private dentists have long waiting lists. I don’t have 32 teeth …. because from the years 2001 – 2009 l performed my own extraction dentistry when it was required, and also between 2010 – 2014, l also performed my own extraction dentistry. In that period of time … 12 years, l extracted personally as in pulled them myself 9 teeth. They eventually heal, but you can start to resemble a gummy bear – l still had my fronts, although l am also when l sleep a grinder – as in l grind my teeth when l sleep. This behaviour can do a lot of damage to your mouth and more importantly – your teeth.

I don’t have 32 teeth – l actually only have 13 teeth – mostly at the front ………… so when l went to the dentist and l was recovering from the shock of the low price to fix my mouth, l never asked what exactly my dental journey was going to look like. I did hear the dentist say, “We have to remove teeth Mr Matier.” But admittedly l didn’t hear how many. I remember one of the nurses saying “He only has 13 teeth!” and the dentist then saying in response “They’ll have to go!”

So, l rather dangerously assumed that l would be losing all 13 …… so imagine my surprise when l ring the dentists and ask if l am going to be sedated whilst they remove my 13 teeth? For them to say “What 13 teeth? We have your recovery/repair plan on our screens and l can tell you, you will need five appointments, the extractions will be towards the end. Your appointment Monday will be an x-ray, two fillings and a series of impressions. The 3 teeth to be removed will be appointment four.”

“Only 3 teeth to be removed? Is that on one sitting then and then a few more the next appointment?” I asked a little baffled. “No ……. the total amount of teeth to be removed is 3 Mr Matier. The dental team will remove the top 3 and everything else can be repaired ready for the denture and we don’t sedate for three teeth being removed.. You are to be keeping 10 of your 13 teeth with repairs.”

Well l must be honest and tell you all now, but that made my entire day ….. there l was terrified of a full extraction when because of my own extraction journey over the years, l have saved myself from absolute agony in the weeks ahead! That’s absolutely excellent news in a world filled daily with bad news – first a great price and secondly only three teeth to be removed and they are the worst and will not take long because mostly their roots are dead!!

Bloody brilliant!

Thanks for reading catch up with you all again .

16 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 20.10 – 17/06/21

  1. After a heading advertising good news not that far away, the next half dozen paragraphs in fact sounded like a nightmare. But I persevered to the good news because I trusted you, Rory! It shows how good news is relative to how much suffering precedes it. Good luck!

  2. Oh my we sort of relate . i just had one tooth out near an old traumatic extraction sight which had involved sinus. Yep i had a few years in between.
    However today Mr thought he was getting the last of his out toward another surgery then eventually dentures….so surprise they didnt do all but poor dentist had injury herself and had to limit her work today. Thus another trip to see her in August. Anywho enjoying catching up with everyone slowly here.

  3. Yay! Good news. I hope it all goes well. You’ve suffered a lot in the past. But extracting your own teeth! You must be one of the very rare people who can do it.

    1. Hey Sadje, life was very different back then, l didn’t have any other option … it was crude and painful, but l was plagued with abscess time and time again – removing the teeth was the only alternative and at that time l was close onto 80+ miles away from a dentist with no family nearby, no money and no transport.

      But l am glad l am finally getting near to the end of the tunnel 🙂

  4. Good luck for today Rory, will be thinking of you! I’ve had four extractions, and I actually find dental work very therapeutic, not bad considering I had a fear of them. I’ve had 4 front teeth from the top taken out, which is why I don’t like smiling anymore. I’m overly conscious. I did have a set of dentures made in time for my wedding, but when I was pregnant with Daisy, the gums change when you’re pregnant so they longer fit. Would love to smile again.

      1. Most people don’t, everybody thinks I’m on another planet when I tell them I find it therapeutic

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