Do We, Do You, Does Society Still Care …. Enough … ?

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I would normally write some supporting narration with a 24 Hour Blog Question – but for this particular question … l wanted to have it as OPEN as l could and to a point quite Broad as a question to those who read and respond to it. I will be addressing this topic again sometime later this month in the new blog – but in recent weeks, friends of mine and myself have had several discussions on this very subject – as in ‘Do we still care about people as people/do we still care for society as we once did as the people?’

There are many levels of caring and equally as many terms that can support and alternate the way the phrase reads from a lack of honesty to an outpouring of fakeness from people to people …. as said open and broad, so answer as you personally interpret.

Do we still care enough for people in today’s society or have we become an uncaring society only looking out for ourselves?’

Let me know your thoughts below – thanks

36 thoughts on “Do We, Do You, Does Society Still Care …. Enough … ?

  1. 🙂 Rory, I would want to believe that there is a large percentage of people who care about the well-being of society and people.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, my friend!

  2. People have always treated certain other people horribly, and while who falls within “certain other people” may change over time, I don’t think there is any such thing as the good old days when everyone cared about everyone. Western society is more individualist, but I think that only changes the definition of “certain other people” rather than making people more or less likely to be horrible.

      1. Hey Paula, interesting comment at the end as l sometimes wonder about that

        Do you think, it comes down to the biology of a person, the way people are made?

        Their behaviour, the parenting perhaps – one generation’s bad habits passed onto the youngsters and so on and on until the chain or cycle breaks?

        I do agree we have always had selfish and cruel, dishonest people. But is that behaviour made or learned or desired?

        1. Good question. Some of each, I would think. Like all animals, we are programmed to survive, but our environment/parenting/culture can determine if cruelty is more acceptable than not…

        2. Yes, totally.

          It’s also reflective upon each individual’s environment and to a degree herd mentality.

          Individuals are not necessarily cruel [yes they are but l mean on a societal level], whereas group behaviour dominates many a time. people egging others on, then that mass hysteria element, the mass defiance level, the mass, the mass ..

    1. Hey Ashley, l think you are spot on with your assessment COPs lol, sorry kind of ironic seeing that ‘certain other people’ makes COPs.

      I too think that the good old days are gone, but as Paula suggests below – we have always had minorities that never cared for people or society.

  3. I think though there are people who care about others, with compassion and kindness, their number is dwindling. Self interest is gaining momentum and selfishness is gaining strength. But we still know, heart or read of kind hearted acts performed by strangers. It’s a mixed bag, all in all.

    1. I think the numbers are dwindling Sadje, l have watched with some bemusement at times in the last year especially with the arrival of the pandemic, some seriously self centred people rise to the occasion of totally uncaring individualism.

      1. I think when we are in testing, difficult times, our baser instincts take over. It’s easy to be good when things are going your way. But when they become difficult, our choices are self serving

  4. I believe that there is too much ignorance and apathy in the world today. That said, though, my answer to this question is I don’t know and I don’t care.

    1. You know Fandango, this is actually a cracking answer – because even in jest if there is jest to the last part of the comment – it’s still spot on honesty and if there is no jest and the full answer is taken into account – this is a cracking answer due to the total and brutal honesty 🙂

        1. Haha – l find my friend that l am not always totally sure if all answers are in jest – l suspected the last part was, and yet, humour aside l still found it to be a cracking answer 🙂

          Because l think that as much as many of us still care and do care, there are times when we look at society and think FFS l don’t care anymore!!

          I am sure you know what l mean 🙂

  5. I am always surprised at how much yearning exists for the good old days. I guess it depends on whether you were getting burned at the stake, sold into slavery, told you had no vote because you were a woman, lynched, gassed in concentration camps, the target of an atomic bomb, etc. Sure, History has plenty of instances of great caring but it truly is a litany of cruelty. I think people longing for the good old days have either compartmentalized the bad as a survival mechanism, been part of the oppressor class, or oblivious to the fact that they enabled oppressors.

    1. …………. mm, hey Geoff a rather detailed answer …… so is that a yes or a no … 🙂

      But, humour aside, you’re spot on with your observation.

      It is NOT that caring doesn’t exist – it does, but perhaps more of an individual basis.

      1. Sorry to rant on your Blog, Rory. I should save my venting for my own posts but sometimes I get flashbacks to a disingenuous political slogan “Make America Great Again.” My paternal ancestors owned slaves. I get depressed looking at the past. It gets in the way of my naïve optimism for the future.

        1. Hey Geoff, no need to explain – over here we have a humour that you must have in the States where upon after a detailed response or comment we usually answer with ‘So why don’t you tell us how you really feel?’ or “Wow, you hid your emotion well, why don’t you tell how you really feel then?’

          So worry not Geoff, l was merely being a tad flippant with you 🙂

  6. Morning Rory. I think we as a society do care but along side that caring goes a fear of being made a fool of. There are lots of people out there who like to take advantage of generous and kind souls and who regard such people as weak and foolish. I think most people are as caring as they ever were but that trust is the thing we’ve lost and as long as there are wicked people out there seeking to gain an unfair advantage over others, this trust issue will continue. Personally I rely on giving to charitable causes rather than individual acts of charity in the hope that that way the genuine cases will get what they need and its harder for the criminal gangs to take advantage of those organisations.
    A long winded answer: In short. Caring is still there, trust is the issue.

    1. Hey Kristain, l think that is a very keen observation on an attribute that is indeed missing in this world. TRUST.

      I have struggles with this with people and one of the reasons for the missing LIKE is based in part on this.

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