12 Bloggerz! June 2021

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Game #13 – June 2021

Season 3

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Every minute of the day someone is asking a question of someone else …. you know?

12 Bloggerz is a once a month question feature where l will …. ask you questions … 12 of them!

12 Questions
Have you learned anything during the pandemic and especially the lockdowns that has changed your outlook on you, your life and or your personality that is truly significant?
In your ideal world or lifestyle, how much sleep do you think you really need to function at your most optimum level and more importantly – do you get your desired amount daily?
Are you a thinker, a deep thinker or an active overthinker and if so what do you think about the most and for how long do you need to ‘think’ on a problem before you reach a satisfactory resolve or what steps do you undertake to not think as much?
What are you most terrified of today?
What do you do for fun or excitement to fill your day/days or week?
What is one of the most important features people should know about you?
Whilst in recent times much of life has appeared gloomy and doomed – in the last 15 months or so, what have been 3 really good things to happen in your life?
How often do you watch old television series and if you do, what makes for a good viewing on older content in your eyes and do you find that time relaxing?
How often do you use herbs in your cooking and which ones are your most favourited and why?
How confident are you about taking a vacation/holiday to another destination that would involve air travel?
Are you a tidy or a messy or somewhere inbetween type of person?
What is the most useless product you have ever bought unwittingly or accidentally thinking it was more practical than it actually was?
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So there we go folks – The 12 Bloggerz questions for June 2021, let me know your views below in the comment section.

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