Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 8 – Summer 2021
Series 8 – New Starts Always Start At The Start!
Tuesday 01st June 2021
True ponderings indeed ….
It’s so hot so suddenly, we have pigeons pretending to be ducks ………..

I managed to walk my first true ‘summer walks today’ – l mean it’s not a British summer till the 21st June but l feel on that day, l may not be able to enjoy the true summer as l am today on account that is when l will be in a reclining position for my first appointment of three hours apparently at the dentist …………. 3 effing hours!!? How is that even going to work? Oh my , oh, oh, oh my …….. moving on. I walked with no jacket or music attached today as the weather has performed a full 360 on itself is that right? Maybe a 180 or a 450 ….. anyway, we have a major heatwave over here, so it’s too too too bloody hot for music in ears and jackets on shoulders, but it was beautiful for my walk and thoughtful ponderings this morning …. which l now present to you as a welcome to the new 8th series and season combined.

– 1 –
It was great to see some ducklings in the reserve this morning.

Danged if l know the inner mind to my camera the Sony Cybershot 10 x , which has become my main camera over that of the Canon EOS which was the camera l was using when l first started this series back on the 12th April 2020 and l was living in Kingsdown with at that point, Suzanne. My first episode to the ‘at the time series “Morning Musings” was I still have my tomorrows … and that seems like an eternity ago, when in reality it’s only 14 months. It was Season 1/Series 1. The series recently changed as you know to what it is now called Strollings, Pootlings and Musings on the 21st April 2021, a kind of strange symbiosis there with the dates if you look – not planned, just happened.

Ironically now l have a third camera – notably the Canon IXUS which l am yet to trial out, but now my Cybershot or is it best to call it the Sneaky Cybershit – on account of it now functioning perfectly normal and like there was never an issue to begin with – is functioning again!!? The IXUS however is a 16 X zoom, so l will trial that out soon enough.

Something had to give, it was pointless running the two series – Morning Musings and Afternoon Strollings when one could be achieved and for the savvy amongst you, some will recall that there is actually a third series which was Walks in Time – WIT which has been shelved for the moment whilst l sort out the second blog – the sister site. This is still going ahead, just waiting for some designs to bring life to it and whilst l thought originally that the sister would launch in early May sometime – life has a way of kicking you in the proverbial nuts and delays become inevitable. So WIT will recommence as a series in the sister site and that will launch hopefully sometime this month all going well.

There is no rush l have decided – it’ll be ready when it is ready, simple as, l have taken this time available to me to evaluate all sorts of things with my life and my blog and soon to be blogs in a reflective thoughtful mood and temperament. A question l have been pondering upon of late is … is there something missing from my life, or is it nothing, is it both but l haven’t identified it or is it neither and l am just finding myself in a limbo of sorts that lacks true definition? This is just one very open ended question l ask myself daily at present … what is it that you think is your life is missing?

Other questions of late and there have been many have found me reviewing things very deeply and provoking further insights and observations of blogging, community and the society within the community itself and this in turn has allowed me to detach of sorts and look at things as an outsider with a vested clinical interest as opposed to an insider with an emotional connection. As a friend of mine said a couple of weeks ago ‘I have seen you narrowing’.

The latter is typically autistic or Aspergian behaviour pending upon your personal interpretation of the spectrum. It is true l have had to look at the blogs very closely and determine and decide how l wanted to roll them out? For me, whilst l understand the terminology narrowing all too well … l prefer the term compartmentalising detachment – because that is what l have been doing, redefining what is important to me as a person, as a writer, a creator, an imaginator, a publisher, a persona or a blogger and of these traits or attributes which further define me and or is it here that something is missing perhaps?

Creating a sister site, might well be the missing link – l stress sister site – because although it is a second blog, it is merely an extension of my main blog, just a different side to my personality and one that l feel has most assuredly this year specifically been yearning to be allowed to run loose and wildly carefree.

Originally l had tried to combine the two sides of my brain in one blog, but this became awkward for me … l found l couldn’t do it – l had a major conflict on my hands and some of you may recall the inner turmoils l was posting about back in February/March time of this year … was l to KEEP this blog or simply delete and walk away?

That question caused me to lose sleep for almost a month – what was the answer? ….. There were many other ingredients present that l never wrote about here, although my closest friends knew of the stresses l was undergoing and had to patiently put up with my erratic .abstractiveness over emails – the main conflict l was fighting was one of a sense of overwhelmingness with the actuality and reality of community sociality – they knew what it was that irked me the most about that conlict and only recently have l finally managed to find some solace or sanctuary if you wish from just one element of that conflict – there are still others to come or go or is it both or either or neither, l don’t know just yet – but l will in time. The sister blog will ease off even more of those troublesome turmoils l feel and then l will simply have to balance it all out again, perhaps, maybe and hopefully.

– 2 –

Twenty days from today l will start the journey to recover my smile and that is something that has been on my mind for some time ……. will it change my voice, my eating habits? It for sure will change my mastication habits, as in l will be able to masticate properly for the first time in who knows how many years as in a full set of smiling teeth and the very latter, made me then think, when was the last time l smiled properly for a camera?

Well as it happens, l remember very clearly when l did that and also whilst l don’t have digital copies l do have hard copies of two such shots taken in June 1999 or 22 years ago this month. Back then l was 36, didn’t wear glasses, didn’t have a double chin, had more to smile about, had teeth and had a full head of hair unlike now – that was the last time l smiled like that as in displaying teeth for the camera. Will l, with teeth from this year smile again like that or have l changed to the point where smiling like that matters not anymore?

My diet which is extraordinarily slim these days and has become way more slimmer again in this last week alone on account of ‘super processed foods’ being extracted which l will write about in due course either here or in 321 – but will it mean that l expand my diet again or will it simply mean l can chew my food properly again and aid inner digestion that way? Why change my diet now when l am FINALLY starting to stabilise it? It’ll be nice to have a set of working teeth again, but that doesn’t mean l will be eating everything in sight – it just means l can eat them properly once more instead of one sidedly.

At least l don’t have to have my jaw broken in numerous places like the damn fool dentist suggested years ago on the Isle of Wight and was the leading reason why l became so very concerned about seeing a dentist again! However all new starts have to start from the start, so l will see l guess.

– 3 –

I have made a lot of discoveries this week, some l will discuss over time, some later, some probably never or just not yet or here but elsewhere .. but one of the more leading discoveries has been the acceptance properly that l don’t like vegetable gardening anymore. I prefer wildlife gardening. I am growing various vegetables, that l don’t actually eat in huge quantities or rather sufficient amounts to warrant having the amount of seedlings l have as you can see above a few seedlings and that photo was taken on Sunday and already that has changed ‘arrangement wise’ since then. Suze ended up giving all her vegetable seedlings away, and l too have homes for 75% of my own.

I have become disheartened by much of it, but also l don’t have the time to fiff and faff with the front end gardening style and only have a true passion for the back end of gardening style – which let’s be honest – we all knew anyway … so this year, this garden will be as it is, but after the season, l will only be concentrating on the brown side to composting and worm farming. Interestingly enough, l have people interested in that side here – Edward next door wants to buy worms for his garden which l am very keen to set up. Over the road, my neighbour has expressed an interest in compost.

So these may be two viabilities for a potential trade off somewhere or an income, l can’t sell the compost by law, but l can sell the worms in said compost … strange world!

But this allows me to finally profit from some of my truer passions and ironically that is the trait that was missing from my life and l will now be exploring that aspect again in the extension blog, 321.

Below are some of the photographs from this morning’s walk in the reserve and around the ramparts.

Thanks for reading, catch you next time

13 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. I have a full set of dentures, my husband just has uppers and our experiences have been completely different but yes, there will be changes in what you can eat. Also in speech and other assorted oddities. My dentures on the bottom click onto posts in my gums and the uppers click onto bars in my gums, my husband has the old fashioned kind – and he has had fewer “side effects” than I have. Whatever the outcome it has to be better than pain and infection!

  2. Lovely pictures Rory. You’re a deep thinker and are always making changes to your life which is a good thing. No one can say that you didn’t contemplate the meaning of life.

  3. I wish I was in walking distance of an area like that. I make do with my city streets well enough… dancing down Main Street, talking to the birds on Sunshine Street… It’s a gorgeous day in SoCal and I had a good walk too. No thinking. I prefer to avoid thinking😂😂

    Is Suze driving you home from your dental appointment? I’m very excited for you. I am very happy with my fake teeth

  4. Good luck with your dental appointment, Rory! I like having two blogs. My second blog, Eugi’s Milieu is my poetry only blog, and I like to tinker with the appearance of it.

    1. Hey Eugenia, yes l know l also read from there as l do your main. in fact l think l probably comment more on that one because of the poetry 🙂

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