Dear Blog – 12.25 – 06/06/21

Hungry for sleep and needing a diet of tired!

I am still losing sleep now, this week has been a nightmare for sleep and a solid pattern. if honest it’s not just been this week either. The lack of the qualitive sleep has been more pronounced this week, but previously l was experiencing three weeks worth of broken sleep … so my body is starting to really get tired. Mentally, l can feel the fatigue as at times during the day l start to hallucinate and drift almost into another realm of existence!

I think the problem is my diet is now really starting to effect my day to day functioning, a lack of nutrients is causing my sugars to drop at times and this in turn breaks my sleep patterns and create these strange sensations of hallucination.

My body has been pushed to the extremes in the last week also, and more so yesterday being busy and with this heatwave continuing and working in the sun and today when l go over to Suzannes again to work on and in her garden project – which l will write about in due course on 321 when that launches this month.

I will look at some multivitamins probably later, but l now need to start supplementing my body with such things on account of the way l had to try and stabilise my diet and this damn undiagnosed stomach disorder. I no longer eat from a balanced diet which is in a nutshell pretty bloody annoying and alarming both!

Suze suggests going to see the doctors and yet today [6th June] is the first full year since l first viewed this property and July the 6th will be Willow’s first anniversary – but in those 11 months despite being registered with the surgery in town, l have not heard a thing from them, even in so far as hearing about my first appointment check up which is the normality … but in so called normal times – we wouldn’t have a frigging pandemic would we? So everything is delayed!

I have my second jab on the 10th June, then my dentistry work on the 21st and for a few dates afterwards. I have decided to see what the situation is like by September for my sleep and diet combined with the introduction of multivits before l bother with the doctors. I have lost faith in them with regards my stomach and am reticent to visit. Especially as they are likely to suggest more of the same bullshit as everyone previously as in ‘something, but nothing remarkable’, for l said if any doctor said that to me again, l would be up on a charge of murder count 1.

Anyway, going to leave you with some photos of my garden l took this morning, but l will be back properly from tomorrow … unless mirraculously l fall asleep and don’t wake up for days which is how l feel!

Always good to see the birds happy ….

Thanks for reading catch up with you all later and have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.25 – 06/06/21

  1. Not good, about the sleep situation. And obviously the stomach and diet are a factor too. Don’t wait till September, do something sooner.

  2. I think we are in similar boats. It’s not fun. Problem is that there is such a backlog in the NHS that we may be in our own for sometime with this. I’m doing a similar thing. Maybe we might just find the answer. I’ve started adding linseed to cereal. It’s helping. A doctor recommended that.

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