Dear Blog – 22.21 – 09/06/21

Time Flies when you’re Having Fun ……

Very true, not totally true, just not very untrue either! Time flies when you are busy, it also flies when you are having fun, because you are not thinking about the time or its flying behaviour because you are too busy having FUN to notice. But this week, last week, the previous and so on blah blah have all sped through like time is running out and time is NOT going anywhere different, it just seems like it’s going faster and why?

Fun? Maybe, or too tired to be having fun, although l had a good day yesterday in part and that was fun, l wish that could have lasted longer, but time was an issue. Busy? Oh yes, l have been non stop busy this last couple of weeks and l was busy for the two weeks previous to that. But also tiredness seems to be making time speed up when it surely should be the opposite? Not questions, just observations.

Of course it’s better to be busy than not busy and way better to be having fun as opposed to not having fun, it would also be better to feel more refreshed , but hey, two out of three aint bad.

I was just starting to get used to four and a half hours sleep a night, until last night when l got 5 hours and 46 minutes according to Fitbit who also told me l was awake without knowing it for 93 minutes? Wow, an hour and a half awake and l didn’t know it? I mean l turned off the light at 02.03am, the last time l remember seeing was 02.45am and then the next time was 08.41am that is mostly 6 hours sleep as the pillow would fly and yet Fitbit tells me l only got 5h.46m and l was awake for 93 .. like wtf?? Time flies when you are asleep and thinking you are asleep and sleeping awake when you are asleep maybe?

I had strange dreams in the time l was asleep during my REM phases which l was only awarded 17 minutes for ….. l ‘ll not share, they were somewhat sultry or maybe that is salty on account of it being so hot?

The weather has been exceedingly stifling these last few days and l have been busy with garden projects both here in Willow and over at Suze’s and since Monday l have been at home trying to erect my wood in the heat! Interpret as you wish, but if you want a risque answer then l was trying slip my stiff wood into a nice groove but couldn’t! Maybe if l had tried in the morning the fit would have been snugger and easier, apparently morning wood is more of a smoother ride …….. but if you want a serious answer – then l was trying to erect a wooden cube comprising of tongue and groove wood in posts and batons with a handful of screws.

In the end , yesterday Suze popped around and helped me, because despite the so called cube being able to be constructed by one person, they forgot to mention that that person needed to resemble a bloody Lowland Gorilla on account of the sheer arm length and shoulder punch required!

But the new worm farm or clean compost cube is now functional. I started sieving the compost cube last week and all this week in the heat and tomorrow is the last day and then that task will be complete, thankfully before my second vax jab tomorrow afternoon – you know, just in case there are any side effects. But everything is changing around, now with three active cubes – l will have a cube for compost, another for a worm farm and the third for the clean compost soils. All rather boring to non-composting folks, but a real delight for brown gardening nerds like me!!

I have started to take ActaSolve Smoothies – aka nutritionally balanced , vitamin and mineral fortified shakes. I have had two so far and no bad reaction .. so l can start them as a programme of recovery, they award 300 calories of nutrition in the form of, yep you guessed it … minerals and vitamins. Hopefully, once these start to kick in, life will start to improve a bit on the dietary level.

I will be busy like this for the next 2 – 3 weeks as well l should imagine as l race to get my garden sorted and Suze’s before this good weather ceases and dental surgery begins on the 21st – l mean l have no idea what is going to be involved – again another time will tell!

Below, you can see my kitchen at present with the plants l have to plant out in the next week both here and at Suzannes! This afternoon we were at the nursery where l was looking for some herbs and bee friendly flowers and Suze was looking for some border flowers. Time flies when you are busy!!

Thanks for reading catch up with you all again .

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 22.21 – 09/06/21

  1. Good busy is nice. Gardening and open air activities help us sleep better. Don’t go by what the Fitbit said about sleep, it’s not that accurate. If you remained asleep, it is sleeping. Even when having weird dreams! The plants look green and ready.

  2. Nice to grow tomatoes, but that I’ve been so very busy this last year, that a lot of my usual annual things have been cancelled and that includes growing tomatoes.

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